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Hook’em horns, food trucks, and beef brisket, Austin does a few things better than the rest of the country.
A laid-back vibe, bike trails as far as you can see and slices from Bazbeaux. You’ll love it all–as long as you cheer for the Colts.
Dreaming of tri-tip, Bulldog football, and absurdly sunny days? You might be pining away for good old Fresno.
The Tomahawk Chop is the only hand motion you’ll need to remember—except for all the waving, of course.
The truth behind John Denver, how to take sides in the college football rivalry, and the only breakfast food you’ll ever need.
Hating Michigan is a full-time job, but not as important as yelling at slowpokes in the left lane.
You’ll come to know exactly what makes desert rat life so great, and why xeriscaping will be your new favorite thing.