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10. Philadelphians Are The Most Ruthless Sports Fans In America

10 Philadelphia Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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I could summarize this entire section simply by pointing out that Veterans Stadium actually housed its own courtroom and jail for dealing with unruly Philadelphia Eagles fans. Now, it would be easy to classify things like the assault-by-projectile-vomiting-on-an-eleven-year-old-girl incident as being due to individual savagery. However, there must be something in the collective Philly DNA since the fanbase that pelted Santa Claus with snowballs in the '60s also pelted the Dallas Cowboys with snowballs in the '90s. This is almost excusable; who wouldn't want to pelt the Dallas Cowboys with snowballs? However, pelting J.D. Drew with D batteries was a touch much, as was raucously cheering the career-ending neck injury of Michael Irwin.


In fact, Philadelphia sports fans are so ruthless that...

9. Philadelphians Are Also The Most Ruthless Fake Sports Fans In America, Too

10 Philadelphia Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

Source: Ring of Honor">Philadelphia was such a professional wrestling hotbed in the 1980s that the WWF and NWA ran shows at the Spectrum and the Civic Center on the same night and drew sellout crowds at both. In the 1990s, Paul Heyman fed off the bloodthirstiness of Philly's fans, crafted Extreme Championship Wrestling, and revolutionized sports entertainment with a combination of stiff ring work, high-flying action, and gory violence. Currently, the ghost of ECW is spread out over several local (and surprisingly good) Philadelphia wrestling promotions like Ring of Honor (stiff ring work), Chikara Pro and Dragon's Gate USA (high-flying action), and Combat Zone Wrestling (gory violence). Can't we just merge all of these promotions together and call it... I dunno. Extreme Rising? Oh, wait. they have that, too.




The point is, the wrestling promotion that launched wrestling's "Attitude Era" could only have been formed in Philadelphia, which leads us to something everybody knows, which is...

8. Philadelphians Have An Attitude To Them

10 Philadelphia Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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Want proof that there's a pervasive Philadelphia attitude? The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission once mandated etiquette school for Philly's cab drivers. You can't just dismiss Philadelphians as rude, though, because it's more of a cultural tendency to be blunt and people from elsewhere may perceive it as rudeness. However, if you define "rude" as "use of the F word on Twitter," Philadelphia is definitely winning. A heat map showing national use of the F word on Twitter had only one bright red circle on it, and Philadelphia was right in the middle of that circle.


However, even when they're not dropping F-bombs, Philadelphians are still saying colorful or unusual things all the time. I'll phrase it appropriately, though, and say...

7. Yo, Youse Guys Say Weird Things

10 Philadelphia Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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If Pittsburgh has "yinzers," can Philadelphians be called "yousers"?

Probably not, but Philadelphians definitely have their own distinct way of talking. They also have a unique way of referring to certain food items, which is why you eat "hoagies" in Philadelphia rather than subs, and you get "jimmies" on your ice cream instead of sprinkles. And of course, glorified snow cones become "wooder ice," for some reason.


The use of "yo" also originated in Philadelphia, and the most famous use of the word "yo" in cinematic history was followed by the words "... Adrian... I did it!" If you don't get that reference, don't go to Philly, because...

6. Philadelphians Are Obsessed With Rocky

10 Philadelphia Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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Many may deny this stereotype, but the Rocky character is so prominently associated with the hard-nosed, never-say-die Philadelphia work ethic that it's inescapable. Airport gift shops sell you Rocky memorabilia. Philadelphia teams preparing for a comeback are serenaded with the Rocky theme. In one of Allen Iverson's first shoe commercials, he basically performed the legendary Rocky marathon run. I say "marathon run" because someone actually mapped it once, and Rocky would have needed to run more than 30 miles before his famous sprint up the museum steps. What a beast!


Speaking of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, people often stop by its steps to take photos with the statue unveiled in Rocky III, which will always be cooler than taking photos with the Robocop statue they're putting up in Detroit. You can even emulate Rocky by staring triumphantly at the Philadelphia skyline from the top of the steps. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see Rocky perform this run in Rocky III before he beat Clubber Lang in New York, and if his reaction to the win was an honest one, he would've flipped off the crowd at Madison Square Garden. This is because...


5. Philadelphians Hate New Yorkers

10 Philadelphia Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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Not a lot has changed since Philadelphia swiped the distinction of being America's temporary capital from New York in 1790. "That city (Philadelphia) has evinced a feeling bordering on positive malignity towards her sister of New York." This line appeared in a New York Times editorial entitled "Philadelphia and her Rivalries" back in 1852! In the 1963 book "The Perennial Philadelphian," Nathaniel Burt wrote, "If Philadelphians can be said to be self-conscious about anything, it is in their desire not to be like New Yorkers or what they think of as New Yorkers." In 2007, Bruce Buschel wrote about Philly's position relative to New York and said, "You live in a long, cold shadow and always feel inferior. It ain't neurotic to feel inferior if you really are inferior, is it?"




When barbs like this are hurled at you for literally hundreds of years, one can understand why Philadelphians would hate New Yorkers. Unfortunately, Philadelphians and New Yorkers end up together on many occasions, especially since...

4. Philadelphians Love To Hang Out At The Jersey Shore

10 Philadelphia Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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And so do New Yorkers, as evidenced by the fact that basically the entire cast of the Jersey Shore was from Staten Island. Anyway, as a pleasure center, the South Jersey Shore was practically discovered by Philadelphians, and last year 400,000 Philadelphians made concrete plans to visit the Jersey Shore for the summer. Since everything I know about the Jersey Shore was learned from watching bad television, I'm assuming the level of alcohol consumption shown on the program was indicative of reality. Of course, if I'd known there were lots of Philadelphians there, I would have assumed that anyway since the statistics show...

3. Philadelphians Enjoy Indulging In Alcohol

10 Philadelphia Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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Experian Marketing Services reported that Philadelphians consume 14.9 drinks per month on average. That's basically one drink per person, every other day. Moreover, United States Centers for Disease Control reports that 14.7 percent of Philadelphians are binge drinkers. If you're reading this on a Philadelphia bus, chances are at least two of the 20 people on the bus with you are binge drinkers. I hope for your sake one of them isn't the driver.


When you have as many great local breweries in and around the area as Philadelphians do (e.g., Flying Fish, Philadelphia Brewing, Victory Brewing, etc.) you can understand the affinity they have for designer alcohol. And of course, it's nice to knock back a cold one when you're washing down...

2. Cheesesteak. Philadelphians Adore It

10 Philadelphia Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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And they should. It's truly delicious. And I wish I was in Philly right now so I could stop off at the corner of 9th, Wharton and East Passyunk and get two of them; one from Pat's King of Steaks and one from across the road at Geno's Steaks.




So, even after everything I've said up until this point, it should still come as no surprise that...

1. Philadelphians Don't Care What You Think About Them

10 Philadelphia Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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And they certainly don't care what I think about them, either. And that's part of what makes them so much fun to talk to, and about. The attitude so many Philadelphians display is just a defense mechanism that comes from being talked down to and kicked around for so long, and as a Detroiter, I totally get it. I just hope I can show my face in Philly after writing this without having snowballs and D batteries thrown at me. After all, I actually love Philadelphia, and youse guys have always been pretty cool to me.