There are many cities and towns in Kansas that would be a good fit for LGBT families. Kansas is a very friendly and accepting state. There are many gay and lesbian organizations throughout Kansas that people are proud to be a part of. There are community centers for LGBT families as well as other services too. Kansas is known for having a large amount of gay clubs and bars throughout the college towns. Almost all the bars dedicate one night out of the week as "gay night" for LGBT people to come in and have a great time. Many of the Universities in Kansas have an LGBT resource center to help the students that may be having troubles.

Kansas City, Kansas, hosts one of the largest LGBT events in the Midwest; it is known as Gay Pride Kansas City or LGBT Pride. It is usually held in early July and is a large festival for LGBT friends and families to promote their dignity, equality rights, self-affirmation, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity, and gender variance. The event has been held since 1975 but has recently become very popular as the state has begun to accept and care for LGBT families as any other family.

These are the 7 best towns in Kansas for LGBT families to start their lives in:

1. How Strong Is Kansas City's LGBT Community?

Best Towns in Kansas

Kansas City is often referred to as gay-friendly Kansas City by many. From the downtown Power & Light entertainment district to the south hip Crossroads Arts District and on down through Midtown, Westport, and the iconic Country Club Plaza neighborhood, you will find bars, shops, restaurants, museums, and coffeehouses popular with the LGBT community. named Kansas City one of America's top 10 underrated gay-friendly destinations. The LIKEME Lighthouse is Kansas City's only LGBT community center and was founded by country music star Chely Wright. There are also a number of very popular gay bars in the Kansas City area. During gay event weekends such as Gay Pride, the gay bars are completely packed and sure to be a great time.  

2. Is Lawrence LGBT-Friendly?

Best Towns in Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas, is home to the University of Kansas, which is known for having more LGBT students than any other college or university in the state. The college has a large LGBT resource center, and the town is very gay-friendly. Many bars in Lawrence have a Wednesday night, gay night, including Henry's Upstairs Bar, Eighth Street Tap Room, Skivies Bar, and Wilde's Chateau. The town also offers gay-friendly hotels, such as Eldridge Hotel and The Oread. A variety of LGBT groups and organizations are in the Lawrence area and are involved in many exciting activities.

3. How Does Topeka Help Its LGBT Community Flourish?

Best Towns in Kansas

Topeka has been recently becoming a very LGBT friendly city. The Skivies Bar in Topeka is very popular among the gay community. People have been known to travel several miles just to have an exciting night at the Topeka Skivies Bar. The Kansas Equality Wedding Expo was held in Topeka at the Manor Conference Center in 2015. The event featured many LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors and a fashion show. It was hosted by the Topeka Pride group. The Topeka Pride included a week of LGBT activities, and the hope of even more excitement in 2016 is anticipated. 

4. Who's Manhattan's Top-Rank LGBT-Friendly University?

Best Towns in Kansas

Manhattan offers the LGBT community a variety of clubs and bars. The Kansas State University has an LGBT club that many people are a member of. It is one of the largest groups on the entire campus. Kansas State University was ranked the 12th LGBT-friendly university in the entire country in 2015. The LGBT club hosts many events throughout Manhattan including a fun run. The Little Apple Pride Parade has also been held in Manhattan since 2010. It is so the LGBT community and allies can show support and pride themselves and the people they care about. A festival follows the parade also. 

5. How Does Pittsburg Promote the Gay-Straight Alliance?

Best Towns in Kansas

Pittsburg, Kansas, is a very gay-friendly city. Pittsburg State University has created the famous gay-straight alliance. The alliance is a small organization trying to get off the ground and educate people in the Pittsburg area who do not understand what the alliance is all about. They post national and international news, updates about what they're up to, and anything else they feel is important to the cause. The Gay-straight alliance also teams with other groups, such as the Kansas Equality Coalition, they host events and training to help the LGBT community and its allies. 

6. Which LGBT Organizations Call Wichita Home?  

Best Towns in Kansas

There is a thriving LGBT community in Wichita, Kansas. A variety of LGBT bars are scattered throughout the town. The Center in Wichita is a place to call home for Wichita’s bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, transgender, and Allied community and a safe space for youth. The center is located in downtown Wichita and currently shares the building with the offices of Equality Kansas. A meeting place is available for people and organizations interested in LGBTQA awareness, and they are currently building an LGBTQA library. They have literature and contact information for other LGBTQA organizations throughout the city and state. They are hoping to continually expand to make available many more resources for all of the community. 

7. What Role Did Lenexa Play in Marriage Equality? 

Best Towns in Kansas

Lenexa is a great place for the LGBT community. Many of the realtors in Lenexa, Kansas, are members of The National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals. It is just a short drive to many of the Gay Pride events held throughout the year in Kansas City. Although there are not any neighborhoods in Lenexa specifically designed for LGBT families, some neighborhoods are commonly known for having the majority of gay couples living there. Lenexa is located in Johnson County Kansas, which has a reputation for being the most gay-friendly county in the entire state. Johnson County was the first place in the Kansas City area to allow same-sex couples to legally get married.