1. This Is Camp 4 Adults

Camp 4 Wine Café
1508 10th St
Ste B
(209) 529-5898
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 117 reviews
Summer camp never tasted this good. Pop a cork at Camp 4 and time instantly slows down. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill pretentious wine bar; this is accessible, easy drinking in a casual yet refined setting. Bottles hail from around the globe, prices range from completely reasonable to impress your first date and feature varieties that will keep any grape geek on their toes. Classic pairings like charcuterie and cheese are executed with perfection but when pressed for more substantial fare the paninis are worth every penny. Or, if you are looking for something on the sweeter their top-seller is the Chocolate Churo Panino. The s’more of you’re childhood is all growed up.

2. Surla’s Has The Friendliest Food In Modesto

431 12th St
(209) 550-5555
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 98 reviews John Surla may very well be Modesto’s most beloved chef and he and his team put their own stamp on Asian Fusion. The Lumpia appetizer takes everything that is awesome about the classic Philippine snack and marries it with the taquito and the result is a devilish little stick of goodness that is tempting to order by the truckload. The dinner menu also features Chicken Adobo, but what really keeps regulars clamoring is the Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet—if the endless stations of perfectly executed brunch must-haves like omelets and lox, the bottomless mimosas certainly will.

3. At Rockin’ B’s Burgers, The ‘B’ Is For Brisket

Rockin B’s Burger Company
222 Mchenry Ave
(209) 524-7656
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 178 reviews The Pulled Pork at Rockin’ B’s Burgers is piled high with tender juicy meat and when paired with slaw and baked beans you’ll swear you are in Mississippi instead of Modesto. The burgers, too, are juicy perfection, can be customized to fit any flavor palate and come on buns that are perfectly chewy-soft perfection. When ordering a burger, never pass up on an order of garlic-fries which are neither for the faint of heart nor vampires. Whatever you settle on always grab an extra napkin, your elbows will thank you later.

4. Sushi Has Never Been So Hip And Fun As At The Raw Sushi Bistro

Raw Sushi Bistro
1200 I St
(209) 566-9560
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 61 reviews The fresh and delicious sushi at Raw is habit-forming. One taste of the Dante Inferno roll will have you craving visits to Raw on a weekly basis. With a unique spicy sauce that is packed with flavor yet isn’t overpowering to the fish which is firm and fresh, Dante Inferno take you through all the layers of flavor known to man. Plus, the kitchen is more than accommodating and can wrap most rolls in cucumber instead of rice for those looking for a lighter take on traditional rolls.

5. Eating At Galletto Ristorante Is Like Taking A Tour Of Italy, Without The Cost Of Airfare

Galletto Ristorante
1101 J St
(209) 523-4500
Yelp: 3.5 stars, 131 reviews Offering an unparalleled wine selection and a rustic menu in a variety of private dining settings, Galletto Ristorante will make you swear downtown Modesto has been transformed into a modern hub in Italy. The menu changes daily to maintain peak freshness with all seasonal offerings. A recent appetizer featured a seared Diver Scallop alongside grilled peach and caramelized fig which mirrored the scallop’s meaty mouth-feel while enhancing its oceanic sweetness. The frisee, micro basil and plum reduction injected a subtle earthiness that brought the dish full circle.

6. Get Stuffed At The Hut

Beirut Falafel Hut
917 Yosemite Blvd
(209) 557-9454
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 75 reviews The exotic and perfectly executed Lebanese flavors that pour out of the kitchen at Beirut Falafel Hut will have you hesitating to call it a ‘hole-in-the-wall.’ How can a place so small and unassuming offer the best falafel, gyros and Middle Eastern Food in town? First try their falafel filled with hot earthy goodness with cool and creamy hummus. If you make it to a gyro remember they are gi-normous, overstuffed pitas full of meat, lettuce, onion tomato and taziki. Wrapping your mouth around one of these guys is a real chore but forever worth the work. Don’t be afraid to ask for a box, but maybe have a worker walk you to your car—the food here is a hot commodity.

7. Pity The Fool That Doesn’t Wake Up With a Donut From Mr. T’s

Mr. T’s Donuts
3507 Tully Rd
Ste F
(209) 522-1614
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 128 reviews Mornings are meant to be spent with Mr. T’s and since they’re open 24/7 it really doesn’t matter what time you call “morning”—there’s always time for a scrumptious donut. Their coffee is always fresh and their doughnuts will haunt your dreams because Mr. T’s is constantly creating flavor profiles with their sweet treats that can’t be matched elsewhere. Whether you are a fan of the an old fashioned glazed, lean more towards the blueberry fritters or like to see how many donut holes you can eat before someone speaks up and asks if you are okay, this is THE place in Modesto to get your donut fix.

8. Michael’s Pizza Is Good At Any Hour

Michael’s Pizza Bar and Grill
500 N Carpenter Rd
(209) 575-1545
Yelp: 4.5 stars, 66 reviews The menu at Michael’s Pizza Bar and Grill has so many options customers could eat there every day and twice on Sundays and still keep a picky palate satisfied. They serve a variety of traditional and specialty pizzas including The Veggie Garlic Cruiser. Trust me and just try it. Add Michael’s brunch to the list of things you must try which includes such gems as the chicken fried steak and a breakfast pie that will change the way you look at pizza forever.

9. Reap A Bountiful Reward At Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon
1213 I St
(209) 523-9723
Yelp: 3.5 stars, 190 reviews The Neil’s Toss salad at Harvest Moon is so good it has a cult following. With romaine lettuce, poached chicken, tomato, bacon, avocado, croutons, Asiago & blue cheese crumbles all tossed in a zesty lime dressing, never has eating a salad seemed so rewarding. Add a side of sweet potato fries which are the perfect blend of crispy, sweet and savory and you have a simple meal that will contend with any in town. Nestled in the heart of Modesto, Harvest Moon is a casual, friendly and intimate restaurant that treats every customer like a regular and every regular like a part of the family. If you are looking for a quick bite or a full on meal its not asking for too much when you shoot for the Moon.

10. Get Married To The Idea Of The Wedding Burrito At La Morenita

La Morenita
3500 Coffee Rd
Ste 9
(209) 522-5546
Yelp: 4 stars, 75 reviews Authentic Mexican cuisine in Modesto is relatively easy to come by, but you will be hard pressed to find a restaurant that turns up more taste than La Morenita. Their burritos are huge and come stuffed with flavorful perfectly fluffy rice, smooth and creamy beans and tender juicy meat should you so choose. The kicker is the Wedding Sauce which is the blissful union of silky smooth texture and enough spice to make your nose run, but not enough to have you questioning another bite.

11. Gervasoni’s Restaurant Has More Character Than A Comic Strip

Gervasoni’s Restaurant
712 9th St
(209) 523-1961
Yelp: 4 stars, 29 reviews Come to Gervasoni’s for the Lobster Bites Appetizer, stay for the unbelievable cheesecake and you won’t be disappointed in between. The atmosphere is quirky—think decades of dining denizens—but the food is a study on what makes Modesto special. They offer an array of excellent options throughout the week, but the best bet to see their chef’s perfection is for their Wednesday Basque Night. The rack of lamb is what to order, no questions asked, as it will instantly transport you to ethnic Europe and smother you in earthy herbal flavors and spicy sweet heaven.

12. Mike’s Grillhouse Is Modesto’s Home For Top Notch Noshing

Mike’s Grillhouse
3801 Pelandale Ave
(209) 545-4500
Yelp: 4 stars, 74 reviews When you can’t decide between fine dining and casual fun, Mike’s Grillhouse is your answer because they combine the best of both worlds. The restaurants ambiance is industrial but inviting and the perfect atmosphere for enjoying the larger-than-life flavors that owner Mike Nelson has been wowing Modesto with over the years in several restaurants. From the Clam Chowder served in a crusty bread bowl to ribs that are fall-off-the-bone good, the food here is sure to impress any connoisseur. Even the half-rack of ribs are Flintstone big and come with fries and slaw, which is enough to make even the most hungry diner happy. But when a full rack is just $2 more it makes one wonder who stops at half?

13. Farmers Catfish House Does Southern Hospitality Right

Farmers Catfish House
4937 Beckwith Rd
(209) 526-0969
Yelp: 4 stars, 43 reviews For the last 30 years, when Modestans went looking for great Southern food served with home-style hospitality they looked no further than Farmers Catfish House. Your taste buds won’t know what to do with themselves. It doesn’t get more home-style than a basket of Southern antipasto (read: fresh fries, hush puppies and coleslaw) on your table before you even sit down. They are known for the flank steak or their specialty spicy blackened catfish both of which come with heaping helpings of rice pilaf, red beans and bread. Frankly, there is no way to leave Farmers and not be filled to the gills, so be a pro and stow away some of you main course. That way you’ll have room for peach or boysenberry cobbler with ice cream on top.

14. Go To Sabaidee And Thai One On

Sabiadee Thai – Laos Restaurant
2901 E Hatch Rd
(209) 537-4777
Yelp: 4 stars, 59 reviews The benchmark for Thai places is Pad Thai, and the Pad Thai at Sabaidee does not disappoint. The sauce is thick and flavorful and they are not stingy with the peanuts which makes each bite a crunchy, texturized delight. More seasoned Thai eaters will recognize the Pla Kapung Neung Manao or Steamed Lime Fish. This is another dish that can be a barometer for the quality of a Thai chef and Sabaidee executes to perfection. The Tilapia is steamed in a sour lime sauce so it stays incredibly moist while absorbing sharp and tangy tastes of lime, sliced chilis and raw garlic. No lack of flavor here.

15. Village Baking Company Keeps All Other Sweets In Check

Village Baking Company
1700 McHenry Ave
Ste 18
(209) 522-9057
Yelp: 3 stars, 99 reviews Whether you’re looking for the perfect cake for a birthday, wedding or anniversary or just looking for a casual bite and a quick pick-me-up the village is your spot for one stop shopping. Their cakes are expertly designed and incredibly cost efficient. The French toast is fluffy, not too sweet and sets a new standard for the breakfast staple. Lunch is the same; even typically mundane sandwiches are rocketed to the stratosphere by way of their fresh breads. Finish it off with a carefully crafted cup of coffee or cappuccino and you see why the Village is a Modesto landmark. Featured Image Source: Mr. T's Donuts! via Facebook What's your go-to for great grub in Modesto? Tell us in the comments below!