1. There’s estimated to be at least 1,000 people living beneath Vegas in underground tunnels. Las Vegas Facts

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2. Michael Jackson had plans to build a 50 foot tall moon walking robot replica of himself to roam the Las Vegas desert. It was intended to be an advertisement for a planned 2005 comeback. Las Vegas Facts

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3. In 1980, a Las Vegas hospital had to suspend workers who were betting on when patients would die. One nurse was even accused of murdering a patient so she would win.


4. It would take 288 years for one person to spend one night in every hotel room in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Facts

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5. Contrary to popular belief, prostitution in Las Vegas is not legal.

6. Frederick W. Smith, the founder and CEO of FedEx, saved his company by gambling in Las Vegas. He took FedEx’s last $5,000 to Sin City and won $27,000 while gambling on blackjack, paying for the company’s $24,000 fuel bill.

7. According to suppliers, Vegas Bingo players’ favorite color ink daubers are purple.

Las Vegas Facts

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8. Water structures in Las Vegas, like fountains and man-made lakes, use something called grey-water, which is recycled water from sinks, bathtubs and showers.

9. A man actually did suffer a heart attack while eating at Vegas’ infamous Heart Attack Grill. I’m sure the restaurant’s promise that any diner over 350 pounds eats for free didn’t help their reputation. Las Vegas Facts

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10. The Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on Earth when looked at from outer space. Las Vegas Facts

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11. Las Vegas is informally known as Hawaii’s 9th island, due to the city’s large community of Hawaiians.

12. The Bronze lion outside of the MGM Grand Hotel weighs 50 tons, making it the largest bronze sculpture in the country. Las Vegas Facts

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13. Approximately 34% of thefts and cheating in Las Vegas casinos are committed by staff.

14. Okay this is a long one, but bear with me. Wealthy business man and aviator Howard Hughes requested a bulk shipment (200 gallons) of Baskin-Robbins’ Banana Nut ice cream while staying at Las Vegas’ Desert Inn. A few days later, Hughes decided that he was tired of the ice cream and announced that he would only eat Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream. The inn ended up distributing free Banana Nut ice cream for a year. Las Vegas Facts

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15. After staying longer than his initial reservation (in which he had booked the inn’s entire top two floors), Howard Hughes was also asked to leave the Desert Inn by the owner. Instead, he purchased the resort for around $13 million.

16. A study conducted in 2013 showed that 15% of people come to Las Vegas primarily to gamble, but 71% gamble during their visit.

17. The Mirage Hotel’s iconic golden windows actually got their coloring from real gold dust.

Las Vegas Facts

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18. 15 of the world’s top 25 hotels are located in Las Vegas.

19. The Silver Slipper was the first casino to hire female card dealers on The Strip.

20. There’s a heavy equipment playground in Las Vegas where you can drive bulldozers for fun.

Las Vegas Facts

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21. Despite what many may think, the Tangiers Casino used in Martin Scorcese’s film, “Casino” never actually existed.

22. Las Vegas has a “black book,” a list of people who are banned from setting foot in any casino in the city.

23. At 1,149 feet, the Stratosphere Las Vegas is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the nation. Las Vegas Facts

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24. Mobster Bugsy Siegel named his casino, The Flamingo, after his showgirl girlfriend, whose long legs garnered her the same name. Las Vegas Facts

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25. The largest sum won on the Las Vegas slots was at the Excalibur. After putting in $100, a 25 year-old software engineer won $39 million, beating the odds at the time for 1 in 16.7 million.


26. Music legend Elvis Presley performed 837 consecutive sold out shows at the Las Vegas Hilton (now known as LVH–Las Vegas Hotel and Casino).

27. The Luxor Las Vegas’ Sphinx, a re-creation of the Great Sphinx of Giza, is 101 feet high and larger than the original. Las Vegas Facts

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28. The Palms Casino Resort Palms offers a Kingpin Suite that has two fully functional bowling lanes inside.

29. The shrimp consumption in Las Vegas is over 60,000 pounds per day, higher than the rest of the nation combined. Las Vegas Facts

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30. Las Vegas casinos never use dice with rounded corners.

31. When erected, the neon cowboy outside The Pioneer Club in Las Vegas was the largest mechanical sign in the world. Las Vegas Facts

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32. Ironically, just outside of Las Vegas is Boulder City, one of the only two cities in Nevada that prohibits gambling.

33. Even though Las Vegas seems like a larger than life city, it’s located in the Mojave Desert, the smallest desert in America.

34. There’s about one operating slot machine for every eight Las Vegas residents.

Las Vegas Facts

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35. Las Vegas Boulevard, where The Strip is located, has had several names. It’s been called 5th Street, Arrowhead Highway, Los Angeles Highway, Salt Lake Highway, US 91, US 93, US 466 and State Route 6. 36. There are about 15,000 miles of neon tubing in The Strip and downtown Las Vegas.

37. The white circles around the letters of the word ‘welcome’ on the Las Vegas sign are supposed to portray silver dollars. They were incorporated into the sign because Nevada is known as The Silver State. Las Vegas Facts

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38. Surprisingly, the design of the iconic Las Vegas sign was never copyrighted.

39. When it first opened, the Wynn Las Vegas was the most expensive hotel and casino in the world.

40. Las Vegas has a higher number of unlisted phone numbers than any other US city.

41. Today, an acre of prime land on The Strip sells for about $3-6 million.

42. In the 1970s, Liberace played at the Hilton for a salary of $300,000 a week

. Las Vegas Facts

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43. By number of rooms, the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is the largest hotel in the country and the 2nd largest in the world.

44. In some Asian cultures, the number 4 is thought be bad luck. For that reason, some hotels in Vegas have no floors that start with the number 4.

45. With 3,933 rooms, the Bellagio hotel has more rooms than the number of residents in Bellagio, Italy. Las Vegas Facts

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46. Las Vegas is translated to “the meadows” in Spanish.

47. There are over 300 weddings per day in Las Vegas, making it the top wedding destination in the US and second only to Istanbul for most number of weddings in a single city. Las Vegas Facts

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48. In 1954 the most common questions from people who visited Las Vegas’ Golden Nugget hotel were, “How much does it weigh?” and “Where is it?” Many were surprised to learn that there was no actual nugget. 49. Most of the strip is technically outside of Las Vegas city limits.


50. The electric bill for the Luxor pyramid’s shining light is $51 per hour.


Las Vegas Facts

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