1. Missourians Toe The Line Between Nice And, Well, Too Nice

Missouri Stereotypes
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People in Missouri won’t hesitate to look a stranger straight in the eye, introduce themselves and hold a full-fledged conversation that includes their plans for the day, information about their family members and what they did last weekend, whether you want to hear about it or not. They’ll insist you come over for dinner and don’t even try to turn their offer down—they won’t take no for an answer.

2. And They Will Stop Their Cars In The Middle Of The Road For Good Chat

Missouri Stereotypes
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People in Missouri see nothing wrong with stopping in the middle of the road to have a conversation with a close friend or acquaintance, all while someone else behind them is impatiently sitting behind his own steering wheel. And it doesn’t matter if it’s not about anything important -- they just like to talk. It mostly happens in more rural parts of the state where traffic is virtually non-existent. And that impatient person behind them will probably do the same thing himself in a few days’ time.

3. People From Missouri Have Trust Issues Because Of The Weather Man

Missouri Stereotypes
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It’s not uncommon for Missourians to switch from air conditioning to heating in the same day, wear shorts and heavy jackets together and keep both their flip flops and snow boots handy most of the year. Missourians know not to take the daily weather forecast seriously. People just assume that the weather is going to be all over the place, regardless of the month or season.

4. America’s Favorite Pastime Is Missourians’ Really Really Favorite Pastime

Missouri Stereotypes
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Take any Missourian out to a ball game and you’ll have one happy baseball fan on your hands. Regardless of where they live in the state, locals are always willing to drive up to the campus in Columbia and cheer on their beloved University of Missouri Tigers. When it comes to the major league, Missouri’s divided between the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals. You can easily spot which fan is which by their Royals’ blue colors or Cardinals’ red.

5. In Missouri, They Take Frog Gigging Seriously

Missouri Stereotypes
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Take a stroll around any pond at night in Missouri and you’ll see groups of people with headlights strapped to their heads, stalking around the water and wielding intimidating long speared poles. Don’t worry, they’re just frog gigging. And for Missourians, eating frogs is almost as good as catching them. They’ll coat the legs in batter, fry them up and then feast on their juicy catch. Buying them from the store is just not the same.

6. Missourians Are Friday Night Tailgaters And Bonfire Party People

Missouri Stereotypes
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Missourians can’t watch a football game without tailgating beforehand. Essential pre-game preparation consists of pulling up with their trailer, knocking back a few bottles of beer and barbecuing some great food. And for those who prefer a different weekend activity, there’s plenty of bonfires to go around. There’s nothing like gathering around a fire pit with friends, talking late into the night and enjoying being out underneath the stars.

7. Missourians Watch A Thunderstorm Like It’s Their Favorite TV Show

Missouri Stereotypes
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When one of Missouri’s infamous thunderstorms is raging on, you won’t find Missourians quaking under the covers in fear. The state has so many storms that people have grown used to them. They actually enjoy watching the lightning streak through the sky and hearing the thunder boom around them. During a storm, they’ll sit out on their porch and enjoy the show while in awe of nature’s wondrous power.. And when they get to bed, there’s nothing more soothing than listening to the sounds of the storm while snuggled underneath the blankets as they fall asleep.

8. Everyone Pledges Allegiance To Imo’s Pizza

Missouri Stereotypes
Source: Facebook user Imo’s Pizza
Pizza Hut who? Missourians only know Imo’s Pizza, especially those who live in or near St. Louis. Weekend nights at Imo’s are always packed, with people hanging out with friends and stuffing themselves with as many slices of that cheesy goodness as they can get. Or they’ll order a whole pizza to munch on at home. It makes the perfect movie-night pairing.

9. Natives Can Tell The Time Of The Year By What’s Dead On The Road

Missouri Stereotypes
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Everyone is familiar with that bump in the road while driving their car as they accidently hit a small animal that darted in front of them. And they all have their own story about how they hit a deer or know someone else who has. People here have seen so much roadkill that they can practically tell what time of year it is by the type of animal that’s lying on the pavement.

10. Missouri Is One Part Southerners And One Part Midwesterners

Missouri Stereotypes
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Missourians can’t seem to make up their minds about whether their state is Southern or Midwestern. Technically, it’s categorized as both. If you go down south enough, you’ll find a bunch of BBQ loving, sweet tea drinking, overall-wearing people who speak with a southern twang, fly rebel flags in their yards and have been making the finest red velvet cake since they could walk. However, other parts of Missouri are much more Midwestern. People in those areas speak with a more Midwestern drawl and aren’t fazed by any cold weather. These liberal flannel-wearing Missourians share much more in common with Midwestern states like Iowa and Minnesota than any to the south. But no one really gets too caught up in the Southern-Midwestern debate; whatever Missouri is, people are always proud to live in The Show Me State. Did we miss anything? Tell us what you think about Missouri in the comments below!