1. Blue springs, Mo. Is home to the world’s shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade, which only goes across the street. Missouri Facts
Source: City of Blue Springs, Missouri – Municipal Government via Facebook
2. At 2,000 feet tall, weighing in at one million pounds, Rohn Tower of KMOS-TV in Stracuse, Mo. Is one of the tallest structures in the world. To put it in perspective, the tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa at 2,722 feet, while the Empire State Building stretches to only 1,454 feet. 3. The world’s first Segway track was built in Branson, Mo. Missouri Facts
Source: Branson Segway & Adventure Center
4. Hampshire pet products set the record for largest dog biscuit ever created in Joplin, Mo. 5. Kansas City minors technically aren’t allowed to purchase cap pistols, while they can buy shotguns. 6. Next time you want to give beer to an elephant, make sure you aren’t in Natchez, Mo. It’s illegal there. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user sebastian bermann
7. A legend as far as roadside attractions go, at 13.5 feet tall and 13,000 pounds, the world’s largest ball of twine is in Branson, Mo. 8. Thank St. Joseph, Mo. For self-rising pancakes. Aunt Jemima Pancake flour was invented there in 1889. 9. A peanut butter-banana pie sold for $3,100 in Rich Hill, Mo., which is impressive, but still far from the most expensive pie ever sold, a meat pie in England for around $14,000. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user kimberlykv
10. Lake Iotawana in Missouri holds the world record for having the most people in a single body of water on pool noodles at one time, 1,555 people. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user rottnapples
11. The first successful skydive from an airplane was completed in St. Louis by Captain Berry in 1912. 12. In Mole, Mo., frightening a baby is against the law. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user upsilon andromedae
13. During a food drive, the largest can pyramid ever was created in Kansas City, Mo., using 17,575 donated cans. 14. Walt Disney developed his love for drawing in Marceline, Mo. During his childhood. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user sam howzit
15. The tiny town of Warsaw holds the record for the highest and lowest temperatures recorded in Missouri, 118 degrees and -18 degrees, respectively. 16. Missourian Susan Elizabeth Blow started America’s first kindergarten. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user navy hale keiki school
17. Branson, Mo. Is home to the world’s largest rooster stretching 43 feet into the sky outside of the Great American Steak and Chicken House. He regularly dons an American flag vest. 18. Nut fans, get ready to go nuts. There’s a 12 foot long pecan in Brunswick, Mo., making it the world’s largest. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user tobyotter
19. The GDP of Missouri is roughly the same as the GDP of the Czech Republic. 20. If you want to get married underground, head to the Bridal Cave in Camdenton, Mo. With over 2,000 weddings held there since 1949, it’s the most popular underground venue to tie the knot. Missouri Facts
Source: Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountain Park via Facebook
21. Clayton, Mo. Has got a giant high heeled shoe that’s 10 feet tall made out of normal high heeled shoes. Just looking at it will hurt your feet. 22. There are castle ruins in Camdenton, Mo. Originally a castle built by a Kansas City millionaire, a fire destroyed the magnificent building in 1942. Today only the Ha Ha Tonka ruins remain. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user darin house
23. Kidnapping a white squirrel from Marionville, Mo., will land you a $500 fine. 24. Missouri is one of the few states where even the residents can’t pick a single pronunciation, Missouree vs. Missouruh. Local politicians will even switch back and forth during speeches in attempt to appeal to all. 25. Missouri is great at making movie stars, putting out the likes of Brad Pitt, John Goodman, Dick Van Dyke, Jenna Fischer, and “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm, along with several others. Missouri Facts
Source: Frank Ockenfels - Courtesy of AMC
26. Legend has it that the drive-thru window was invented in Springfield, Mo. 27. Chesterfield, Mo. has a great photo op, a 70 foot tall giant breaking out of the ground. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user donotlick
28. More Missourians buy Bud Light than any other beer. 29. What’s even better than sliced bread? Chillicothe, Mo. home to the first bread slicing machine. 30. Eight different states border Missouri, sharing the title for the most with Tennessee. The states are Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. 31. There’s a park filled with giant Precious Moments statues in Carthage, Mo., complete with a chapel that was inspired by the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user lwyang
32. Don’t take your dancing shoes to Purdy, Mo., showing off your moves there is prohibited. 33. Missouri is the only state in the U.S. where diners can eat a meal in at a restaurant inside of a cave, simply called “The Cave Restaurant and Resort” in Richland. This is fitting as the state is home to over 6,000 caves. 34. The best selling music artist from Missouri is Sheryl Crow, born in Kennett, Mo. Missouri Facts
Source: Photo Courtesy of Interscope
35. “Paper Moon,” from 1973, is the most popular movie set in Missouri. 36. Mort Walker, the comic that created Beetle Bailey went to school at University of Missouri. To pay tribute to that laughs he’s given us, the town of Columbia has a bronze statue of beetle that sits drinking a beer at a table. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user shockingly tasty
37. If you want to take a trip to Cuba, forget the boat ride, head over to Cuba, Mo. Near the middle of the state. During your visit, stay at The Wagon Wheel Motel, the oldest continually operating motel on Route 66, open since 1931. 38. Attracting a lot of visitors on long drives down route 66, Elbow Inn Bar and BBQ in Devils Elbow, Mo. Has a ceiling filled with bras that patrons have continued their journey without. Missouri Facts
Source: Elbow Inn & BBQ via facebook
39. St. Louis is home to the world’s largest chess piece, a 15 ft. Tall white king, and the world’s largest man-made moon on top of the moonrise hotel. 40. There’s a giant talking bust of famous Missourian George Washington Carver in Diamond. Known for his work with the peanut, he was the first African American to have a national monument built in his honor. Missouri Facts
Source: NPS.gov
41. Known as the “Big Turtle,” folk hero Daniel Boone was buried in Fayette, Mo. 42. Several popular food and drinks were born at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, including Dr. Pepper, the typical hot dog, cotton candy, iced tea, and the waffle cone. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user monique broekhuisen
43. The first olympics held in the united states was held in st. Louis, during the same time as the world’s fair in 1904. One of the wackiest events included speed climbing up a greased pole. 44. “Futurama” fans should head to Dittmer to take a picture with a giant replica of bender. His head is a huge 55 gallon oil drum, to help put his actual size in perspective. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user santos “grim santo” gonzalez
45. Bachelors take note, Kansas City law has you paying an annual tax of one dollar for being a single male between the ages of 21 and 50. 46. Nebraska has it’s Carhenge, a replica of stonehenge made of cars, but it’s easily bested by easley, Mo.’s Boathenge, made from boats stuck into the ground. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user katiebordner
47. Jesse James was shot and killed in St. Joseph, Mo. After having his hand in around 200 murders, an estimated 16 of which he pulled the trigger. 48. Another legend among roadside attractions is in Fanning, Mo. They’ve got the world’s largest rocking chair at over 42 feet tall. Missouri Facts
Source: walkinguphills
49. Mark Twain was raised in Hannibal, Mo., which became an inspiration for a lot of his work. 50. In fact Missouri is home to a lot of famous writers besides Mark Twain, including Maya Angelou, T.S. Elliot, and Tennessee Williams. 51. The first monster truck came from Hazelwood, Mo., named “Bigfoot.” it started a trend leading to the popularity they still have today. Missouri Facts
Source: Flickr user jurvetson
The inspiration for Walt Disney and Mark Twain, there’s no doubt the Missouri is a special place to be. With several world records in its name, thousands of caves, and countless roadside attractions, Missouri is a state unlike any other. Feature Image Source: Flickr user lololoroi What’s your favorite fun fact about Missouri? Tell us in the comments below!