1. Everyone In Nashville Plays Something, And They’ll Play It Anywhere

Nashville Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Kathleen Tyler Conklin
There are a lot of musicians in Nashville. How many? How about a joke: How many Nashville guitar players does it take to screw in a light bulb? Thirteen. One to do it and 12 to stand around and say, "Phhhwt! I can do that better than him!" Nashville isn’t called Music City for nothing. There are literally musicians on every street corner and 12 others watching in either awe or jealousy. And they aren’t just trying to be the next Brad Paisley—the swarm of hopefuls will play anything that might get them noticed.

2. Nashvillians Will Always Correct You If You Call A Singer A Songwriter

Nashville Stereotypes
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See that person sweating over a notebook in the local coffee shop? The one who keeps ripping pages out of their notebook and crumpling them up into little balls of frustration? That’s a songwriter. Not a singer. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your musician friend is a songwriter or that your songwriter friend is a musician. There are a few exceptions, but in Nashville the two are distinctly separate and equally as important. So be careful before you judge.

3. Nashvillians Wear Cowboy Boots With Seriously Everything

Nashville Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Bootsendra
Nashvillians have a style all their own, and it’s cowboys boots. It doesn’t matter where you live, how much you make, or what else you’re wearing, in Nashville cowboy boots go with everything. Period. They’re worn with jeans, dresses, a top-notch suit, or even shorts with a t-shirt. Nashvillians wear them to work, out on the town, to business meetings and to weddings. You’ll even spot people with workout clothes and cowboy boots. Same thing goes for a cowboy hat, by the way. Goes with absolutely everything.

4. Everyone In Nashville Speaks “Twang-Ri-La”

Nashville Stereotypes
Source: Southern Women Channel via Facebook
There’s a Southern drawl, and then there’s the Southern twang. Nashvillians have the latter, and like true Southerners their twangiest sayins always involve food. You’ll hear things like “you’re as country as corn”, “she’s sweeter than a Georgia peach”, “You’re hotter than a bowl of grits”, and “You’re about as slow as molasses”. Welcome to Nashville, Y’all’.

5. Nashvillians Scarf Down Chicken So Hot It'll Make You Cry

Nashville Stereotypes
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Fried chicken is a truly Southern dish, but “hot chicken” is a Nashville specialty, made huge by Prince’s Hot Chicken. It’s said that in the 1970s Thorton Prince’s girlfriend made him a cayenne caked chicken breast as revenge for having a late night out—but instead of punishment, hot chicken was born. With at least 14 Nashville restaurants now serving the local specialty, you’ll probably end up in the middle of a heated (haha) debate over where to get the best. If you can’t decide, stop by the Music City Hot Chicken Festival to try them all. But no matter where you get it, these people love it.

6. Nashvillians Are All Sure They Will Be Superstars…

Nashville Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user 1035 WEZL
When you consider the fact that Kings of Leon, Lady Antebellum, Paramore and countless other musicians and groups got their big breaks and made their careers in Music City, it makes sense that people get a little starry-eyed. They flock in droves dragging their guitars and everything they own stuffed into their cars, sure that this is where they’re going to “make it big.” And sure, they’ll usually get a gig or two, and then they get really excited. Everyone knows if you make it in Nashville, you’re pretty much set. And that’s usually when things go downhill.

7. ...Until They Become Starving Wannabes Working At Starbucks

Nashville Stereotypes
Source: Farcethemusic.com
More often than not, all those dreams and guitars go to waste, since just about every hopeful in Nashville ends up working three jobs to make rent, all the while ranting about Nashville being hard, unfair, soulless and fickle. Jaded after having their dreams shattered along a three square mile stretch of city street with no "big breaks" to be found, they end up busking just to get enough money to buy a Greyhound ticket back home. So walk around and enjoy the shows because they might not be here tomorrow.

8. Everyone In East Nashville Is The Opposite Of Country, Thank You Very Much

Nashville Stereotypes
Source: CREMA Facebook
Despite what you might think, not everyone is country here. The east side of Nashville is a hot spot for the young, cool crowd who want to separate themselves from that image as much as they can. You’ll find them eating burgers at The Pharmacy, getting their morning cup at Crema or Barista Parlor, and shopping at Hip Zipper or Old Made Good. And they’re easily spotted by their bikes, beards, and general lack of cowboy getup.

9. Nashvillians All Wish They Lived In Las Vegas

Nashville Stereotypes
Source: Visit Music City Facebook
There’s no gambling in Nashville, but the bright lights, glamour, and glitz of Broadway Street —not to mention the country western tackiness—make it the well-known Vegas of the south. You can’t miss the Nashvegas honky-tonkers on Broadway Street… excitedly storming from one honky-tonk to the next while dancing, singing and drinking a couple at every place they go. By the end of the night, everyone feels like a Nashvegas star.

10. Everyone In Nashville Goes To Church… Well, Religiously

Nashville Stereotypes
Source: RollingOut
What Nashville musician hasn’t prayed for their big break? Known as "The Buckle of the Bible Belt" with over 700 churches, just about everyone in Nashville puts on their best cowboy boots and heads to the pews every Sunday. Once you dig into to the Nashville culture you’re going to find almost as many church-goers as you find musicians—and let’s face it, those musicians need a lot of faith to make it here, or at least keep thinking they will. A perk? Nashville has some of the best church music on the planet.