1. Irving Is Full Of Big Shots

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Source: Flickr user Baltic Development Forum
The Irving area is home to quite the handful of Fortune 500 companies: Exxon Mobile, Nokia America, and the American headquarters of BlackBerry are just a few. Although this business side culminates in the high-rise center of Las Colinas, the fast-paced, big-city feel influences all the areas of Irving around it.

2. And Every Single One Loves To Party

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Irving is a living embodiment of the old adage “Work hard, play hard.” After all those business meetings are done, the good folk of Irving wind down with a head-spinning array of festivals throughout the year. The International Concert Series rocks every summer, the Irving Main Street Event welcomes fall, and you can end the year with a bang at the truly over-the-top tree lighting combo Holiday Extravaganza.

3. Everyone In Irving Would Rather Paddle To Work

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Source: Facebook user SUP NTX – Stand Up Paddle North Texas
Thanks to the good people at places like SUP NTX (Stand Up Paddle, North Texas), and the copious amount of lakes and rivers snaking in and around the city, this niche hobby is quickly growing into a citywide obsession. Who needs four wheels when you have one paddle?

4. In Irving Eating Out Means ALL The Restaurants

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Source: Flickr user steevithak
If Texans do it big, then Irvingites do it biggest of all. Taste of Irving is an annual festival dedicated to all things tasty in the city, from fine-dining to casual fast-food. Irvingites can taste from all of these diverse restaurant menus in one place. It’s harder than you think to not let your eyes get bigger than your stomach on this one.

5. Irving Doesn’t Mind If You Like Role Play

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Source: Flickr user steevithak
Thanks to the recent move of the Dallas Comic Con to the Irving Convention Center, the town has seen a boom in cosplaying, nerd-filled, “I-know-them-from-somewhere” celebrity culture. Comic Con Fan Days is especially cool—in the days leading up to Halloween fans are encouraged to dress to the nines as their favorite fictional heroes and villains and walk the convention floor in full attire.

6. Irving Is Into Really Big Metaphors

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Source: Flickr user TexasExplorer98
The world famous Mustangs of Las Colinas sculpture, located in the center of Las Colinas in Irving—besides being the largest equestrian sculpture in the world—represents the very distinct Texan way of life. OK, yeah it’s also just a friggin’ huge horse sculpture, if you’re not into epic metaphors like the people of Irving.

7. Irving Is Kind Of Like Dallas’ Little Brother

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Source: Flickr user jdtornow
Irving is located within the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX Metropolitan Statistical Area—or if you want to sound in the know, the DFW. You’ll probably find yourself giving directions to your out-of-town friends by saying Irving is about 20 minutes from Dallas. But Irving still benefits from its big-city sibling...

8. And That Means You Have An In To The Best Farmer’s Market In The Country

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Source: Facebook user Dallas Farmers Market
It may not be in Irving, but it sure is a perk to living there: the Dallas Farmer’s Market is any fresh produce fanatic’s dream. Huge selections of various fruit, vegetables, meat, floral arrangements, and specialty foods, all separated into four huge sheds. Your grocery run can now officially double as your workout time.

9. Make No Mistake, Irving Still Holds Its Own...

Moving To Irving Irving doesn’t just roll over when things get tough. Despite its proximity to one of Texas’ largest cities, last year Forbes rated Irving the seventh fastest growing city in the country after the recession, with nearly 14 percent growth since 2007.

10. … And No One Can Compete With The Donuts

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Source: Sidedish blog
Hiding in a nondescript shopping center in Irving, Shin’s Donuts’ produces delectable gems like apple fritters, kolaches, sausage rolls, and obviously gloriously tasty donuts of all shapes, flavors, and sizes. And every order even comes with complimentary donut holes.

11. You Might Spot Some Golf Superstars...

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Source: HP Byron Nelson Championship Facebook page
Specifically the HP Byron Nelson Championship, held each May at the Four Seasons Resort in Las Colinas. Silently cheering on the golfers may get you within close distance of past winners like Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, and Jason Dufner.

12. ... But The Real Showdown Is Between The Teenagers

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Source: Irving High Tiger Football Facebook page
Irving loves its high school sports, from football to baseball to hockey. Attend a game and be prepared to get your ears blown off by fervent fans screaming bloody murder. It’s pretty awesome.

13. Everyone In Irving Thinks They Can Be Firefighters

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Source: Visit Irving, Texas
And thanks to the annual Hero Rush, most of them figure out pretty quick that they probably wouldn’t even make it past training. The event bills itself as a normal 5K—with the simple exception of including obstacles that mimic real-life firefighting exercises. Because running five miles wasn’t exhausting enough.

14. And Even Though Irving Girls Could Kick Your Butt...

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The town of Irving is home to the Body Bar Women’s National Championship, a wrestling event that crowns the best Hit-Girls (categories include Junior, Cadet, and Schoolgirls) each spring. So don’t think breaking up with one of these girls over the phone will keep you safe. They’ll still beat you up.

15. … Everyone Else Is A Bunch Of Boy Scouts

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Source: Flickr user apbutterfield
The official national museum of the Boy Scouts of America calls Irving home, and has caused a healthy boom of young boys in the area ready to "Be prepared." You’ll never need to fear crossing the street unattended again while you’re in this town. If only The Girl Scouts would move in and bring all the cookies.

16. Irving Is Fancy About Beer...

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Source: Flickr user jronaldlee
Enough to teach an entire festival of people about it, even. At the North Texas Beer and Wine Festival you’ll learn about the craft of brewing beer, sample foreign ales, watch local experts teach classes on the topic and try to not fight your inner voice reminding you that you have to drive home later...

17. … And Does Burgers Just A Bit Differently

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Source: Facebook user L A Burger
Feeling inspiration from the up-and-coming Korean/Mexican food truck scene on the west coast, the owners of LA Burger decided to open up their own restaurant and pursue their passion of fusing Korean cuisine flavors with classic American . And thus the K-Town and Coreano burgers – among many other fan favorites – were born.

18. Irving Has The Perfect Jog

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Source: Foursquare user Mark O.
Campion Trail is a favorite of many Irving locals, and many outside the city as well. It winds its way in and around the city in an over ten-mile loop perfect for bikers and joggers to coexist in harmony. Irvingites praise the trail for having a safer feel than others around the city and for giving you that disconnect from Las Colinas that you need on your workout.

19. And The Perfect Spot To Take Your Special Someone

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Source: Gondola Adventures
Thanks to companies like Gondola Adventures, which lets guests rent one of the skinny Italian boats for a specific amount of time and be rowed around the Las Colinas area, the city of Irving is never low on romantic moments waiting for you and a significant other.

20. A Drumming Legend Got Schooled Right Here

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Source: Wikimedia user Craig ONeal
The decades old group ZZ Top are still going strong today, with concerts, new albums, and guest appearances in film and TV. Their drummer, Frank Beard (the one without a beard), grew up in nearby Frankston and attended high school at Irving High.

21. They’re Big Fans Of Weird Dessert

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Source: Neon Tommy
Palio’s Pizza Café is a classic Texas dive with all your favorite pizza options along with pastas, salads, and sandwiches. But where things get really interesting is the dessert menu, where classics like tiramisu, cannoli, and cheesecake are served alongside the Apple Strudel Pizza and the famous Deep Dish Pizza Cookie, wherein a hot, doughy pizza is served below freezing cold Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.