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Arlington benefits a lot from its big brother Dallas, but it’s got a personality all it’s own. The people here are plenty Texas, but 100% Arlington.
Point Break bros, surf bunnies and salty dogs, just to name a few. Next time you walk around, play Corpus Christi bingo with these stereotypes and see if you can collect all ten.
Fresnans have a serious identity crisis when it comes to deciding if they're Los Angeles Lite or San Francisco Jr.
From rivalries to voting habits these stereotypes show exactly where Toledoans stand when it comes to their role in shaping the Midwest.
You cheer for the Bengals and the Reds, devour goetta and three-ways and only use P&G products…you’re probably from Nati.
Cleveland is filled with grillmasters, Browns fans and closet Drew Carey enthusiasts.
Columbusites pledge allegiance to the scarlet and grey, are secret suburbanites, and have a music scene radar more accurate than a GPS.

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