1. Milwaukeeans Are Prouder Of Their City Than Your Mom On Graduation Day

Milwaukee Stereotypes
Source: nbctv.tumblr.com
Milwaukeeans are proud to be just that–Milwaukeeans. Evident in their perpetually celebrated heritage (German Festival, Polish Festival, etc.), their ability to willingly go through brutal winters–this is the Midwest, after all–and most importantly, the ever-rising popularity within the city to be more “local.” Everyone in Milwaukee is doing the "Stride of Pride" when it comes to their city.

2. People From Milwaukee Have A Monopoly On Midwestern Charm

Milwaukee Stereotypes
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There’s just something about the Midwest that breeds the sort of kindness and hospitality unlike any other region in the United States. This is particularly true of Milwaukeeans. They’re genuine, laid back and considerate people that won’t hesitate to tell you their city’s best brunch location or give you directions when you’re lost. Milwaukeeans exemplify that Midwest charm everyone hears about.

3. Milwaukeeans Are Brats About Their Brats

Milwaukee Stereotypes
Source: Milwaukee Downtown Facebook
To Milwaukeeans, they’re a staple and a testament to the large German heritage of the area. In fact, during Milwaukee’s German Festival alone there are more than 20,000 bratwurst consumed. Sure, the bratwurst may have evolved from the original German dish into something Milwaukeeans can call their own, but isn’t that what’s great about it? If you can show me a brat that’s better than a Wisconsin style brat, I’d love to hear it… but for now, I’m sticking with Milwaukee on this one.

4. And They’ll Be Alley Cats To The End

Milwaukee Stereotypes
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With over 38 centers (totaling 668 lanes), you could say that Milwaukeeans like to bowl. They’re also home to the United States Bowling Congress Masters, which is a competition amongst pro and amateur bowlers. Though bowling may not be as popular now as when the sport itself was in its prime, it definitely is nowhere close to dying. Especially in Milwaukee. This sport made Milwaukee famous.

5. People Here Have A Love Hate Relationship With The Fonz

Milwaukee Stereotypes
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Infamous “Happy Days” was set in Milwaukee and now Milwaukeeans can’t escape the reputation. Though they may be tired of the constant reference, almost all have a picture of his infamous statue downtown.

6. Milwaukee Is Pretty Much One Big Biker Gang

Milwaukee Stereotypes
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Milwaukee is a sanctuary for bikers. Home to the Harley Davidson Museum and factory, Milwaukeeans are more than used to weekly scheduled rides–that is if they aren’t participating in it already. Those who don’t ride aren’t that bothered by the noise and those that do love the chance to fester a positive image of their community. Milwaukee truly embraces the culture Labor Day weekend, hosting events and closing down streets to celebrate the best kind of ride, a motorcycle.

7. Milwaukeeans Are Blue Collar To The Core

Milwaukee Stereotypes
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With “Laverne and Shirley” being such a hit show during its time, being a blue-collar city is an image that Milwaukeeans have had no choice but to embrace. Once an industrial giant, the factories may have left but the spirit of hard work and dedication has not. This is a city on a fast track to positive changes.

8. This City Is Full Of Festival Fanatics

Milwaukee Stereotypes
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With a nickname like “The City of Festivals,” Milwaukeeans know how to have a good time. Some of the most famous include:
  • Summerfest
  • Trainfest
  • Pridefest
  • Festivals celebrating the culture and heritage of the French, Polish, Greek, Italian, German African, Arab, Irish, Mexican, and American Indian
With a list like that, everywhere is “the place to be” in this city in the summer.

9. In Milwaukee, They Know How To Knock ‘Em Back

Milwaukee Stereotypes
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Beer is in Milwaukeeans' heritage, so it only seems fitting that they can drink with the best of them. From festivals to ball games, beer is a big part of their celebrations. With the major breweries of the past to the plethora of microbreweries that are keeping this city on the beer map, this is the place for those who appreciate a good brew.

10. But Don’t Expect Any Of Them To Have Beer Bellies

Milwaukee Stereotypes
Source: Planet Fitness – Milwaukee (Southgate), Wi Facebook
Maybe this isn’t the stereotype yet, but it should be. Milwaukeeans love to work out. Whether it’s going to the gym for a tight beach body to riding their bicycle everywhere, this is one fit city. So fit, “Men’s Health” named them the fifth most fit city.