1. Who Really Needs Sports Teams? Scranton Has Dunder Mifflin

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Flickr user Matt DeTurck
Scranton’s true claim to fame is the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, making it a mecca for fans of “The Office.” While Dunder Mifflin isn’t real, the streets are loaded with signs and novelty products featuring its logo and you can stop by hot spots from the show like Alfredo’s Pizza Café and of course, Chili’s.

2. The Welcome Sign Is Actually A Scavenger Hunt

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Flickr user Matt DeTurk
That “Welcome To Scranton” sign in the opening sequence of The Office is real, and you can get your picture taken with it. But it’s not on a roadside or highway where you would think. You have to travel to the second floor of the Mall at Steamtown to find the novelty prop. A small price to pay for a new Instagram photo.

3. You're In The Electric City... Sort Of

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Flickr user liz west
After Scranton developed the revolutionary electric-operated trolley system in 1886, it was dubbed the “Electric City.” Even though the trolley system is no longer running, the nickname still holds strong in Scranton. Check out the colorful, oversized mural on your drive into Scranton or the huge light up Electric City sign downtown at night.

4. Scranton Is A City On The Rise

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Flickr user bclinesmith
Scranton’s revitalization projects have been twenty years in the making. Although that’s slower than residents prefer, the popularity of the University of Scranton and the redevelopment of the Riverfront of Lackawana downtown has brought significant progress to the city, providing hope for more. So stay tuned.

5. In Scranton You Have To Order Pizza By The Tray

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Flickr user Jennifer Snyder
If you’re in Scranton and want to order a pepperoni pizza, ask for a “pepperoni tray”. If you say “pepperoni pizza”, they’ll probably correct you. If you say “pepperoni pie”, they’ll probably hang up on you.

6. Or Just Try Pizza Frittas—And Become Obsessed

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Flickr user Jennifer Murawski
It’s easy for anyone to wonder what could possibly be so special about what is basically just deep fried pizza dough covered in powdered sugar or stuffed with sausage and stringy cheese. Wait, no it’s not. Who would wonder such a thing? Scranton’s pizza frittas are amazing and why they go crazy for them is a no-brainer.

7. The Whole City Is Probably Haunted

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: ‘Scranton After Dark’ Ghost Walk’s Facebook page
You might not think it, but Scranton has a long history of ghost sightings and unexplained events. Scranton After Dark offers guided ghost walks, and you can visit the city’s most popular ghost, named George, at Andy Gavin’s Pub. The Psychic Theater in the Houdini Museum even holds séances where the spirits of three people who died in the same room are summoned, if you’re really brave.

8. And Definitely Weird, Thanks To Cooper’s

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Cooper’s Seafood House Facebook page
Quirky food lovers visit Cooper’s Seafood from all around to see this unique pirate ship restaurant, that's full of more gems than a chest of buried treasure. From the Beatles bathroom to the coral room, the Gilligan’s Island tribute and the lighthouse bar, Cooper’s is more like the world’s most enjoyable novelty auction sale doused in Old Bay than just a restaurant. Oh, and the award-winning crab bisque is pretty spectacular, too.

9. The Whole City Looks Like A Gothic Novel...

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Flickr user Kara Newhouse
From Scranton’s City Hall and courthouse to its churches and schools, the preserved architecture around the city is a jigsaw gothic sight to behold. All that’s missing is the hunchback in the bell tower.

10. ... And The Suburbs Are Something Out Of A Postcard

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Flickr user bclinesmith
Once you leave the downtown area and start navigating through the neighborhoods of Scranton, you’ll feel like you’re in a movie with its tree-lined streets and old, charming houses –both big and quaint, especially in the Green Ridge neck of the woods.

11. Scranton Raises Yankees, But Not The Doodle Dandy Kind...

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders Facebook page
The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders are the AAA affiliate to the New York Yankees Major League Baseball team. So, if you’re a Phillies fan at heart (and really, you should be), you’ll find yourself in quite the baseball conundrum in Scranton.

12. ... And Their Penguins Are Much Scarier Than The Ones At The Zoo

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguin’s Facebook page
The affiliate of Pennsylvania’s NHL Pittsburgh Penguins team, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins are Scranton’s beloved ice champions. Crowding into the Mohegan Sun Arena for a game is a favorite way for locals to inject some excitement into the frigid winter.

13. Scranton Is Home To One Of The Best Dogs Around

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Coney Island Lunch’s Facebook page
Downtown Scranton’s oldest restaurant, Coney Island Lunch, serves one of the best hot dogs you can find in the country—at least according to Fox News and The Daily Meal. Order the “Texas Weiner” and be prepared to never successfully diet again.

14. Montage Mountain Makes Winter Epic

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Montage’s Facebook page
Sledding, skiing, snowboarding, airboarding, tubing… Montage Mountain resort takes all the gloom out of the Pennsylvania winter and makes it into an unforgettable experience.

15. Everyone In Scranton Is On The Sauce

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Peggy’s Wing Sauce Of Scranton’s Facebook Page
Wing sauce, that is. It’s not “hot sauce” or “buffalo sauce”, it’s “wing sauce.” And as far as Scranton goes, local manufacturer Peggy of Peggy’s Wing Sauce is the wing sauce superstar.

16. And They All Party Like It’s 1999

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Flickr user Kevin Sr.
Scranton holds huge St. Patrick’s Day parades every year. And every New Year’s Eve, the city welcomes First Night Scranton, filling the streets with local families and tourists alike to ring in the new year with carriage rides and family-friendly entertainment under a sky of fireworks.

17. Scranton Has Death Defying Hijinks

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Houdini Museum’s Facebook
…Or, at least, death defying by proxy. The Houdini museum in Scranton is reportedly the only museum dedicated solely to the world-famous magician. But the magic doesn’t stop there. The two owners, Dick Brookz and Dorothy Dietrich, aren’t just lifelong Houdini enthusiast, but are magicians themselves and perform daily magic shows.

18. And Everyone Is A Kid At Heart

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Flickr user yuan2003
The David Wenzel Treehouse located in Nay Aug Park is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania. It is open to the public and a beloved spot for locals to view the gorge 150 feet below. Talk about another serious Instagram moment.

19. Scranton Dogs Live Like Rock Stars

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: The Mall At Steamtown’s Facebook page
The staff at Puppy Love Day Spa are professionally trained dog groomers and will have your pooch pampered, primped, and smelling pretty in no time. They even go the extra step by keeping their products all-natural and being extra patient and caring when dealing with your best furry friend.

20. GreenBeing Makes It "Easy Being Green"

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Greenbeing’s Facebook page
Living a simpler lifestyle can be tougher in smaller cities these days. But GreenBeing’s got all of your eco-friendly needs covered, carrying men and women’s vintage and handmade clothing and accessories. Ask to see the adorable reusable mustache mug sleeves.

21. The Final Resting Place Of The Exorcist

Moving to Scranton, PA
Source: Flickr user Krista Kennedy
It’s always a wonderful day for an exorcism in Scranton. The bust and ashes of Jason Miller, who played Father Karras in the movie The Exorcist, can be found on display right on Spruce Street. Why, you ask? Miller died of a heart attack at the local Farley's Eatery and Pub in May of 2001.