1. This Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant Don’t Serve Opossum

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: O’Possum’s via Facebook
O’Possum’s Pub
2341 Memorial Blvd>
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 567-5757
Yelp: 4 Stars, 49 Reviews. It’s hard to beat the great food and great atmosphere at O’Possum’s Pub. With a near perfect Reuben and delectable mac n’ cheese, the food pairs well with their huge selection of bourbon and home brewed craft beers.

2. Creole Meets Mexican In A Blend Of Flavors Sent From Heaven At Blue Cactus Cantina

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: Blue Cactus Cantina via Facebook
Blue Cactus Cantina
2805 Old Fort Pkwy
Murfreesboro, TN 37128
(615) 295-2332
Yelp: 4.5 Stars, 67 Reviews. For a real taste of Cajun meets Mexican, head to Blue Cactus Cantina, where their spicy tacos and gumbo will have you quickly hooked. With a great happy hour and cool beers on tap, this restaurant will become a staple of any foodie’s diet.

3. “Opah!” Three Cheers For Great Greek Food

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: Flickr User Navin75
Opah Greek Grill
133 James Luscinski Dr.
Ste 104
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Yelp: 5 Stars, 83 Reviews. Opah Greek Grill is hands down one of the best places to get your grub on in Murfreesboro. It’s fast, it’s inexpensive and it’s delicious. With authentic Greek flavors, anything with the gyro meat on it will have you leaving happy. Just make sure to save room for dessert, as their Baklava is some of the best in the state.

4. This Place Will Get All Five Of Your Senses Revved Up

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: Five Senses Dining’ Website
Five Senses
1602 W. Northfield Blvd
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 867-4155
Yelp: 4 Stars, 35 Reviews. This upscale establishment caters to the fancy crowd, with seasonal menus and fresh ingredients. They’re always coming up with new dishes, but with options like pan-roasted duck breast and perfectly cooked skirt steak, there’s always a new reason to return.

5. This Hot Spot Has A “Lord Of The Rings” Theme, ‘Nuff Said

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: The Green Dragon Public House via Facebook
The Green Dragon Public House
714 F W Main St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 801-7171
Yelp: 5 Stars, 17 Reviews. An extremely unique, “Lord of the Rings” themed pub, the menu at Green Dragon is filled with exceptional sandwiches and soups. With items like the Thai inspired butternut squash soup and Moroccan tagine popping up as dining options, this is a place that must be visited more than once.

6. It’s Hard Not To Fall In Love At Fin Fusion

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: Fin Fusion Sushi Bar via Facebook
Fin Fusion Sushi
2862 S Church St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37127
(615) 494-3442
Yelp: 4.5 Stars, 35 Reviews Perfect for a romantic sushi date, Fin Fusion is one of the best places to find good sushi at a great price in Tennessee. The rice is cooked perfectly and the options of rolls are seemingly endless. It will win over anybody, even those that claim they “aren’t big sushi people.”

7. Sometimes A Little Sauce Is All You Need

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: Sauce via Facebook
2858 S Church St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37127
(615) 624-8258
Yelp: 4 Stars, 16 Reviews. With an entire range of Italian options, the pizza steals the show at Sauce. With perfectly thin crust, fresh toppings, and plenty of cheese, all of their specialty pizzas are on par with greatness. The barbecue chicken pizza is a fan favorite, but it’s impossible to go wrong with any pie.

8. Memphis Isn’t The Only Place In Tennessee With Awesome BBQ

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: Slick Pig BBQ via Facebook
Slick Pig BBQ
1920-1/2 E Main St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 890-3583
Yelp): 4.5 Stars, 70 Reviews It’s hard to stop eating until you’re exploding from the seams at this humble barbecue joint. Literally everything on the menu is amazing, from their stacks of ribs to the piles of pulled pork. Slick Pig will even have people from Memphis sold once they taste their unique sauce blends and tender smoked meats.

9. At Jeff’s, You’re Family—Very Full, Happy Family

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: Flickr User stu-spivack
Jeff’s Family Restaurant
467 S Hancock St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
(615) 867-2164
Yelp: 4.5 Stars, 28 Reviews. Another barbecue staple of Murfreesboro, Jeff’s Family Restaurant is home to award-winning ribs and tons of awesome fried food. It’s a great place to head in search of comfort meals, as their plentiful amount of delicious sides like fried okra and cornbread can compete with the best of them. Don’t leave without trying the banana pudding or chess pie.

10. They’ve Got Great Gyros…And The Tabouli Will Change Your Life

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: Gyro Tabouli via Facebook
Gyro Tabouli
2706 Old Fort Pkwy
Murfreesboro, TN 37128
(615) 895-1275
Yelp): 4.5 Stars, 8 Reviews. With a friendly atmosphere and delicious Mediterranean food, this place can give Opah’s a run for its money. Not only do they have awesome gyros, but also some great vegetarian and vegan options, such as falafel, hummus, grape leaves, and tabouli. You can’t leave here without a smile on your face.

11. Oscar Really Knows What He’s Doing In The Kitchen

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: Oscar’s Taco Shop Website
Oscar’s Taco Shop
1875 Memorial Blvd
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 890-8100
Yelp: 4.5 Stars, 26 Reviews. Home to some of the best West Coast Mexican food in Tennessee, their burritos are the best thing on the menu. Two favorites are the California burrito and the breakfast burrito, both huge and full of flavor. Other options are also awesome, like the fish tacos and the fully loaded nachos, topped with an entire range of fresh ingredients. Oscar’s is sure to be a staple of Murfreesboro cuisine for many years to come.

12. There’s Always Room For A Few More Wings From Jefferson’s

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: Jefferson’s Murfreesboro via Facebook
1916 E Main St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
(615) 907-3339
Yelp: 4 Stars, 12 Reviews. If you’re looking for an awesome wing place in Murfreesboro, look no further. With tons of delicious sauce options, these wings will keep you coming back for more. The great menu doesn’t stop at just wings either, as Jefferson’s also serves up addictive oysters, seafood baskets, and burgers.

13. Parthenon Is Where The True Grill Master’s Hang

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: Parthenon Grille’s Website
Parthenon Grille
1962 S. Church St.
Murfressboro, TN 37130
(615) 895-2665
Yelp: 4 Stars, 40 Reviews. Another upscale restaurant in the ‘Boro, Parthenon Grille puts a Greek twist on steak and seafood favorites. The filet is to die for, topped with a giant shrimp with a side of potatoes made from scratch. They don’t skimp on the dessert either, with several options more than capable of satisfying your sweet tooth. They’ve also got a Sunday brunch menu, filled with their take on traditional brunch items and reasonably priced brunch drinks to match.

14. It’s About Time You Went Down This Boulevard Of Delicious Treats

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: The Boulevard Bar & Grill – Murfreesboro, TN
The Boulevard Bar & Grille
2154 Middle Tennessee Blvd.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
(615) 624-8002
Yelp: 4 Stars, 27 Reviews. One of the coolest hangout spots in Murfreesboro, Boulevard Bar & Grille has great drinks and the perfect food to match. It tends to attract a college crowd, as it’s across the road from Middle Tennessee State University, with students frequently popping in for a beer and a bite between classes. Featuring options ranging from pizza to burgers, this place is a Jack-of-all-trades, meaning regardless of what you order, you can’t go wrong. It’s in a huge space and has tons of TV’s, making it a great place to head for the big game.

15. Murfreesboro Goes Nuts For These Donuts

Murfreesboro Tennessee Restaurant
Source: Donut Country via Facebook
Donut Country
1311 Memorial Blvd.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 890-3129
Yelp: 4.5 Stars, 16 Reviews With many visitors claiming these are “the best doughnuts they’ve ever had,” Donut Country is a must try for the early risers of Murfreesboro. The fritters are awesome and their glazed doughnut holes might just be the best east of the Mississippi. It’s quick and delicious, what more could you ask for to get your day off to a great start? Feature Image Source: Flickr user airinnajera What’s your go-to for great grub in Murfressboro? Tell us in the comments below!