1. Kansas City Has Fast Internet For All Those Tech Jobs

Several years ago, Google Fiber started to take over the Kansas City area, providing fast and affordable Internet to all of the local residents. Plus, if you’re willing to pay a one-time construction fee and have a relatively slower connection, the actual service itself is totally free.

2. You’ll Have No Problem Finding A Job

If you’re a college grad that’s coming into the Kansas City area, there are plenty of job opportunities waiting for you. The unemployment rates here are 0.8 percent higher than the national average, but a little inflation of this number can be expected in any metropolitan area of this size. If you’ve got a degree in hand, you’ll be totally fine.

3. Major Employers Love Kansas City

Not only does the Federal government have a huge presence when it comes to supporting the Kansas City job market employing over 40,000 residents, if you’re not looking for a government job, there are plenty of other options. Companies like the Hospital Corporation Of America – Midwest employs over 8,600 locals and the cell phone company Sprint employs another 7,000. With such great Internet speeds and cheaper operation numbers, Kansas City is very appealing to big time employers that are sure to provide plenty of job security.

4. Getting Around Here Is A Breeze

It doesn’t take long in Kansas City to realize that they’ve got roads going everywhere. Fortunately, due to great city planning, these roads make perfect sense. The average commute time is only 21 minutes in Kansas City as a result, which is actually 7 percent lower than the commute times in the rest of Missouri.

5. The Party Never Stops In Kansas City

Like you might expect with any large metropolitan area of more than 2 million residents, Kansas City is home to a pretty exciting nightlife. A few of the more popular areas to spend a weekend night include the 8-block Power & Lights district in the heart of downtown, as well as Westport, a historic neighborhood that’s recently been getting tons of new restaurants and bars for residents to enjoy.

6. Kansas City Is Super Affordable

If you ask any college grad that’s recently moved to Kansas City what the best perk of living in the City of Fountains is, most of them will mention how cheap it is. Despite being a huge city, the cost of living here is 9 percent lower than the national average. To put that in perspective, places like New York tend to be 160 percent of the national average and that’s not even the most expensive place to live in the country.

7. Expect To Gain Some Weight…In The Best Way Possible

Moving to Kansas City definitely won’t help your waistline, all of the food here is downright spectacular. Not only does Kansas City have tons of awesome barbecue joints, they’re also experiencing a sort of renaissance when it comes to local cuisine, with new age restaurants and bars seemingly popping up every day.

8. There’s Always Someone To Cheer For Here

When it comes to professional sports, Kansas City is one of the best places in the country to live. Not only are they home to the Kansas City Chiefs football team and the Royals baseball team, they’ve also got one of the most popular soccer clubs in the country, Sporting Kansas City. Attending one of this city’s games is always sure to be a blast.

9. People Like You Are Flocking To Kansas City

In recent years, Kansas City has seen its younger population experience huge growth, with roughly 35 percent of its population consisting of people in the 22 to 34 age group. There’s also a huge number of unmarried residents in Kansas City, at around 60 percent of the total residents. That means that your social life and your love life will probably thank you for heading to the City of Fountains.

10. Kansas City Is Full Of Smart Cookies

Kansas City is home to more than 10 universities, meaning this town is fairly educated. That also makes returning to school much easier if you end up wanting to stay in the workforce while you complete another degree in your free time. Kansas City doesn’t always feel like a college town due to its huge size, but plenty of college educated people call this place home.

11. Travelling Back Home Will Be A Cinch

Kansas City happens to be home to a great airport. While it’s huge and provides access to pretty much anywhere in the country, it’s not so huge that it’s overwhelming during travel. This will make it super easy to visit all of the friends and family that you left scattered around America after making your move.

12. Festivals Galore!

As if Kansas City didn’t already have enough for its residents to do, this city has a festival schedule during the summer that can rival cities all over the world. A few of the favorites include a huge Italian-American heritage festival called the Festa Italiana, the Prairie Village Art Show, Lee’s Summit Downtown Days, and the nearby Smoky Hill River Festival. The list goes on, but you get the point. There’s always something going on in this city.

13. Kansas City Doesn’t Skimp On The Culture

Home to several awesome venues like the outdoor Starlight Theater that are perfect for performances of the fine arts, Kansas City has its own theater company, its own ballet troope, and its own symphony. If you’re someone that enjoys the finer things in life, you can definitely find them in KCMO.

14. The Beat Goes On In Kansas City

Known for being a major influence in the modern music scene with its rich history in jazz, Kansas City still has a very vibrant live music culture. Tons of local bars will have live music nights and small, intimate venues are constantly filled with new acts on the rise. If you’re looking for the best places to catch some live music, the Westport entertainment district has exactly what you need.

15. Kansas City Is A Great Place To Plan For The Future

With Kansas City’s large number of major employers, low cost of living, and great suburb system, this city is a great place for college grads to call home for decades to come. Not only does the area have great job security, it also has neighborhoods and areas that cater to every stage of life, including what’s typically the next step for the college grad, the marriage and family stage. By building a career in this ever-growing city, you’ll be setting yourself up for future success for many years to come. Like This Post? You’ll Definitely Love These: