1. South Jerseyans Heart Philadelphia Sports More Than Jersey Sports. Sorry, Not Sorry.

Yes, Jersey has it’s own sports teams. But a true South Jerseyan is a diehard Philadelphia Flyers fan. While the rest of New Jersey is obsessed with the Giants or Jets, South Jersey is all about the Philadelphia Eagles. And when North Jersey is headed to the Yankees games, South Jersey is headed to the Phillies games. Don’t take it personally, Jersey. Philly sports are just...better.

2. Want To Make South Jerseyan Mad? Just Call This A Taylor Ham, Egg, And Cheese

Everyone knows this is a pork roll dammit! If there’s one thing a South Jerseyan loves, it’s the delicious processed meat that is a pork roll. While the most famous brand is the Taylor Pork Roll (North Jerseyans like to call it “Taylor Ham”) South Jerseyans are all about any kind of pork roll. Which is why everyone in South Jersey has pork roll in their freezer, ready to eat anytime, anywhere.

3. South Jerseyans Have A Serious Wawa Addiction

If you’re a true South Jerseyan, you don’t even think about showing your face in a Dunkin’ Donuts. And you know Wawa isn’t just where you go for gas: it’s also the only place you should ever get your coffee. And, of course, hoagies…

4. All South Jerseyans Know South Jersey Invented The Hoagie

South Jerseyans take great pride in the “hoagie” (for all of you North Jerseyans who think it’s called a “sub”, you’re wrong.) South Jerseyans invented the Hoagie, so they should know. And everyone knows that one of the highlights of the year for a South Jerseyan is Hoagiefest, where you can get any 10-inch Hoagie for less than $5 at Wawa. Amazing.

5. Everyone In South Jersey Is very Protective Over The Pine Barrens

People (especially in North Jersey) give the Pine Barrens a bad name for “wearing too much flannel” and being redneck. They even call them “Pineys.” But South Jerseyans will defend the Pine Barrens to the death. No need to judge them for their flannel shirts and obsession with folklore...

6. Everyone In South Jersey Believes In The Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is a demon that lives in the Pine Barrens in South Jersey. Notice how I said, “demon.” If you are a true South Jerseyan, you undoubtedly believe that the Jersey Devil is a real creature who is honestly haunting the Pine Barrens. There are whole websites dedicated to the facts about the Jersey Devil, complete with pictures, accounts of sightings, and all other types of folklore.

7. South Jerseyans Are Always Ready To Go Toe To Toe With A North Jerseyan

The South Jersey/North Jersey rivalry is a real thing. They don’t agree on sports teams, subs or hoagies, Taylor Ham or Pork Roll. Basically, the two areas of the state might as well be their own states. South Jerseyans like to think of themselves as the laidback part of the state: the ones who aren’t all uptight, wannabee New Yorkers. You know, those Bennys that come to South Jersey beaches and treat everyone actually from here with disrespect.

8. All South Jerseyans Practically Live At The Beach—Not “Down The Shore”

A true South Jerseyan will get extremely irritated when they hear people say they’re “going down the shore”--a true South Jerseyan simply goes to the beach. And they’ve got plenty of them. So, if you want to fit in down here get your flip flops ready and bite your tongue before you call it the shore.

9. Speaking Of “The Shore,” Never Fist Pump To A True South Jerseyan

MTV is the bane of all South Jerseyans existence. Maybe you’ve heard of a little MTV series called, “The Jersey Shore.” Well, these clubbing, fist pumping, hair spiking, pumping iron geeks (who are really from Staten Island) have completely degraded all South Jerseyans reputations. And all South Jerseyans are pretty ticked about it. So, before you make your assumptions about hair gel and fake tan, maybe you should actually visit South Jersey.

10. South Jerseyans Definition Of Classy Dinner Date Is A Night At The Diner

South Jersey has the best diners in the world. Which is probably why all South Jerseyans are obsessed with going to the diner. So much so that “going to the diner” is really for special occasions. After prom? Go to the diner. After your wedding? Go to the diner. Tenth year wedding anniversary? You should probably go to Tick Tock Diner for some Disco fries. That’s just how South Jerseyans roll. Did we miss anything? Tell us what you think of South Jersey in the comments below!