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Jacksonville City Guide

Find out the most important things to know before living in Jacksonville, the Florida paradise you’ve been looking for.
Kristin Norton
Jacksonvillians are hardcore Parrot Heads, they're in ridiculously good shape and none of them ever want to "cross the ditch."
Alan Woods
Considering a move to Jacksonville? Take a good look at Ortega. Real estate here is exquisite, as is the community itself and its surroundings.
Alan Woods
The Riverside, Jacksonville, neighborhood in Florida has a lot to offer an individual, couple or family who loves local flavors and colorful, historic homes.
Alan Woods
Find the Jacksonville neighborhood that best suits your needs during retirement. Here are the most walkable and amenity-filled areas to consider.
Alan Woods
Experience the culture of the neighborhood as you consider San Marco real estate. This Jacksonville treasure includes gorgeous waterfront properties.
Alan Woods
If you're looking to get out of Jacksonville FL for the day, try this list of eight great places to visit.
Alan Woods
Find charming architecture, plenty of shopping, lots of job opportunities and affordable housing when you shop for Avondale real estate in Jacksonville.
Alan Woods
Looking to live in Florida? Before moving to Jacksonville, you need to know when school starts, what laws to follow and more. Plan ahead for a smooth move.
Alan Woods
If you're looking for historic homes for sale in Jacksonville, FL, the Avondale district features incredible properties and positive real estate trends.
Alan Woods
Enjoy life outdoors when you move to the Ortega, Jacksonville, area in Florida. With plenty of sun and water, this neighborhood offers something for everyone.
Alan Woods
Find your Jacksonville suburb at Neptune Beach FL for city convenience with a beachside vibe.
Alan Woods
Enjoy entertainment, multiple transportation options and readily available jobs when you purchase Springfield real estate. Here's what to expect.
Alan Woods
Jacksonville real estate sales are on the rise and have been for years. With a smaller inventory available, the market works for buyers and sellers.
Alan Woods
Enjoy vibrant dining and entertainment plus excellent local shopping and fast access to downtown Jacksonville when you invest in Riverside real estate.
Alan Woods
Enjoy the many city parks and unique shopping options offered by Avondale, Jacksonville, a tree-filled neighborhood on the west bank of the St Johns River.
Alan Woods
Are you looking for a great place to eat in Jacksonville? Our top 10 list shows some of the best choices for any occasion.
Alan Woods
Learn about the variety of quaint homes for sale in Springfield, Jacksonville, FL, and learn more about the area's somewhat volatile real estate market trends.
Alan Woods
You've probably heard about planned communities and the benefits they offer, but have you ever though about living in one? Learn more about Nocatee, FL here.
Alan Woods
San Marco, Jacksonville, is situated along the St. Johns River opposite the city's downtown area. Learn more about this charming, eclectic, historic village.
Alan Woods
A community planned for you and your family with amenities and activities for everyone can be yours in Nocatee FL.
Alan Woods
Are you looking for a good place to have a drink in Jacksonville, FL? We've got a list of 16 of our favorite bars here.
Alan Woods
Are you thinking about moving to Jacksonville, FL? This part of the state is home to numerous great healthcare options. Learn more about them here.
Alan Woods
Come to Neptune Beach FL for life in the sun away from the crowds of the city.
Alan Woods
If you're a young professional, consider moving to one of the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Florida. You'll find opportunities to work and play hard.
Alan Woods
Nearby attractions and conveniences promote an active lifestyle when you know where to live in Jacksonville, FL, when you don't have or want a car.
Alan Woods
For small town, coastal living at its best, Atlantic Beach FL offers a seaside atmosphere near urban amenities.
Alan Woods
If you are looking at Jacksonville homes for sale, Riverside is one of the best neighborhoods in town, especially when it comes to its architecture.
Alan Woods
If you're new to Kansas City and looking for entertainment options, wait no more. Check out one of the best 16 bars in KC today.
Alan Woods
The six best Jacksonville suburbs for aspiring homeowners from all walks of life.
Alan Woods
Work in Jacksonville then escape to Neptune Beach when it's time to go home.
Alan Woods
If living close to Jacksonville but in a small beach community sounds appealing, don't miss our Atlantic Beach real estate guide.
Alan Woods
Atlantic Beach is a good place to find lower cost housing, but how much do you really know about this suburb?
Alan Woods
The Nocatee suburbs were named the Master-Planned Community of the Year; a short visit quickly revels the reason.
Alan Woods
There are plenty of reasons to enjoy life in Jacksonville, FL. This is a list of 18 of our favorites.
Alan Woods
Embrace all the Jacksonville has to offer, and know the city and what makes it unique prior to moving into your new home.
Alan Woods
Enjoy what Jacksonville has to offer by exploring the neighborhood that's right for you if you are recently divorced.
Alan Woods
Don’t miss any of these foodie destinations.
Sharon Therien
Why settle for less? These Jacksonville suburbs are the best of the best.
Cassie Sheets
If you’re looking for fascinating Jax facts, you’ve come to the right place.
Eric Mohrman
Discover the stately charm, grand homes and quiet community in Springfield, Jacksonville, which is just a short commute into the bustling downtown area.
Alan Woods
Learn more about Jacksonville homes for sale and the recent real estate trends that influence housing prices in the waterfront neighborhood of Ortega.
Alan Woods
Likelihood of employment is a top priority for many people. Here are 5 cities near Jacksonville where you're most likely to land a job.
Alex Huggins
There’s no reason to blow your bank moving downtown with these affordable Jacksonville suburbs so close by.
Spencer McKee
Your retirement years will be golden in these fantastic Jacksonville suburbs.
Cassie Sheets
Young couples can settle down together in these awesome Jacksonville suburbs.
Cassie Sheets
Kickstart your career in these fantastic Jacksonville suburbs.
Cassie Sheets
A city for the week, a beach for the weekend, all with an affordable price tag—this and more is why moving to Jacksonville is so great for families.
Kristin Norton
Just graduated? Living in Jacksonville means gorgeous beaches, plenty of great restaurants and bars, and reliving your college days tailgating at a Seminoles game.
Erica Zane
If you’re planning on living in Jacksonville, here’s to sunny days, beach music festivals, and the best darn Southern comfort food you’ll taste in your life.
Erica Zane
Thinking of moving to the biggest city in the Sunshine State? Assess the cost of living in Jacksonville with our breakdown of everything from cost of housing to groceries.
Randy Nelson
Meat-free and delicious meals await at the best Jacksonville restaurants for veggie lovers.
Randy Nelson
Jacksonville sweethearts have style and game.
Tena Moore
No one calls it the TaxSlayer Bowl, sorry.
Caitlin White
Drinking a tasty local brew on a beautiful beach during a summer that lasts eight months? Yes, please!
Cassie Sheets
The healthy balance of history, culture, philanthropy, entertainment and business makes Jacksonville the undisputed star of Florida's First Coast.
Shawanda James

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