If you don’t want to break the bank but you still want to live near all the nightlife, entertainment, and culture in Kansas City, these 10 suburbs will fit the bill. We came up with this list of 10 most affordable Kansas City suburbs by looking at each place through a purely financial lens, using cost of living and housing affordability as our only criteria. Let’s take a look at the 10 winners.

1. Raytown, MO

Source: City of Raytown via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Cost of living: 92, compared to the Kansas City average of 95
  • Median home value: $99,500
  • Affordability ratio: 2.1
Raytown kicks off our list as the cheapest place to live near Kansas City with plenty of affordable options for home buyers. Ranch style homes and townhouses are inexpensive picks. Check out a book at the Raytown library branch, grab a cup of coffee with friends at Benetti’s Coffee Experience, or hunt for a steal at local thrift store Dirty Don’s Bargain Center.

2. Blue Springs, MO

Source: City of Blue Springs, Missouri – Municipal Government via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Affordability ratio: 2.2
  • Median household income: $65,838
Outdoor enthusiasts will love the second affordable suburb on our list, Blue Springs, which has plenty of affordable townhouses and single-family homes. Residents enjoy fishing, boating, campgrounds, and sports fields at scenic Fleming Park, and bird watching, hiking, and hunting at the Burr Oak Woods Nature Center. Blue Springs also has several inexpensive restaurants and thrift stores for shoppers on a budget.

3. Belton, MO

Source: City of Belton, MO, Government via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Affordability ratio: 2.3
  • Median home value: $118,000
The Kansas City suburb of Belton is full of new construction housing for potential home buyers. Belton also has a charming Main Street and modern amenities. Belton residents have access to affordable retailers like Kohl’s, and thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army. There are also dozens of mom and pop eateries, like Tara’s Cafe & Malt Shop, that are perfect for those dining on a budget.

4. Independence, MO

Source: City of Independence, MO, Government via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Cost of living: 92, compared to the Kansas City average of 95
  • Median home value: $101,400
Independence makes our list at number four, with plenty of affordable starter homes for potential home buyers on a budget. Outdoor enthusiasts will love scenic Waterfall Park and the hiking trail at Little Blue Trace Nature Preserve. With a population of over 116,000, Independence has plenty of amenities for residents to enjoy. Grab a bite to eat at affordable restaurants like The Big Biscuit, or hunt for treasures at Red Racks Thrift Store.

5. North Kansas City

Source: City of North Kansas City via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Cost of living: 94, compared to the Kansas City average of 95
  • Percentage of income spent on rent: 25.6 percent
Going just a few miles north of Kansas City makes a whole lot of difference for your wallet. Home buyers will find everything from townhomes and new construction homes to modest historic homes. Stroll along the Missouri River or Macken Park for a free day of fun, or grab a bite at affordable local eateries like Judi’s Bakery or Clay’s Curbside Grill.

6. Grandview, MO (tie)

Source: City of Grandview via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Cost of living: 91, compared to the Kansas City average of 95
  • Median home value: $105,400
Home buyers on a budget will find plenty of inexpensive options in Grandview, from affordable starter homes and townhouses to larger single-family homes. Enjoy the indoor pool and fitness equipment at affordable and state-of-the-art community center, The View. Grandview also has many budget-friendly restaurants like brunch spot Cafe Main, and Providence Pizza.

6. Platte City, MO (tie)

Source: Platte City Branch- Mid-Continent Public Library via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Percentage of income spent on rent: 23.3 percent
  • Affordability ratio: 2.4
Tied for sixth on our list is the Kansas City suburb of Platte City, where home buyers will find affordable starter homes and ranch style houses. Enjoy a free day of fun in the sun at the beautiful Platte Falls Conservation Area, and cool off by the Platte River, or check out a new book at the Platte City library branch. Affordable local restaurants like Roxanne’s Café and Pool Hall are the perfect spots to grab dinner with friends and family.

8. Grain Valley, MO

Source: City of Grain Valley, Missouri via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Percentage of income spent on rent: 26.2 percent
  • Affordability ratio: 2.4
Eighth on our list of affordable suburbs is Grain Valley. Housing options here include affordable new construction single-family homes on large lots. Check out a book at the Grain Valley library branch or enjoy a home cooked meal at Hot Pots Cafe.

9. Gladstone, MO

Source: City of Gladstone via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Affordability ratio: 2.5
  • Median home value: $133,500
Gladstone makes our list at number nine with plenty of local amenities, This suburb has a range of budget friendly housing options including affordable starter homes and modern condos. Community events like Sounds on the Square, a weekend concert series, are a great way to get to know the community and enjoy free live music. The Gladstone Community Center’s indoor and outdoor pools are perfect for affordable year-round fitness.

10. Riverside, MO

Source: City of Riverside, Missouri Government via Facebook

Key Stats:

  • Percentage of income spent on rent: 25.1 percent
Riverside rounds out our list at number 10, with plenty of new construction single-family homes for buyers on a budget. This scenic suburb is bordered by the Missouri River. Check out a book at the local library branch, cool off at the affordable city pool, or enjoy Riverside’s annual community events like the City-Wide Garage Sale in April or Riverfest in September.

Our Methodology

To create our list of the most affordable Kansas City suburbs, we took a look at the following criteria:
  • Cost of living
  • Median home value
  • Percentage of income spent on rent
  • Affordability ratio (median home value divided by median household income)
We then ranked each suburb with scores in the above categories and averaged those scores into one overall score. The suburbs with the 10 lowest overall scores made our list. To see how other places we ranked measured up, check out the table below. Most Affordable Kansas City Suburbs To Live In Like This Post? You’ll Definitely Love These: