1. No, Not Everyone Here Is From D.C.

25 Things People From Maryland Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners Really? Yes, Really.

2. How To Tell The Difference Between A Jimmy And A Sally

Flip the crab over: if it’s the Washington Monument, it’s a Jimmy (male crab). If it’s the Capitol Dome, it’s a Sally (female crab)

3. Marylanders Will Need To Explain Why Everyone Is Calling You “Hon”

The “hon” phenomenon in Maryland is pretty intimidating to out-of-towners at first, especially if they arrive during the annual “Honfest” (yes, that’s a thing). But no one in Maryland will apologize for calling you “hon” because not only is it a perfectly acceptable (and awesome) term of endearment, it’s also a pretty fabulous lifestyle. So, bob your hair, grab some hairspray, get some horn-rimmed glasses, and join the party.

4. Marylanders Can Tell You Anything And Everything About Lacrosse

The state’s official “team” sport is lacrosse so, naturally, everyone is a laxer, brah. When you arrive in Maryland thinking you know what’s what about lacrosse, you get a rude awakening. Don’t believe me? Go to any Johns Hopkins lax game and see for yourself.

5. Yes, This Really Is The State Flag And Not Something Borrowed From The Medieval Times Restaurant

People have a lotof state flag pride in Maryland. And who can blame them? It looks straight out of “Game of Thrones.”

6. Although, The State Sport Is Jousting

Yeah, so…officially the state sport of Maryland is jousting. It takes awhile for this one to really sink in when you explain it to out-of-towners but:
  1. Jousting is still a thing
  2. Marylanders are pros at it
  3. Don’t mess with Maryland…They can joust, for God’s sake.

7. Pizza Taste Better When Cut Into Squares

Everyone in Maryland knows the best pizza is Ledo’s pizza. Which means, by the transitive property, that the best pizza is square-shaped pizza, not triangle. So you can take a hike, NYC and Chicago. Maryland knows how it should be done.

8. The Only Chips Worth Getting Are Utz

Everyone is Maryland is crazy about Utz. Ruffles? Lays? What even are those brands? It’s Utz or nothing.

9. Marylanders Always Have To Tell Ya Why The Natty Boh Guy Only Has One Eye

No one really knows why the Natty Boh man only has one eye, however people have some pretty strong theories. The most commonly held belief is that Natty Boh’s eye is with Gunther. Gunther was National Bohemian’s biggest competitor after prohibition in the 1930s and the fact that the Natty Boh guy is still missing his eye is attributed to the famous rivalry. Yeah, sure, he lost an eye to the competition…but he definitely came out on top in the end.

10. And A Snowball Isn’t Just What You Throw At Your Neighborhood Friends In The Winters

The best part of a Maryland summer is the snowballs! Maryland is known for its shaved ice and there are stands set up on practically every street corner, all over the state. Hula Honeys is a favorite of many a Marylander.

11. Cal Ripken, Jr. Is Basically A Deity In Maryland

Cal Ripken, Jr. might as well be a god to Marylanders. Not only was he born in this great state, but he played for the Orioles for over two decades, he’s played in 19 All Star Games, and he has won two MVP awards. He’s no joke. Plus, he’s basically, like, the most charitable man in Maryland and is super active all over the state.

12. Marylanders Love For The Ravens Far Outweighs A Normal Love For A Football Team

The Ravens aren’t just a football team. They’re a way of life. They saved the sport of football for the state of Maryland after the Colts fiasco (Ugh. Sigh.) Since 2000, The Ravens have won two Super Bowls, four AFC North division titles, and made the playoffs nine times. So, basically, they were Maryland’s saving grace.

13. Even Saying “Colts” Is A Sin In Maryland

25 Things People From Maryland Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners As you can imagine, Marylanders haven’t really gotten over their “abandonment” issue that the Colts left them with. Who just packs up and leaves Baltimore to go to Indianapolis! So, one of the first things Marylanders should explain to an out-of-towner? Don’t even say the word “Colts” in the presence of a Marylander.

14. A Marylander Will Tell You How To Craft A Beer

Maryland’s been crafting beer since before crafting beer was cool. There are amazing microbreweries are all over the state, like Heavy Seas, Union Craft, Brewers Alley, and Full Tilt. You just can’t go wrong with Maryland beer.

15. It’s “Merlin”—Not Mary-Land

25 Things People From Maryland Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners Marylanders have a unique accent that out-of-towners sometimes have a hard time understanding. For starters, the state’s name is pronounced, “Merlin’” or sometimes, “Marilyn,” but never Mary-land. Oh and it’s Bawlmer, not “Baltimore”. Oh, and you don’t “wash” your hands with “water,” you “warsh ‘em with wooder.” Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.

16. The National Anthem is “O” So Important to Marylanders

Source: Youtube user agentzeromyhero
So, not only was the author of the National Anthem from Maryland (thanks, Francis Scott Key), which automatically makes the National Anthem more Maryland’s than any other state in America, it’s also “O” so wonderful to sing. Orioles fans are known for yelling the “O” in The Star Spangled Banner louder than any other team in MLB. Yes, Marylanders just have the perfect blend of nationalism and state pride.

17. The Only Seasoning You’ll Find In A Marylander’s Home Is Old Bay

To a Marylander, Old Bay belongs on everything. There’s no better flavor in the world and nothing better to go with steamed crab.

18. And The Only Seasoning In Restaurants Is J.O. Spice

So, maybe Old Bay is the best flavor in the world. And maybe it’s what every real Marylander wants on their steamed crabs…but, any true Marylander will have to break it to ya one day: J.O. Spice, the local, family owned spice business actually gives Old Bay a run for its money. Most restaurants in Maryland actually use J.O. instead of Old Bay. That being said, out-of-towners tend to stick to the myth that it’s Old Bay and nothing else.

19. The Miracle on 34th Street Isn’t Just A Movie

Most out-of-towners have no clue that the real Miracle on 34th Street is in Hampden. During the holiday season, this entire residential neighborhood sets up luminous, and unique decorations—they have everything from a Christmas tree made out of hubcaps to giant light up menorahs that take up the whole front porch. People flock from all over the state (and out of state!) to see the display, and they’ve been doing so since 1947!

20. The Poe Toaster Has Nothing To Do With Toast

The Poe Toaster was a mystery man who came to Edgar Allen Poe’s grave each year, leaving a bottle of cognac and a red rose—his “toast” to Poe. This went on for 75 years, before ending for unknown reasons in 2006, but all Marylanders are hoping for a Poe Toaster comeback one of these days.

21. Everyone In Maryland Knows The Lyrics To All Songs From “Hairspray”

People in Maryland have a ton of state pride, which explains their love for anything and everything that celebrates Maryland culture. The famous musical, “Hairspray,” is set in Maryland and many of the lyrics to the songs capture the Maryland spirit. So, if you’re from out of town, you should probably get with the picture and at least watch the movie (both versions).

22. Being South Of The Mason-Dixon Line Doesn’t Mean They’re Southern

While technically Maryland is in the South people in Maryland consider themselves as Northern as a Northerner could be. That darn Mason-Dixon line disagrees though.

23. Unless You’re From The Eastern Shore

Just like the Mason Dixon line, folks from the Eastern Shore are dead-set on proving that Maryland is the South. Many people from the eastern part of the state truly believe that Southern culture is more representative of their culture and will point to the Mason Dixon line until they’re blue in the face to prove it to y’all.

24. What It Means When We Say We’re “America In Miniature”

25 Things People From Maryland Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners You can’t visit Maryland without hearing at least 10 times how “It’s America…In Miniature.” That’s because Maryland has all four, distinct seasons and it has terrain that’s representative of the entire United States: mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, valleys, ocean, cities, suburbs, etc. Basically, you get a taste of all of America in a very small amount of space.

25. And Why We’re All About Our County Pride

Because the state is like a miniature America, the people are also very diverse and each county takes a lot of pride in whatever it is that makes that particular area of Maryland unique. People have county pride bumper stickers, get really into their county fairs, and of course, make excellent nicknames for all of the counties. So, are you from HoCo? MoCo? PG? AA? Wherever you’re from, you have an identity that you share with your county. What have you had to explain to out-of-towners about Maryland? Tell us in the comments below!