1. Modestans Are The Midwesterners Of Northern California

Modesto Stereotypes Despite being only an hour and half from San Francisco and Sacramento this city is more small town Midwest than it is Northern California. In Modesto, you know your neighbors, you know what’s going on in your neck of the woods, and you run into the same people at the grocery store day after day. Luckily, Modestans also happen to be some of the kindest, warmest, and most welcoming people in the country, don’tcha know? Wait. Are you sure this isn’t the Midwest?

2. Everyone Here Has A Friend With A Ranch In The Boonies

Modesto Stereotypes If you grew up in Modesto, chances are you had at least one friend with a ranch in the boonies—and if you didn’t, well, it was probably you. This was the place you all gathered on weekends to drink Keystone around a bonfire, where you probably ran from the cops for your first (and then maybe second and third times). Because if there’s one thing more popular in Modesto than kids partying, it’s cops trying to arrest them.

3. And Everyone Has A Rich Friend In Del Rio

Modesto Stereotypes From the boonies to Del Rio, you may as well be in two different worlds. Let me give you a brief rundown. has a median household income of nearly $190,000—that’s 194 percent higher than that of California and over two times that of the rest of Modesto. And the houses out here look like something out of a magazine for Living Ridiculously. The median home price in Del Rio is over $1 million, where the rest of Modesto’s median is a measly $282,500. So, sure, Del Rio might have money… and lovely golf courses, country clubs, beautiful cars, beautiful women, prettier land… but, they don’t have one thing: authentic, greasy tacos from their favorite taco truck, because…

4. Modestans Are Hella Crazy For Taco Trucks

Modesto Stereotypes If I’ve learned one thing about Modesto over the years, it’s that Modesto residents are not modest about their love for taco trucks. They are crazy about them. Tacos Vallarta, El Maguey, El Parral, and, of course, Taqueria Modesto (which, while not a truck, certainly holds its own against any of its four-wheeled competition). The only question is, which one is the best? Can’t decide, I guess you’ll just have to just keep trying them over and over again until you can. (We call that a win-win.)

5. If You Haven’t Had A Donut From Mr. T’s, You’re Not A True Modestan

Modesto Stereotypes
Source: Mr. T’s Donuts! via Facebook
I pity the fool who hasn’t had a donut from Mr. T’s Delicate Donut Shop off of Tully Road. Not only is everything in this place a perfect combination of sweet, fluffy, crumbly, gooey, and magic, Mr. T’s is also open 24/7. So, next time you wake up craving a coconut cream donut at 4 a.m.—well, you should probably just go back to sleep. I mean, that’s just crazy.

6. You’ve Been Cruising

Modesto Stereotypes Sometimes I yearn for a simpler time, when there were drive-in theaters with greasy burgers and fries. When black leather was a sign of rebellion. And when countless hours were spent just cruising downtown in your gas-guzzling 1950s Mustang, before it was even a classic. Basically, the world of “American Graffiti.” Well, in Modesto, that world is a reality. Sort of. It’s been a good handful of decades since that film famously took place on the streets of Modesto, and more than a few things have changed since then. But if you grew up in this city and you’re over the age of, say, 45, you undoubtedly went cruising growing up—and your kids have heard all about it. Speaking of cruising around in cars…

7. In Fact, Modestans Really, Really Love Their Cars

Modesto Stereotypes Ok not as much as that guy, but going back to Modesto’s “American Graffiti” roots, when classic cars were current, cruising was a Friday night activity, and drag racing was, well, a later Friday night activity. Modesto’s love for all things cars has not waned over the years. From the Graffiti Classic Car Show to the Kiwanis Classic Car Parade and everything in between, Modesto loves its classic cars. Almost as much as it loves…

8. METH!

Modesto Stereotypes
Source: memegenerator.net
You kind of get an idea that something is wrong when you Google “Modesto” and some of the first results that come up involve meth—and you know something is up when you find out this city’s nickname is Methdesto. (The motto: “The capital of meth, death, and car theft.” Catchy!) Don’t believe me? Just check out CNN’s interactive map of the methiest places in the U.S., which reports Stanislaus County to have 73 meth labs—and this was created before Breaking Bad even took off! I can’t imagine how many there must be now (but judging by this recent story, probably a lot).

9. Modesto Residents Are in It For the Long Haul

Modesto Stereotypes Yeah, you moved to Modesto for the affordable home prices—37 percent lower than the rest of California—unfortunately, it comes at a price. And that price is… your soul! No, I’m just kidding. It’s your time. If you happen to be one of the many Modesto residents who commute to the Bay Area for work, you’re looking at an insane 1.5 hour drive, without any traffic. If you’re crazy enough to attempt this during rush hour—well, see ya sometime next week.

10. Modestans Love Their City…

Modesto Stereotypes
Source: Love Modesto via Facebook
And they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty showing it. One of the most popular events to take place in Modest is the annual Love Modesto workday. During this event thousands members of the Modesto community come together to participate in activities that improve the city and the lives of those who live there, like baking and delivering cookies to local firefighters, cleaning up city parks, visiting seniors in retirement homes and even helping Habitat for Humanity build a house. While Modesto may not be as well known as its famous neighbors to the west and north, it is without a doubt the heartland of California. It’s traditional values and nostalgic pastimes make it unique in California, and keep it near and dear to warm Modestan hearts. Feature Image Souce: Love Modesto, by Jerad Hill via Facebook