1. To Beat The Summertime Swelter, Head Down The Shore

When the temperatures start to rise in the summertime—and they will—pack your beach bags head down the shore. Not "to the beach," not "to the coast," South Jersey residents know it's only called going "down the shore." Just get that TV show out of your head; these trips are all about the stunning beaches.

2. No Sprinkles On My Custard, Please

On those summer days down the shore, you're going to need an ice cream cone or a custard. But if you want those little chocolate and rainbow-colored candies on top, they're called "jimmies," not sprinkles.

3. Eat At 4 p.m., Eat At 4 a.m., Eat Whenever You Want

South Jersey can satisfy any late-night food craving with several 24-hour diners. Everyone has their favorite, but many are partial to The Westmont Family Restaurant and Diner in Westmont for its super cheap omelets or the Cherry Hill Diner in Cherry Hill for its healthy, locally sourced options and, yes, for its caramel-drizzled challah French toast.

4. South Jersey Is Home To The Best Darn Atlantic League Baseball Team In All Of The U.S. Of A.

At the foot of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge sits Campbell's Field, which is packed to the brim with screaming fans for the Camden Riversharks. But on firework nights, expect to be squished in with close to 7,000 people.

5. Down The Shore, South Jerseyites Love Going In The “Wooter”

No, South Jersey residents don't have the New York accent most outsiders think they have, but they still do say funny things, and you can bet they’re proud of it.

6. South Jersey Is Filled With Thrill-Seeking, Adventure-Types

The tallest, fastest roller coaster in the whole world? It's no sweat to South Jersey residents who've braved the 41-story high Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom in Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson.

7. Grown-ups Love Clementon Park And Splash World As Much As Kids

If Six Flags gets too crowded during peak tourist season, there's always Clementon Park and Splash World. It's great for the kids, and with a tiki bar in the water park serving cocktails, it's great for adults, too.

8. South Jersey Is A Completely Separate World From North Jersey

Don't let the stereotypes fool you; South Jersey is like a completely different state than North Jersey. They like different teams, call things by different names, and have very different ways of life.

9. Wildwood Boardwalk Is The Go-To For Fun Summer Days

Tired of lazing around in the hot sun on the beach? (Some do get tired of that.) Just hit the Wildwood Boardwalk to fulfill all your summertime dreams with amusement park rides, concerts, and the best street food.

10. If Atlantic City Is Good Enough For The Boss, It's Good Enough For Everyone

Bruce Springsteen himself is a proud South Jersey native, and while he dedicates many of his songs to Jersey as whole, natives know that "Atlantic City" is the best one.

11. South Jersey Is Bursting With Celebrities

Springsteen may sing about South Jersey, but he's not the only star to come out of the area. Kelly Ripa, Olympians Tara Lipinksi and Carl Lewis, and John McClane himself Bruce Willis all call South Jersey home.

12. Some People Eat Subs, South Jerseyites Eat Hoagies

The submarine sandwich, sub, or hero elsewhere is definitively a hoagie in South Jersey—and residents will tell you just who makes the best one, but they won't always agree. Is it White House in Atlantic City, Phil's Deli in Cherry Hill, or another delicious local spot?

13. Come Fall, It's All About The Philadelphia Eagles

Let North Jersey cheer for their rivals the New York Giants, down here, fans bleed midnight green and white, with a NFL fandom unmatched in their enthusiasm anywhere in the country.

14. It's Where The Garden State Earns Its Nickname

While up north, Jersey may seem bustling and urban, down South things are a bit slower, and residents can see just why the state nickname stuck, particularly during festivals such as the ones at the Emlen Physick Estate in Cape May.

15. Blueberries EVERYWHERE

30 Things You Need To Know About South Jersey Before You Move There Photos: Flickr user holycalamity Chances are, if you're from South Jersey, you've stepped on a blueberry farm—such as Dimeo's in Hammonton or Butterhof's in Egg Harbor City— or two in your life, and you've probably even worked at one when you were a kid. You're welcome, rest of America.

16. You'll Never Forget This Elephant

Once a tavern before Prohibition ruined all the fun, this famous fish-out-of-water Elephant now gives South Jersey residents a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean.

17. Here, ACME Isn't Just For Wile E. Coyote

Don't look here for rocket-powered sneakers or build-your-own-tornados, ACME market in South Jersey is a chain of neighborhood grocery stores.

18. South Jersey Drivers Are Real Pros

Jughandles and traffic circles? They may be confusing to out-of-towners, but South Jersey natives can handle the area's eccentric road features with ease.

19. You Can Get Anything You Want At Berlin Farmers Market

Looking for some fresh produce or a bite to eat for lunch? How about an antique lamp, homemade jewelry, and all sorts of fabrics for your crafting? Berlin Farmers Market is your affordable, one-stop-shop.

20. Here A Wawa, There A Wawa, Everywhere A Wawa

Forget 7-11, South Jersey residents will always give their hearts to their local Wawa. Or their local dozen Wawas, for that matter, because there's one on every block.

21. Once Upon A Time, Everyone Went To Storybook Land

If you have children in South Jersey, chances are they'll be begging to take a trip to Storybook Land, a family-owned, toddler-sized amusement park, where, yes, you grown-ups will probably have a good time, too.

22. Add Adventure Aquarium To Childhood Adventures

If you’re going to Storybook Land in the summer, you're probably hitting up the Adventure Aquarium during school-year class trips—the best school year class trips. Because where else can you see a 550,000-gallon tank that gets you up close and personal with the largest collection of sharks in the U.S.?

23. A Posh Shopping Spree Always Starts At The Promenade

When you're looking for designer duds, the first stop is always the swanky Promenade of Sagemore in Marlton. Look here for upscale brand names like Pandora, Francesca's, and Coach—plus, of course, the Apple store. But it gives back too, with an annual Valentine's Day fundraiser for dog adoption with a bulldog kissing booth.

24. Downtown Haddonfield Beats Crowded Shopping Malls

Who needs massive shopping malls when you have the Promenade and main streets like the one in Haddonfield, lined with boutique after boutique of local and designer fashion? Try to catch it during a sidewalk sale for some real steals.

25. College Pride Runs Rampant

With Rutgers University, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Rowan University, and several other colleges and graduate schools in the area, it's no surprise you'll see school colors adorning neighborhood businesses and people on the sidewalks.

26. South Jerseyites Go To Pilesgrove When They Want To Feel Like Cowboys

Pilesgrove is home to the Cowtown Flea Market and Rodeo—yes, you heard that right. The rodeo has run every Saturday night since 1929, making it the longest-running rodeo in all of the United States.

27. Susquehanna Bank Center Will Always Be The Tweeter Center

Sure the name of the favorite indoor-outdoor concert venue changed, but the hearts of South Jersey residents can't bring them to stop calling it the Tweeter Center. But by any name, this venue on the Camden waterfront brings top-notch talent to the stage, such as the Vans Warped Tour, the Zac Brown Band, and Bob Dylan.

28. You Can Get To Philly Fast On PATCO

Heading to Philadelphia to catch a Phillies or Flyers game means taking the PATCO train into town. You'll be in good company, there are loads of stations across South Jersey.

29. People From Around Here Will Always Believe In South Jersey Legends

The Jersey Devil—or as South Jersey residents know, the 13th Leeds child—was made famous on an episode of The X-Files, but there's also the mysteries of the Atco ghost residents hold proud to, and claim they've seen once or twice.

30. Outdoorsy Adventures Abound In Pine Barrens

Pine Barrens, or the "Pines" aren't just for cranberry bogs and blueberry farms, outdoorsy South Jersey natives flock to the natural coastal woodlands for hiking and kayaking (and OK, looking for where episodes of The Sopranos were filmed) through the gorgeous scenery. What do you love about living in South Jersey? Tell us in the comments below!