1. Del’s Isn’t Just Frozen Lemonade—It’s An Essential Life-Giving Substance

There is literally no better way in the world to beat the heat than frozen lemonade from Del’s. But honestly, it’s so good that you drink it all winter too.

2. You Would Gladly Eat Quahogs Every Day Of Your Life

Quahogs, or hard clams, usually served stuffed, are one delicious regional treat that you’ll absolutely never get tired of. Even “Family Guy” can’t ruin them for you.

3. You Can Spot A RISD Student From A Mile Away

If they’re carrying a massive portfolio, have neon hair, look like they just walked off the set of an indie movie, or dress in costume when it’s not Halloween, it’s safe to say they’re probably not a Brown student.

4. You’ve Overheard More Student Meltdowns Than You Can Count

If you’ve hung out in a twenty-four hour diner or any place with coffee during finals, you’ve heard at least one Brown University student have a minor meltdown.

5. You’re So Done With People Calling Your City Quaint

Admittedly, the architecture is pretty cute, and the people are approachable. But this isn’t the fictional town from Gilmore Girls. It’s the biggest city in Rhode Island!

6. You Are So Not Responsible For Seth MacFarlane

Yeah, he went to RISD. But let’s be clear—no one in Providence was responsible for the way he hosted the Oscars. It’s not like he ran it by everyone in Providence or anything.

7. You’re Compared To New Yorkers And Bostonians Way Too Often

When outsiders try to describe people from Providence, it’s always a cross between other New England or East Coast cities, but Providence residents know they’ve got a culture all their own.

8. The Coffee Exchange Is Full Of All The Next Great American Novelists

Just the fact that Woody Allen filmed there is enough to keep those film majors and creative writing MFA students flocking, but the fantastic coffee is an added perk.

9. But Coffee Milk Is The Reason Why You Wake Up Every Morning

When you don’t have the cash to spend at a hip coffee shop, coffee syrup goodness is always there when you need a jolt.

10. When You Want To Impress A Date You Take Them To Cable Car Cinema

This awesome indie theater is the best way to say, “Look at how artsy my taste in films (not movies, films) is,” without actually saying it. Did we miss anything? Tell us something unique about Providence in the comments below!