1. Outsiders Call It Pennsylvania, But Locals Know It’s PA

10 Things Only People From Pennsylvania Understand When's the last time you heard someone from Minnesota say they live in MN? Never, I'm guessing, and you haven't ever heard someone from Texas say they're from TX, either. Folks from the Keystone State, however, are prone to saying they're from PA. That's pee-ay, pronouncing the letters. Maybe they feel too pressed for time to say all those syllables, but that doesn't explain why the Minnesotans don't have a similar quirk. Not to mention all those pitiable, overworked folks from North and South Carolina.

2. But It Should Really Be Called Pennsyltucky

10 Things Only People From Pennsylvania Understand James Carville summarized Pennsylvania as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between. And hey, this is a state where the first day of deer hunting season is cause enough to close schools. The two major metropolitan areas, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, are basically the liberal bookends holding the rest of the more rural, conservative state in place. Presumably to keep it from spreading.

3. Referring To Multiple People As Youse Or Yinz

10 Things Only People From Pennsylvania Understand The south may have its “y'all,” and even its “all y'all, ” but Pennsylvanians can do them one better. In and around Philly, it's “youse” especially in South Philadelphia where there are lots of Italian-Americans. Over in Pittsburgh and the western side of the state, “yinz” or “yunz” is the counterpart. The latter is believed to be a blend of the Irish and Scottish phrase “you ones” and English.

4. The True Thrill Of Hershey

10 Things Only People From Pennsylvania Will Understand

Source: Flickr user Nathaniel Burton

Mmmm... theme park. Hersheypark in Hershey, PA is an enormously popular theme park destination for Pennsylvanians. There are 12 roller coasters, more than 65 other rides attractions, a water park, and of course enough Hershey's chocolate to make you completely sick to your stomach next door at Hershey's Chocolate World.

5. Putting A Fried Mush Of Pork Scraps And Cornmeal Into Your Mouth—Yum?

10 Things Only People From Pennsylvania Will Understand

Source: Flickr user Brain Kelly

“Mush” isn't merely an emotive term for the loafish thing you get when you order scrapple; it's a culinary term for a cornmeal pudding-like concoction that gels into a semi-solid state and is then cut into rectangles and fried. For scrapple, a Pennsylvania Dutch dish, the mush is made with cornmeal, flour, and miscellaneous generally undesirable pork scraps. Now wipe that drool off your chin before it drips onto your keyboard. Scrapple's a great side dish with dippy eggs, which is a very PA way to order fried eggs over easy (or sometimes soft-boiled). You know, because the yolks are runny and you dip your toast in them. Get it?

6. Attending Fire Hall Wedding Receptions

10 Things Only People From Pennsylvania Will Understand

Source: Brady Fire Company Banquet Hall via Facebook

Ever a classy bunch, too, people in PA have a particular fondness for hosting their wedding receptions in fire halls. Granted, it's not unique to the state, but it's certainly enough of a thing there to make this list. If you don't know, a fire hall isn't the cafeteria in your local fire department station... It's any generic room (complete with tables and uncomfortable chairs, a dance floor, and maybe a small stage) you cheaply rent out for private events.

7. How To Give Directions To Intercourse And Blue Ball With A Straight Face

10 Things Only People From Pennsylvania Understand Snicker all you want but Intercourse, Penn. is a real place. It's right down the road from Blue Ball, PA and Bird-in-Hand, PA. They're all in Lancaster County, aka Amish country. You know how those naughty Amish can be. The hardest thing in Intercourse—wink, wink—is how often the sign with the town name gets stolen. They're always having to erect a new one. And if you don't think that's funny, you must be one of those prudes from Virginville, PA in neighboring Berks County.

8. The Correct Pronunciation Of “Yuengling”

10 Things Only People From Pennsylvania Understand In most of the world, a lager is one of two major classifications of beer, along with ale. There are various types of lagers and countless brands. But not in PA. In the Keystone State, if you simply order a lager, you're bound to get a Yuengling. It's so ubiquitous in the state that it's become synonymous with its style. But if you are going to order it by brand name, it's not a yung-ling, it's a ying-ling. Why is this beer such a big deal in Pennsylvania? Yuengling has been produced out of its headquarters in Pottsville, PA since 1829.

9. The Inconvenience Of Not Being Able To Buy Booze At A Convenience Store

10 Things Only People From Pennsylvania Will Understand

Source: Flickr user Tony Alter

While being able to order a specific beer just by saying “lager” may be the pinnacle of convenience, when Pennsylvanians want to buy a bottle of booze, things aren't so convenient. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is one of the country's strongest state alcohol-regulating bodies. Supermarkets, convenience stores, and other stores that sell wine and spirits in many other states can't sell them in PA. You have to buy booze (excluding beer) at state-owned Wine & Spirits stores in Pennsylvania. Only recently did some state stores start opening on Sundays, but only when they close by 5 p.m. So plan ahead if you want to be too hungover to go to work on Monday morning.

10. Grabbing A Hoagie From Wawa Or Sheetz

10 Things Only People From Pennsylvania Understand It just depends which side of the state you're in... It's all about Wawa in Eastern PA and it's all about Sheetz in the western half of the state. These gas stations/mini-marts/made-to-order sandwich shops are favorite places for Pennsylvanians to fuel up their cars and themselves. Many locations are always open and really come through for hungry (and often drunk) Pennsylvanians. And, of course, it goes without saying that the sandwich you get is called a hoagie. Want more? Check out 10 more things only people from Pennsylvania understand!