If you are a Democrat, and are looking to move to Rhode Island, you may be drawn to live in an area where more Democrats live. If you are a Republican, you may want to move to a city where more Republicans reside. Before you move, you should know the best places to live in Rhode Island depending on your political views.

Best Places To Live For Democrats

Providence, Rhode Island 

best places to live in Rhode Island



Providence is the capital of Rhode Island, and it is the most populous city in the state. In 2009, the city rebranded itself as the “Creative Capital.” They did this to emphasize the art community and the various educational resources.

Average Home Prices: The average listing price today for homes in Providence is $199,643. Buyers looking to buy a home with a larger budget should look into popular neighborhoods, such as Blackstone and College Hill, where the listings range from $520,360 to $877,066.

Population: Currently, there are 177,994 people residing in Providence. There were 162,389 households and 35,859 families.

Education: Families with children who are considering moving to Providence will often make their decision based on the educational system. Among their private schools, charter schools, public schools and postsecondary schools, Providence is an excellent choice.

  • Private and Charter Schools: There are several private schools in Providence, including Moses Brown, the Lincoln School, the Wheeler School, and La Salle Academy. There are a few charter schools, including Time Squared Academy, Textron Chamber of Commerce, and Community Preparatory.
  • Public Schools: There are over 30,000 students attending Providence's public schools. The district has 25 elementary schools, nine middle schools, and thirteen high schools. There are also two magnet schools, Nathanael Green and Classical.
  • Postsecondary: There are several postsecondary schools, where kids attend from all over the world. These include, Brown University, Johnson & Wales University, Providence College, Rhode Island College, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), the Community College of Rhode Island, and the University of Rhode Island

Popular Attractions: Providence is a very large city, and there is always something going on somewhere.

  • Waterfire: An event held during the summer months in Providence. It is an environmental installation of close to 100 bonfires that burn right above the surface of the three rivers that pass through downtown Providence. It is accompanied by world or classical music.
  • Providence Performing Art Center (PPAC): PPAC is a venue for a variety of traveling shows and concerts. It is also a venue for local events.
  • Trinity Repertory Theater: A theater group which puts on musicals and other shows.
  • Roger Williams Park and Zoo: The park and the zoo are visited by millions of people each year. There are also museums in the area.
  • Dining: There are a variety of fine dining restaurants in Providence. One of the most famous eating districts is on Federal Hill, which is home to several excellent Italian restaurants

Central Falls, Rhode Island 

best places to live in Rhode Island


Democrats who are looking to live in a city smaller than Providence should consider moving to Central Falls. The city is only 1.29 square miles, and is the smallest city in the state. It is named after a waterfall on the Blackstone River.

Average Home Prices: The average price of a home in Central Falls ranges from $125,000 to $189,000.

Population: According to the 2000 census, there are 18,928 people living in Central Falls. There are 6,696 households and 4,359 families living in the city.

Education: There are six public schools in Central Falls:

  • Captain Hunt Early Learning, Pre-kindergarten
  • Margaret Robertson Elementary, Kindergarten
  • Ella Risk Elementary, grades 1-4
  • Veterans Memorial Elementary, grades 1-4
  • Calcutt Middle School, grades 5-8
  • Central Falls High School, grades 9-12

There is also one private, Catholic school, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Academy

Popular Attractions: Because Central Falls is such a small city, it tends to be quieter in terms of amenities. However, it is just 6.8 miles away from Providence, or an 18 minute drive. Central Falls residents can take the short drive to attend the theater, visit excellent restaurants, enjoy annual festivals, and visit the Providence Place Mall.

Best Places To Live for Republicans

Newport, Rhode Island 

best places to live in Rhode Island


Newport is a famous summer spot in Rhode Island. It is a seaside city, and is home to some of Rhode Island's most beautiful beaches. It is also home to the Naval Station in Newport, which houses the United States Naval War College, the United States Navy training center, and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.

Average Home Prices: The average home prices in Newport are based on the neighborhood where the home is located. The average cost of a home in Broadway is $315,000. Homes in downtown Newport average at $509,950. The average cost of a home in Eustis-Easton's Pond is $599,000, and the affluent areas of Bellevue Avenue and Estates are around $1,699,000.

Population: According to a 2013 census, Newport's population was 24,027. Of that number, there were 10,616 households and 4933 families.

Education: People looking for a Rhode Island city with an excellent school system should consider Newport. According to U.S. News Best High School rating, Newport's school district was named one of the top 20. There are three elementary schools:

  • St. Joseph of Cluny Sister's School
  • St. Michael's Country Day School
  • Pell Elementary School

There are also three middle schools:

  • St. George's School
  • Portsmouth Abbey School
  • Thompson Middle School

There are two high schools in Newport:

  • Rogers High School
  • Newport Area Career and Technical Center

Popular Attractions: There are several things to do in Newport, both seasonal and year round.

  • Beaches: Newport is famous for its public and private beaches. Some of the most popular are Easton's Beach, also known as First Beach, which has a beautiful view of the Cliff Walk. A few other popular beaches are Sahuest Beach, Bailey's Beach, Hazard's Beach, and Gooseberry Beach.
  • International Tennis Hall of Fame: Tennis lovers from all over the United States come to Newport to visit this famed museum.
  • Cliff Walk: The cliff walk is located along the Eastern shore of Newport, and offers some of the most beautiful scenic views in Rhode Island. Visitors can also tour the famed Newport mansions, including Rose Cliff, the William Watts Sherman House, Rough Point, The Breakers, Belcourt Castle, and Marble House.

West Greenwich, Rhode Island

best places to live in Rhode Island


West Greenwich is a town located in Kent County. The town was established in 1741, and is home to a variety of historical places.

Average Home Prices: The average price for a home is West Greenwich today is $190,000.

Population: According to a 2000 census, the population of West Greenwich was 5,085. There are 1,749 households and 1,451 families.

Education: West Greenwich students attend the Exeter West Greenwich school system. Students attend one of three elementary schools:

  • Lineham Elementary
  • Wawaloam Elementary
  • Metcalf Elementary

There is one middle school, Exeter West Greenwich Junior High, and one high school, Exeter West Greenwich High School.

Popular Attractions: Residents of West Greenwich are just 24 miles, 28 minutes from Providence, Rhode Island, where they can enjoy the theater, museums, and fine dining. West Greenwich is 26 miles, 37 minutes from Newport, where residents can enjoy summer festivals and can enjoy the beaches.