1. The Cost Of Living In Jacksonville Makes Anything Bearable

One of the best parts of life in Jacksonville is that living here costs just a fraction of what it costs to live in most other cities, even in Florida. House prices are rock bottom and you can rent an apartment here for an average of $980, which is significantly lower than the $1,500 national average.

2. Buying A Home In Jacksonville Is Also A Sound Investment

Some people are skeptical of cities that still maintain a low cost of living (since most other cities are the exact opposite) and assume that the market is too unreliable. But that’s not the case in Jacksonville, either. If you bought a home for the average of $84,000 in 2000, you could have sold it in 2013 for the average of just under $130,000. Profit to the tune of $46,000 is nothing to scoff at.

3. If You’re Looking For Planned Communities, Jacksonville Is The Jackpot

Some people love them, others can’t even stand hearing the words. But there’s no denying that Jacksonville is a Mecca for planned communities and housing developments. Fleming Island, Oakleaf Plantation, Eagle Harbor, Nocatee, and The World Golf Village are just a few that you can look into if you’re interested, including amenities like huge sidewalks, safer streets, schools and churches, athletic centers, golf courses, community centers, and more.

4. You’re Going To Need Wheels

Did you know that Jacksonville is the largest city in the continental U.S.? As far as land size goes, it’s true. With a total of 840 square miles, Jacksonville is nothing short of massive. So, if you were hoping to get around on foot, you better have more than two legs.

5. Downtown Is The Place To Be For All Things Fun

Downtown Jacksonville isn’t just for working professionals. From the sports arenas and museums to a seemingly never ending string of great places to eat, and an awesome riverwalk that runs along part of the 5.6 miles of gorgeous riverfront views and neighborhoods, it’s always a good time to come downtown. Ride the trolley or the skyway or take a water taxi—just get here!

6. Jacksonville Has The Best Of Florida’s Weather

There really is nothing better than getting to remind everyone on Facebook that you’re sitting poolside in 75 degrees in February while they’re digging themselves out of an avalanche. But another perk to Jacksonville is that it’s much less humid than Orlando and other places throughout Florida. It’s just beautiful all year long.

7. But Don’t Fear The Hurricanes

Worried about hurricanes in Florida? Well, the good news is that the way Jacksonville is located in the northeast corner of the state, hurricanes are less likely to hit, especially compared to other tropical locations. Hurricane Dora is the last hurricane to make its way to the city, and that was in 1964.

8. It’s Home To The Largest Urban Park System In The U.S.

If 111,000 acres of parks sounds too good to be true, think again. Jacksonville is home to the largest urban park system in the country, making it the perfect locale for anyone who wants to enjoy the hustle and bustle of a major city but also loves being outdoors and hiking through the nature.

9. Jacksonville Positions You Better Than Other Places In Florida

Living in Jacksonville doesn’t just put you in the best spot to enjoy Florida weather. Living here, you also get all the perks to living in Florida with a better location to the non-tropical areas of the country. This is unlike living in South Florida, which puts you close to the keys but a world away from everything else.

10. Jacksonville Is A Sports Hub

Locals love their sports and they have plenty of teams to cheer for. Along with the Florida Gators and Seminoles, football lovers now have the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jacksonville Suns keep the baseball lovers entertained. And golfers live in a mecca for their craft, including knowing that the PGA Tour is headquartered nearby.

11. You’ll Always Be Invited To The Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

If you’re not a college football fan, you probably will be after living in Jacksonville. Florida and Georgia go head-to-head every year for a massive rivalry game. The tailgating and outdoor parties that go hand-in-hand with it in Jacksonville have dubbed the event The Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

12. But Watch Out For The Gators

The gators aren’t just a team in Florida. You do have to check your pool before jumping in and might even see them on the side of the road. If you’re from Florida, this is nothing new, but if you’re moving here from out of state, it definitely takes a little getting used to.

13. This Isn’t A Beach Town (Except It Totally Is)

Believe it or not, not everywhere in Florida is close to the beach. OK, it’s not exactly far, either. But Jacksonville is located perfectly, giving you the ability to reach a slew of Florida’s pristine beaches including Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, Neptune Beach, St. Augustine, and Atlantic Beach all within an hour’s drive.

14. Knowing What Beach To Visit Makes All The Difference

All of Florida’s beaches are beautiful but they’re definitely not all created equal. Go north to Mayport where you’ll find casino boats and amazing seafood restaurants. While Atlantic and Neptune Beach are great for a leisurely day enjoying casual and upscale restaurants. And head to Jacksonville Beach during the day with your board to enjoy the waves and stay when the sun goes down for the happening nightlife scene.

15. This Is A Red White And Blue Town

With two major military bases (Naval Air Station Jacksonville and Naval Station Mayport) along with a commercial base, there is no avoiding the military presence in Jacksonville. An added bonus is the eye candy you get to see on the beach, staying fit while running early hours, bringing a new understanding to the phrase “hello sailor.”

16. Jacksonville Has A Job Market To Feel Good About

Good news! The job market in Jacksonville is doing well. The unemployment rate in the city is below the state average and with a large market in finance, healthcare, and government and state jobs, it’s all good news for Jacksonville residents.

17. There’s Always Something On Tap

Like any great city should, Jacksonville has a great beer scene. The Jax Ale Trail takes you on a self-guided tour of the seven craft breweries around the city including Aardwolf Brewing Company, Bold City Brewery, Engine 15 Brewing Company, Green Room Brewing, Intuition Ale Works, Pinglehead Brewing Company, and Veterans United Craft Brewery.

18. Jacksonville Families Are All Smiles

Not all cities make it easy to raise a family. But in Jacksonville, it’s not only easy, it’s a pleasure. With access to neighborhoods in the middle of a city with small-town charm, great parks, museums, things to do, and a stellar higher-education system to look forward to, families don’t have much to complain about here.

19. Free November Brings Christmas Early To Jacksonville

Speaking of families, keep in mind that November is the best month of all if you have kids because it’s Free November when access and admission to some of Jacksonville’s best attractions and museums are—you guessed it—free!

20. Culture Lovers, Rejoice

Culture isn’t always the first thing that come to mind when people think of Florida. But that’s because they’ve never been to Jacksonville, obviously. Things like the city’s Art Walk, Cummer Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Science and History, jazz festivals, and shows at the Times Union Center, Everbank Stadium, and the Florida Theater, no one can argue.

21. Must Love Dogs

Well, you don’t have to love dogs if you live in Jacksonville...but life is especially happier if you do. The city is extremely pet-friendly, which makes bringing your four-legged friends with you almost everywhere way easier and infinitely more enjoyable. Like This Post? You’ll Definitely Love These: