Unless you’re actually from Kansas, pronouncing place names like Schoenchen and Chautauqua can be completely impossible. Still, watching these six West-Coasters attempt it (and fail HARD) is absolutely hilarious.
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Video Transcript: Maggie: Are you kidding me? Willie: It's Oz. The rest of it is silent, and it's Oz. Maggie: Ozawkie makes me hungry. Chicken Ozawkie. Chad: Oh-zuh-wah-key * Willie: It's Oz and then whoever was typing it out fell asleep on the keyboard. Chad: Yeah, wikki? Patrick: Yeah, wikki. Chad: Wikki. You know, like wikki wikki wikki. Patrick: Oh. Willie: Holy. Sam: Maybe this is like Schroeder from Peanut's dad. Willie: I'm pretty sure ... woah. Maggie: Shawn-gen *. Shawn-gen. It's like Shawshank Redemption. I'm like literally ... Alison: Shun-shin * Willie: Ooh, shy-shen * Alison: Shun. Patrick: Shen-shen * Maggie: It looks like school and gen. Sam: Yeah. But I can't make it happen. Patrick: I'm going to go with tongan-dung * Alison: Tonga ... Willie: You just have to pay attention to the Latin root. Alison: Tonganaxy Willie: Ooh, Tonganaxy, I like that. Sam: Tonganooks * Maggie: Tonganox * Patrick: Maybe it's like a silent X. Chad: Whole like last half of it. Patrick: Yeah. Chad: Just take it off. Sam: It just sounds like tongue and Nazi. I don't want to do that. Maggie: Tongue and Nazi. Patrick: Eeka * Chad: Awkwa, Aika * Willie: Is it an I? Alison: Ooh-ka * Chad: Eeka. Willie: I'm the best. Alison: No he isn't. Willie: All right. Nothing's gonna get me down. Maggie: Chow-tack-wah * Shout-a-qua * Willie: Chata-to-gwah *. No, I'm thinking of Chattanooga. Maggie: Gwah? Patrick: This is gonna be wah-tea-kah * Sam: Choh-tuh-quo * Show-da-quah? Maggie: Choh-tuh-quay * Sam: Sho-duh-quay! * Sho-duh-quee * Sho-duh-quo * Sho-duh-quo * Chad: You avoid the first part and just kind of, okay. Willie: If we yell it does it get more right? Patrick: Yeah, it's an implied C-H. Alison: Oh-suh-wah-tom-uh-nuh * I just kept going. Maggie: Oh-suh-wah-toe-me * Sam: It's too bad that there are kids Maggie: Oh someone told me that this is, no, you can keep talking. Alison: Onomatopoeia. Albuquerque. Willie: Done. Patrick: You take the N-I-O, I'm going to take the T-A-Z-E. Willie: You see, I think this was Oz again too and they were just other random letters there. Patrick: What do you got? Chad: Nio * Patrick: It's not Japanese. Sam: It sounds like someone went *drill noise*. Maggie: Like Tase? Sam: But on your nose. Like ... Patrick: All of the. Like, all of the Kansas. Chad: Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sam: Olath * Maggie: It's like a poor man's Ozello. It's like bad Shakespeare. Alison: Oh-lathe * That's like, lathes are what you cut wood with and make chairs and stuff. Chad: All of the Kansas, yes. Patrick: Inclusiveness. The Kansas lifestyle. Chad: Like all of it. Willie: Don't let her anywhere near your wood shop. Maggie: Where's your Shakespeare now? Willie: There's a reason Sesame Street does not use Kansas places to teach kids how to read.