1. Everyone In Jersey City Thinks Their City Is The Sixth Borough Of NYC

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You can see Manhattan from Jersey City. It’s right there across the Hudson. But the people rarely have to go to “The City” because they have everything they need right in their own city (and the people are so snobby). Even the streets of Jersey City feel like New York City. With such close proximity to NYC and its culture, and with so many family and friends who live there, it’s easy to understand why Jersey City people think of themselves as the sixth borough. New York doesn’t exactly agree with this idea, and so...

2. People In New Jersey Are Sick Of New Yorkers Acting Like They’re Better...

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Manhattan casts a pretty big shadow over Jersey City—literally. And that’s a pretty big shadow to live up to (figuratively), and people in Jersey City are sick of trying. They’ve developed a big “us vs. them” complex over the years because of NYC’s insistence that their city is better than Jersey City. Jersey City is sick of listening to New Yorkers put down Jersey City and always acting like no other city can measure up. That’s why the people in Jersey City stay on their side of the Hudson as much as possible.

3. ... But Everyone Thinks They’re Better Than The Rest Of Jersey

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Jersey City might take issue with New York City’s superiority complex, but Jersey City acts the same way when it comes to the rest of New Jersey. In fact, most of the people in Jersey City don’t have a clue what’s going on in the rest of the state at all—save for maybe Hoboken and Seaside Heights. They don’t leave Jersey City very much and when they do, it’s definitely not to go down into South Jersey. What’s going on down there, anyway? Jersey City people have no problem acting superior to the rest of their state—especially anyone with a 609 or 856 area code.

4. So Naturally, Everyone In Jersey City Has A Major Attitude

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Since NYC always says that they’re not rude (riiiight), let’s use the same argument for the folks in Jersey City. People in Jersey City do get a bit of reputation for being loud and obnoxious. And depending on who’s getting the brunt of it, that can be pretty true. But it’s not flat-out attitude. The people in Jersey City grew up in Manhattan’s backyard. They’ve had to learn how to be opinionated and loud if they want to be heard. The one thing you can always say is that you’ll always know where you stand with everyone in Jersey City.

5. Jersey City People Don’t Want Brooklynites In Their City

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As housing costs and inflation continue to soar in NYC, a lot of New Yorkers, especially Brooklyn residents, are jumping ship and making the trip they swore they would never take across the Hudson. But not everybody in Jersey City is thrilled about their new tenants. They’ve watched the boroughs of NYC drive residents out with sky-high rent and don’t want to see the same thing happen to their beloved city. Not to mention they’re bitter over the fact that New Yorkers spent so many years making fun of them and now suddenly want in. But that’s not stopping Brooklyn from moving in. Because Jersey City is awesome.

6. Everyone In Jersey City Is Clueless When It Comes To Pumping Gas

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This isn't a problem when they’re at home, because New Jersey is one of the only two states in the country that prohibits drivers from pumping their own gas. But when they do decide that they’re going to take a drive into Philadelphia, they don’t have the slightest idea of how to refuel. Not that it matters, anyway, because no one from Jersey City would travel to Philadelphia. That would mean having to go through South Jersey.

7. People In Jersey City Will Hate You For Bringing Up “The Real Housewives”

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Everyone in Jersey City is waiting for the slow, painful death of all of those horrible New Jersey reality shows that cast New Jersey as a bunch of over tanned, superficial idiots. The Real Housewives of New Jersey is even worse than hearing the Jersey Shore mentioned because at least when the Jersey Shore comes up, Jersey City locals can argue that those cast members weren’t even from New Jersey. The women especially don’t want to hear it. No one looks, talks, or acts like that. So seriously, let it go.

8. But They’ll Be Your Best Friend If You Bring Up “The Sopranos”

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Jersey City has some mad love for Tony Soprano and crew and they’re not ashamed to admit it. The popular HBO mafia show might have depicted a fictional New Jersey family, but to the people in Jersey City, the Sopranos are as real as can be. Everyone in Jersey City is up for a discussion on what actually happened to Tony after that cryptic series finale. But talking about The Sopranos doesn’t mean talking about the mob. There’s no such thing as the mob, don’t you know?

9. Jersey City People Go To The Beach “Jersey Shore” Style, But Classy

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Everyone in Jersey vacations at the Jersey Shore at some point because it’s only the best shore ever. With various different points catering to all different lifestyles and personalities, the real Jersey Shore isn’t the same Jersey Shore that you see on TV. Not even close. But the people in Jersey City specifically prefer the popular Seaside Heights point, which is where the house from the MTV show was actually located. Jersey City folks head there for its beaches, long boardwalk, and vibrant nightlife. Not because they might spot Snooki.

10. Everyone In Jersey City Really Just Needs A Good Pair Of Shoes

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Most of the neighborhoods in Jersey City like Newport, Journal Square, and Grove Street are quaint communities where everything anyone needs is in walking distance. And when Jersey City people do want to leave their neighborhood, the PATH takes them everywhere. So most people don’t bother with a car. All they need are shoes made for walkin’. Not having a car ends up being beneficial for people in Jersey City because the city is notorious for headache-inducing parking, which inevitably leads to a stack of tickets for anyone who thinks they’ve outsmarted those suckers who walk.