1. Little Rockians Go Hog-Wild For The Razorbacks

Little Rock Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Stevendepolo
When football season rolls around, Little Rockians get all riled up for the Razorbacks or, as the locals know them, the Hogs. To say that they’re big fans of this Fayetteville-based college football team just won’t cut it—cheering on the Hogs is pretty much a religion in its own right. The Razorbacks may only play in Little Rock twice a year, but that doesn’t stop residents from being the biggest and best fans they can be. And when the Hogs are in town, the stadium swells with masses of people in red and white, regardless of who the opposing team is. Don’t be surprised to hear the iconic “woo pig sooie!” team cheer even after the football season is long over. Because, for Little Rockians, being a Hog fan is a year round gig.

2. And They’ll Never Say No To Good Barbecue

Little Rock Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Leigh Harries
Little Rockians hold their local barbecue fare near and dear to their hearts. Given all the fantastic restaurants, there are boundless opportunities for people to get their hands messy and stuff their faces full of ribs, burgers, coleslaw, chicken, baked beans and biscuits. And with all the variety available, people never get bored with their barbecue—whether they prefer their meat seasoned with a dry rub, slathered in a sweet and smoky classic sauce or marinating in something that brings on a bit (or a lot) of heat. But nothing says Little Rock barbecue like holding one in your backyard with friends and family.

3. Everybody In Little Rock Has A Bill Clinton Story

Little Rock Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Mou-ikkai
Anyone who’s lived in Little Rock long enough has their very own Bill Clinton story to proudly share (details of which may or may not be elaborated on). Everybody has their views on Clinton’s politics, but most won’t deny that they’re a real fan of the former President. Little Rockians are proud of Clinton’s roots and, even though his residency in town has passed, they’re still thrilled that he chose to live in their city for a while.

4. Little Rockians Have A Serious Sweet Tooth

Little Rock Stereotypes
Source: Brown Sugar Bakeshop via Facebook
Little Rockians have a huge weakness for any type of sweet treat and just can’t say no to anything sugary or coated in chocolate. They have a crazy amount of fantastic sweet shops all throughout the area, each with its own unique variety of treats that you could swear were sent from heaven. Whether they want a strawberry short-cupcake from Cupcakes on Kavanaugh, a fudge nutter butter banana split from Shake’s Frozen Custard or a slice of classic apple pie from Brown Sugar Bakeshop, Little Rockians know any of these treats will satisfy their sugar-craving in no time. But really, how could you say no to something like triple chocolate mousse cheesecake? Little Rockians sure don’t.

5. You’ll Find Cavender’s Boots On Everyone’s Feet

Little Rock Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Miss Molly G. Willikers
Little Rock may not be your typical Southern city, but locals still like to sport a pair of good old-fashioned cowboy boots every once in a while—especially if they’re Cavenders. Cavender is an iconic Western store with locations all throughout the South known not only for its quality and in-demand products, but also for being Little Rockians’ choice of footwear. Almost everyone has a pair of these boots, whether they don them daily or only bring them out for special occasions.

6. And Cavender’s Greek Seasoning In Everyone’s Kitchen

Little Rock Stereotypes
Source: Cavender’s Greek Seasoning (Official) via Facebook
If you grew up in Little Rock, Cavender’s was probably THE seasoning mix your mom used on pretty much everything—fish, steak, gravy, fresh tomatoes, but especially burgers. A burger without Cavender’s is like Robin without Batman. It’s just not right. Little Rockians love this stuff so much that natives who have moved away will ask their relatives to mail them the seasoning. Luckily, since Cavender’s is made in Harrison, Arkansas, Little Rockians will never have to worry about a spice shortage.

7. Little Rockians Love To Scare People’s Socks Off

Little Rock Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user CaptMikey9
Little Rockians love a good scare, almost as much as they like spooking others. Halloween is celebrated to the nines here and, while you’ll be sure to find costumed kids toting pumpkin baskets, you know this city digs Halloween because of all the adults that get involved. There are plenty of 18-and-over activities for Halloween fun, like haunted houses, scary-oke, parties and even trick-or-treating events for the young at heart. Even outside of October, locals still like to get into the scary spirit by telling their favorite Little Rock ghost stories. Everyone knows them, and they’re retold over and over again: the vanishing hitchhiker, the haunted Mount Holly cemetery, and the freakish occurrences at the Walters-Curran-Bell House. But none of these city hauntings actually scare the residents—they love their ghostly home-town.

8. Everyone's A Diehard Travs Fan

Little Rock Stereotypes
Source: Arkansas Travelers via Facebook
When Little Rockians aren’t cheering on their Hogs, you can be sure they’re catching a Travelers game. This North Little Rock baseball team, known to locals as simply “the Travs,” is beloved by many a Little Rockian. When the season rolls around, you can often find fans spending some time in Dickey-Stephens Park during a game, hotdog and beer in their hands, enthusiastically cheering on their team.

9. Little Rock Is Full Of White Water Tavern Regulars

Little Rock Stereotypes
Source: The White Water Tavern via Facebook
Little Rockians are proud of their underrated, but fantastic, local music scene and one of their favorite spots to hear some Little Rock Tunes is at White Water Tavern. It’s got plenty of character, with old stools and a crooked floor, but that just adds to its unique charm. While some may call this hot spot a dive, locals know it’s a true gem. Plus, residents know that it’s THE place to go for Little Rock’s local music scene, which means it’s packed to the brim most nights. When they have an evening free, you can bet that Little Rockians will head on over to the White Water Tavern, with its friendly bartenders, cheap beer, good food and even better music.

10. Little Rockians Are Just Small Town People Living In A Big City

Little Rock Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Killfile
Sure, Little Rock may be a city, with plenty of shops and restaurants, businessmen heading to their offices and streets bustling with people, but that doesn’t mean the residents have that typical big-city attitude. Instead Little Rockians are known for their friendly, accepting and welcoming personalities. They’re much more small town than big city at heart and like to enjoy the simpler things in life, like relaxing with good friends and family, drinking sweet tea on the front porch and watching the sun go down. Did we miss anything? Let us know what you think about Little Rock in the comments below.