1. Yeah, We're A Little Bit Excited About The Seahawks

Understand Seattle
Source: Flickr user Joe Parks
It took almost 40 years for the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl, so yes, we’re really excited and we might be just a little irrational too. Can you really blame us? Right after the win, there were more than a few fans that celebrated the victory with an all night party and riots, causing $25,000 in damage to Pioneer Square, but the bigger celebration came at the parade. Instead of observing silence, at 12:12 p.m. a "moment of loudness" was observed. What was supposed to draw about 300,000 people ended up attracting 700,000, including thousands of students who'd skipped school to attend. Seattle Public Schools reported 25 percent of the district's 51,000 students as absent on that Wednesday after the Super Bowl.

2. Seattle Coffee Works Is To Starbucks As Godiva Is To Hershey

Understand Seattle
Source: Flickr user: William Whyte
Seattle Coffee Works is ridiculously superior to Starbucks. Seattleites know this. The lattes are rich, earthy, smooth and slightly sweet--and the drip coffee is French-pressed and always piping hot. The owner, Sebastian, loves coffee with his passion for brewing, sourcing and roasting shining through in the results. Unlike those guys across the street. But we’ll drink Starbucks if that’s all there is. Just give us coffee, please.

3. Seattleites Don’t Actually Wear Ridiculous Moose Sweaters, But Their Trees Just Might

Understand Seattle
Source: Flickr user Paul Sabelman
No, we don't really wear those ridiculous sweaters with the moose on the front–but we’re not saying the trees in Pioneer Square won’t put one on every once in a while. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Don’t judge.

4. Knowing You're At Least One Part Hippie

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Source: Flickr user: Steve Spezz
There's a little hippie in most Seattleites. After all, this city is the home of the largest pot festival in the world, Hempfest--almost everyone buys organic, most of them care about the environment, they think drum circles are cool, and they even have the largest food forest on public land in the U.S. But they also shower and wear deodorant.

5. Anything And Everything Liberal, Leftist And Progressive

Understand Seattle
Source: Flickr user Bjorn Giesenbauer
We lean to the left. A lot. About 8 out of 10 Seattleites are liberals, so you’ll see plenty of Obama stickers and lots with quotes about peace, love and happiness.

6. On This Side of the Bridge, It’s All About Natural Beauty

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Source: Flickr user: Wonderlane
In Seattle, natural beauty is in. That doesn't necessarily mean bare, although it can. Perhaps its the natural beauty of the mountains and water that surround the city that makes women here like to let their own beauty shine through. They prefer neutral, natural organic makeup to caking it on like they do across the bridge in Bellevue.

7. Passive Aggressiveness, AKA the Seattle Freeze

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Source: Flickr user: John Herschell
Seattleites are just a little passive aggressive. If tourists ask, "What time do the whales swim by?" or "Which beach is the closest to the ocean?" we’ll smile and politely answer the question, but inside we’re wondering how they made it past kindergarten. And if they try to continue the conversation, we'll find an excuse to walk away. And quickly. Some have started to refer to this behavior as the Seattle Freeze.

8. Who Needs A Driver’s License When You’ve Got Stellar Public Transit?

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Source: Flickr user jimapics
Seattle has an extensive bus system that is cheap, convenient, and can get you pretty much anywhere within the Puget Sound for a few dollars or less--downtown buses are free, and you can get to the airport by Link light rail for just $2.75. It costs a little bit more, but from downtown Seattle you can also hop on a ferry for a scenic ride to Bainbridge Island. It's almost like a mini-cruise, complete with beer, wine and other goodies, not to mention the orca whales, dolphins and other marine life that can often be seen in the waters below.

9. The Pure Amazingness That Happens When the Sun Comes Out

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Source: Flickr user ruoyun
When the sun comes out, Seattle is the most beautiful place on earth, but we never forget that it was the rain that made it that way.

10. The Owl ‘N Thistle Is Your Home Away From Home

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Source: Owl ‘N Thistle via Facebook
The Owl ‘N Thistle is tucked into a little alley way that’s kind of hard to find, but once you do you’ll be glad you came. The dark library-vibe fits the location. Sip a perfectly poured pint of Guinness while listening to live Irish tunes on Friday and Saturday night or come for the best happy hour in the city. They not only have the best fish 'n chips, they're probably the cheapest at less than $5, and they don't skimp on the amazing hand-cut fries either. Featured Image Source: Flickr user Brettonium