1. Taking A Walk On The Longest Sidewalk In The World

10 things people from Tampa understand
Source: Flickr user Visit Tampa Editor
Tampa is home to the longest continuous sidewalk in the world: 4.5 miles long to be specific.The famous sidewalk comes with awesome panoramic view of Tampa Bay, the downtown Tampa skyline, and some of the city's historic homes.

2. What It's Like To Live In A City That's Invaded By Pirates On A Regular Basis

10 things people from Tampa understand
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Every January, Tampanians commemorate the city's history first pirate invasion with the Gasparilla Pirate Fest. A dressed up pirate ship gliding along Hillsborough Bay kicks off the festivities. Offering an adult and children's festival, the two-part event provides a classic experience of the family invasion, making it a fun way to celebrate the city's history.

3. Tampanians Know How To Par-tay

10 things people from Tampa understand
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What can I say, we love to drink--a lot. Which is why we have not one, not two, but three festivals dedicated to imbibing: The Summer of Rum Festival, The Bourbon & Brew Festival and The Tampa Bay Margarita Festival. I don't know about you, but I for one could drink to that!

4. Living In The Unofficial "Lightning Capital of the United States"

10 things people from Tampa understand
Source: Flickr user Duane Schoon
Being that Florida is the state most prone to lightning strikes, and that Tampa is part of an area that meteorologists refer to as "Lightning Alley," Tampa already has two strikes (pun intended). With an average of 3 million strikes per year, Tampa is arguably the nation's most electrifying city.

5. What It's Like To Live In "Sinkhole Alley"

10 things people from Tampa understand
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As part of Florida's "Sinkhole Alley" many areas in Tampa are susceptible to sinkholes. Recently, two houses in Dunedin were deemed complete losses after being partially swallowed by a sinkhole. A Seffner man lost his life after falling into a sinkhole that suddenly opened up under his bedroom. On a lighter note...

6. How Tampa Got The Very Cool Nickname Of "Cigar City"

10 things people from Tampa understand
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Ybor City, a certified Historic Place in Tampa, was a mecca for cigar production in the early 1900's. Immigrants from Cuba, Spain, and Italy worked in various cigar factories throughout Ybor City. In 1929, right before the Great Depression hit, a record number of 500,000,000 cigars were rolled in Ybor. Even after several cigar businesses collapsed in the Great Depression, the nickname "Cigar City" stuck, and is still prominent in modern times.

7. Getting Asked This Question On A Regular Basis: "You Mean 'Tampa Bay' Is Not An Actual City?"

10 things people from Tampa understand Desptie what Buccaneers may say on the subject the city of "Tampa Bay" does not exist. Fun fact: Tampa Bay refers to the body of water adjacent to the city, and the metropolitan area, which includes Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties. Just don' tell that to the Buccaneers, the Lightning, or the Rays.

8. What It's Like To Live In A True City Of Champions

10 things people from Tampa understand Tampanians are no stranger to being crowned champion. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl XXXVII in 2002; the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup in 2004. The city's arena football team, the Tampa Bay Storm, has won more championships than any other team in the Arena Football League.With a slew of other division and conference championships, it's clear that Tampa's professional sports teams know what winning feels like. On the other hand.

9. The Jubilant Highs And Crushing Lows Of Life As A Bucs Fan

10 things people from Tampa understand The Bucs entered the NFL as an expansion team back in 1976. Its start was pretty rough; their first 26 resulted in 26 straight losses. Ouch. After that there have been a series of high and lows, from the continuous wins in the late 1970s to early 1980s, followed by a streak of over a dozen losing seasons. Despite the frequent slumps, and the team occasionally becoming a bit of a laughing stock, Bucs fans have been loyal and dedicated, many of which were still around to witness the Bucs' return to prominence, and 2002 Super Bowl win. Go Bucs!

10. The Significance of Bro Bowl Skate Park

10 things people from Tampa understand
Source: Richard Hill/Bro Bowl - Historic Skateboarding Landmark via Facebook
Ever since the 1970s skateboarding has been a popular pastime in Tampa. The city's contribution to the phenomenon was the construction of the Bro Bowl, a municipal skateboard park that was the first of its kind in Florida. More than 35 years later, it's still a beloved attraction by locals, and was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places. It's just another of the many ways this city shows it knows how to appreciate a good time, which is what this city by the bay is all about. From surviving annual onslaughts of (faux) pirates, lighting strikes and sinkhole; to boozing it up at the city's myriad of festivals, to cheering and weeping along with our favorite teams, there's just some things only Tampanians will ever fully understand.