1. San Diego Has Some Great Public Schools

Living in San Diego
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San Diego has some of the best schools in California, boasting a high 85 percent graduation rate and a 19:1 student to teacher ratio. Not only do they have a good private school system, they’ve also got great public schools, including the top rated Willow Grove Elementary School, Creekside Elementary School, and Deer Canyon Elementary School. If you consider quality of education something important, look no further than San Diego.

2. Summer Vacation Will Never Get Boring In San Diego

Summer Vacations in San Diego
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Aside from providing kids with a great learning experience during the school year, the huge number of summer camps in San Diego make it easy for children to stay active even when they’ve got time off throughout the year. A few of the unique local programs aimed at delivering a hands-on experience to the youth of this city include the YMCA of San Diego County summer camp featuring archery and canoeing, the Air & Space Museum Aerosummer Camp, in which kids get to learn about space history and science, along with launching model rockets and testing out flight simulators, as well as the Summer Learning Adventure Camp at Birch Aquarium at Scrips La Jolla, a hands-on exploration of everything underwater.

3. The Attractions Here Cater To The Kids

Attractions in San Diego
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Can’t commit a full week to a summer camp? San Diego also has a ton of cool day trips sure to be fun for the whole family. Two of the most unique experiences include the safari adventure tours at the 1,800 acre San Diego Zoo Safari Park and trips to Carlsbad’s Legoland, which provides a unique and creative interactive experience that the whole family can enjoy.

4. San Diego’s Got Some Of America’s Best Parks

Parks in San Diego
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Home to more than 30 parks, San Diego was voted as having the ninth best park system in America’s 50 largest cities, based on their easy access, lots of acreage, and pristine quality. The most well-known park in this city is Balboa Park, featuring tons of special attractions including 17 museums and a wide array of gardens. There are also several hikeable mountain peaks within cities limits including Cowles Mountain, Black Mountain, and Mount Soledad. One things for sure, it’s easy to enjoy the sun in San Diego.

5. The Special Events In This Town Never Stop

Events in San Diego
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Thanks to San Diego’s sunshine and close proximity to the ocean, this city is a magnet for special family-friendly events you won’t come across elsewhere in the country, including the boat races at the RC 44 San Diego Cup, the Del Mar National Horse Show and it’s 3,000-plus horses, the Spring Busker Festival with sword swallowers, jugglers, and stuntmen, and a great St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

6. Hands-On Experiences Everywhere

Activities in San Diego
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The kid-friendly activities in San Diego just don’t stop. A few more favorites include the many intramural sports leagues around the city, as well the art classes hosted in the New Children’s Museum full art studio. Various places around the city also offer lessons for activities like swimming, scuba diving, rock climbing, and cooking, making this a great place for children to pick up a new hobby that they can enjoy for the rest of their life.

7. Perfect Weather, Every Day

Weather in San Diego
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Nestled near the south of sunny California, the weather in San Diego is as perfect as you might imagine, with summer temperatures averaging 69 degrees and winter temperatures at around 57. San Diego might not experience all four seasons, but it hardly experiences any bad weather days. If you think your kids will be missing out on the snow, there are several ski resorts in California that make for perfect weekend trips.

8. It’s Expensive, But You Get What You Pay For

Living in San Diego
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On paper, San Diego seems expensive when you compare its cost of living score of 144 to the national average of 100. However, this high number is only 3 percent above the California average and salaries in San Diego tend to be higher than those found in the rest of the state. If you take into account all of the perks and amenities that this city has to offer, that higher price can start to seem like a steal.

9. San Diego Is Super Safe

Crime Rate in San Diego
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Another reason that San Diego is great for families is it’s low crime rate. With 2,744 reported criminal acts per 100,000 residents, that’s 10 percent lower than the rest of California. If you’re looking for a safe place to raise the kids, San Diego is the place for you.

10. San Diego Has A Great Job Market

Jobs in San Diego
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In a state with high unemployment like California, San Diego is a breath of fresh air. With an unemployment rate that’s at a low 5.9 percent, San Diego doesn’t just best California’s overall 7.1 percent unemployment rate, it’s even lower than the national average of 6 percent. With tons of varied industries prominent in San Diego like international trade, tourism, defense and military, research, and manufacturing, the economy here is sure to be booming for years to come.

11. Win Or Lose, You’ll Love These Teams In No Time

Sports in San Diego
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San Diego makes it easy to take the family out for a night at the ball game, with two professional sports teams, the ruthless San Diego Padres and the electrifying San Diego Chargers. Finding great seats for a reasonable price is never too difficult, but before you go you should know about the curse. San Diego locals claim that their city is under some sort of supernatural spell causing them to consistently fail when it comes to postseason success. They’ve actually never had a championship between either of their teams in a combined 100 seasons. It’s the largest championship drought in the country for a city with at least two professional teams.

12. Every Kid Loves Animals, Right?

Zoo in San Diego
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Considered one of the best zoos in the world, San Diego Zoo hosts more than 3,700 animals representing more than 650 species. A few of their most popular exhibits here include “Gorilla Tropics,” with 7 gorillas, and the newer Australian outback exhibit, filled with koalas, wombats, wallabies, and Tasmanian devils.

13. San Diego Has A Taste For The Finer Things

Arts in San Diego
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When it comes to the performing arts, San Diegans are obsessed. Tons of plays, dance troupes, and musicians come through this city to perform on a regular basis, in addition to the shows put on by the locally operated San Diego Symphony, the San Diego Ballet Dance Company, and the San Diego Opera. If you’re looking for tickets and hoping to find a discount, the online San Diego ArtsTix Box Office is the best place to check.

14. These Aren’t Your Standard Children’s Museums

Museums in San Diego
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Home to over 75 museums, monuments, and historic destinations, San Diego has several educational attractions that are perfect for bringing your kids to. A few of the favorites amongst the younger crowd include the Reuben H Fleet Science Center, the California Surf Museum, and Maritime Museum of San Diego. Not only will the kids love trips to these places, most of the other attractions in this town are designed for all ages to enjoy as well.

15. You’ll Save A Ton On Beach Vacations

Trips to San Diego
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Remember the days when you’d plan a trip months ahead of time just so you could spend a few days with your toes in the sand? If you’re living in San Diego, that will no longer be a concern. With a long and beautiful shoreline that stretches up the West Coast, there are tons of awesome coastal spots that the whole family is sure to love, including the La Jolla Shores and Cove and more hidden places like the tide pools below the Cabrillo National Monument. A trip to the beaches in this city could make for the perfect family vacation, but if you’re living here, it can be a day trip and it’s basically free. Like This Post? You’ll Definitely Love These: