Known for “Jucy Lucy’s" and indoor skywalks, Minneapolis is like no other city in the world. Of course, like any other big city, there are tons of suburbs that help make it tick. If you’re thinking about moving to one of Minneapolis’s suburbs, this list is for you.

1. Eden Prairie


Source: Flickr user davitydave

Key Stats:

  • Total amenities: 2,997
  • High school graduation rate: 96 percent

With more than 170 miles of multi-purpose trails and over 2,200 local businesses, Eden Prairie is the perfect place to look for a new home if you’re trying to find a Minneapolis suburb that’s truly got it all. Eden Prairie is home to the headquarters of several huge companies like the Minnesota Vikings and C.H. Robinson Worldwide, helping to solidify the future of this town. Not only is Eden Prairie influential when it comes to the local economy, it also has one of the highest graduation rates in the area and one of the lowest unemployment rates. Overall, Eden Prairie delivers that city feel without losing the laidback characteristics of small town life that so many love.

2. Chanhassen


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Key Stats:

  • Median income: $103,462
  • Median home price: $348,100

Chanhassen is great spot in the Twin Cities area to hunt for a house. With a low crime rate and a very high median income, this is one of Minneapolis’s most affluent suburbs. Plus, if you love nature, that’s even more of a reason to check Chanhassen out. This suburb is right by the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, featuring over 1,000 acres of explorable land filled with ponds and wildlife. There are also 6 public beaches on the local lakes, including the Lake Ann Beach and the shores that stretch around Lake Minnewashta, making this a great place for families.

3. Edina


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Key Stats:

  • High school graduation rate: 97 percent
  • Median home price: $390,000

Nestled in Hennepin County, Edina has known huge success since its early years as a farming and milling community during the 1800s. The economy here has since changed with the times, but to this day Edina has no problem attracting the headquarters of huge companies like Lund Food Holdings and Dairy Queen. Not only is the housing market one of the best in the state, the local schools compete with the best nationwide, making this suburb another great place to raise a family in the Minneapolis area.

4. Minnetonka


Source: Minnetonka Schools via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Average commute: 20 Minutes
  • Median rent: $1,040

One of the larger suburbs in the Minneapolis area, Minnetonka offers tons of opportunity for both business and relaxation. It’s a great place for water lovers since there are plenty of opportunities for swimming, boating, and fishing at nearby Lake Minnetonka. A couple local corporations have a great impact on the community, like Cargill, the country’s largest privately own company, and United Healthcare. If you’re looking for a suburb that’s sure to be booming decades down the road, Minnetonka is a pretty safe bet.

5. Lakeville


Source: City Of Lakeville, Minnesota – Government via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Unemployment rate: 5.3 percent
  • Total crimes per 100k: 1,279

As one of the fastest growing suburbs in the Minneapolis area, Lakeville is another city that’s on the rise. Businesses are rushing to open their doors here and there are plenty of local attractions for having fun, especially the many local lakes, ponds, and wetlands. Compared to other local options, Lakeville is relatively affordable. If you’re looking to buy a home here, expect to pay a little less than what you would in most of the other cities on this list, as the median home price in Lakeville tends to hang around $250,000.

6. Rogers


Source: City Of Rogers, Minnesota via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Median rent: $1,271
  • Unemployment rate: 3.3 percent

7. Plymouth


Source: City of Plymouth, Minnesota – Government via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Median home price: $298,200
  • Unemployment rate: 5.6 percent

With just over 70,000 residents, Plymouth is one of the most populated suburbs in the Twin Cities region. Life here is a bit more expensive, with an above average cost of living and median home price. However, Plymouth also offers great public schools, has lower crime rates, and is only 15 miles away from Minneapolis, so some would say that price tag is worth it.

8. Golden Valley


Source: City of Golden Valley, MN via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Average commute time: 20 Minutes
  • Unemployment rate: 4.4 percent

Known around the Twin Cities region as the home to companies like General Mills and Pentair, Golden Valley is one suburb that makes it easy to live a corporate lifestyle without the stress of being in a huge city. Noted for its easy commutes and low unemployment rates, life in Golden Valley provides a high level of job security for its residents.

9. Delano


Source: City of Delano – City Government

Key Stats:

  • Median rent: $593
  • High school graduation rate: 94 percent

Delano may only have 5,500 residents, but that’s no reason to skip this great suburb. Thanks to its smaller size, it’s one of the most affordable options in the Minneapolis area, with median rent of less than $600. Delano is also often noted for its very strong public school system, boasting good high graduation rates and above average testing scores. There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself here, as well. Some of the best waters in the state for fishing can be found at the nearby Crow River, and the largest and oldest Fourth of July celebration in Minnesota is in Delano. With a vibrant local culture and great future outlook, this tiny town is a great place to live.

10. Victoria


Source: Think Victoria MN via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Median income: $117,991
  • Median home price: $378,800

Nicknamed the “City of Lakes and Parks", Victoria is one of the best places in Minnesota for outdoorsy types. With over 200 acres of reserved land, nine lakes, 13 parks and the Carver Park Reserve, there’s always plenty of free space outside to enjoy on a sunny day. Victoria has an extremely high graduation rate at 97 percent and one of the highest median incomes amongst Minnesotans, well over $100,000. The home price is over twice as much as other options in the area, but if you can afford it, Victoria is definitely worth checking out.

Our Methodology

In order to create this list of the best Minneapolis suburbs, we looked at several factors people consider when choosing a new place to live:

  • Amenities per capita
  • Standard of living (cost of living, median home value, median rent, median household income, and high school graduation rate)
  • Total crimes per 100k
  • Unemployment rate
  • Average commute time

By taking these factors and then consulting sources like AreaVibes, business listings, and the U.S. Census, we ranked each Minneapolis suburb in the above categories and averaged the scores into one overall score. The suburbs with the lowest overall scores made up our 10 best Minneapolis suburbs. Want to see how the other Minneapolis suburbs stacked up? Check out the table below: Best Minneapolis Suburbs To Live In Like This Post? You’ll Definitely Love These: