1. Henderson has its own version of Rosie the Riveter – Magnesium Maggie. This wartime bombshell was really named Irene Rostine and she worked at the BMI factory in the 1940s. 2. Henderson includes the streets Rich Flavor Place, Doubleshot Lane, House Blend Lane, Coffee Bean Place, Smooth Blend Place and French Roast Place. Henderson, Nevada: Brought to you by Starbucks, Co. 3. It’s illegal to point a laser into another person’s eyes–but what about cats? 4. Henderson optometrist M.J. Bagley used to collect eyeglasses from famous people, including Walter Cronkite and Benny Goodman, in the hopes of one day fulfilling his dream of opening The Famous People’s Eyeglasses Museum. He kept the glasses in his waiting room lobby. 5. A scene in the James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever” in which Bond (Sean Connery) is nearly cremated alive was filmed at Palm Mortuary's Henderson location. 6. Later in the movie Bond is dumped into a pipeline, which was filmed near Trailer Estates on Lake Mead Boulevard. 7. The Green Valley High girls golf team holds the national record for consecutive victories at 144 straight matches. 8. The original name of Henderson was “Basic.” 9. And the original town site in Henderson was known by a secret code name–Plancor 201H. 10. Longtime residents tell stories of “the Hermit,” a lone man who had a camp in the Henderson “swamp” with his pet dog and liked to scare local visitors for fun. 11. Dozens of businesses have popped up to try and fill in undeveloped areas of Henderson, but the best may have been Ron Lee’s World of Clowns–where you could give yourself a self-guided tour of such wonderful things like 600 trademark clown faces painted on goose eggs. 12. Motocross racer Carey Hart went to Green Valley High School. 13. In Henderson, Nevada, cars may not contain shortwave radios. 14. Janet Jackson owns a house here. If you check out Wikimapia you’ll find that some creeper Google Earthed it for everyone to see. 15. DJs Johnson and Tofte once pulled off an April Fool’s Day joke by convincing scores of residents that they desperately needed to stay inside all day–but never told them why. 16. Contrary to popular belief, prostitution is not legal in Henderson, Las Vegas or any part of Clark County. 17. Henderson is home to a 60s-themed water park–which cost $23 million–called Cowabunga Bay Water Park. 18. The Ethel M Chocolate Factory is located in Henderson, Nevada. That’s cool, but I bet Miss Ethel didn’t have any oompa loompas. 19. The mid-rise castle off of Sunset Road was once an elephant-themed museum with over 2000 elephant knick-knacks, sculptures and artwork collected over 40 years. 20. Nevada's only scenic bird preserve is in Henderson. 21. Henderson may or may not be home to a hidden, underground military compound known as Fallon Air Force Base. 22. “Lethal Weapon 4” used I-215 in scenes for the 1998 film. 23. Henderson is often featured on the TV drama, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” as the location or residence of a victim. 24. “America's Sweethearts,” starring Julia Roberts and John Cusack, featured many scenes filmed at Lake Las Vegas. 25. “Paranormal Activity 4” takes place in Henderson. 26. Lorna Kesterson was elected as Henderson's first female mayor, serving two terms until 1993. She remains the only woman to serve as mayor to date. 27. President John F. Kennedy once declared during a visit that the then fledgling City of Henderson was a "city of destiny." 28. Celine Dion lives in Henderson. In other news, she’s also responsible for the most hated song by men everywhere. 29. Along with Marie Osmond. 30. Henderson was named in honor of Senator Charles B. Henderson. 31. Football legend “Rudy” Ruettiger lives here. Yeah, that Rudy. 32. Henderson has also been named as "One of the Best Cities to Live in America" by Bloomberg BusinessWeek. 33. The documentary “Real CSI” featured the Henderson Police Department Crime Scene. 34. Fox Ridge Park is considered one of the most haunted places in Nevada and residents regularly claim to see the demonic spirit of a young boy swinging at night. 35. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid played high school football at Basic High. 36. The now-demolished theme park "Old Vegas" was used for several outdoor scenes for the Western TV series “Gunsmoke.” The property is now the site of a housing development, also named "Old Vegas.” 37. From 1990 to 1998, Henderson, Nevada was the fastest growing city in America. 38. You can visit the lions seen at the MGM at the Lion Habitat Ranch. You can even feed them if you’re feeling froggy. 39. The township of Henderson first emerged in the 1940s during World War II with the building of the Basic Magnesium Plant. 40. The city kind of owes its development to a horrible tragedy–the PEPCON rocket fuel factory explosion. It measured in at over a 3 on the Richter earthquake scale and two people died, but the destruction spurred rehabilitation efforts for the whole city. 41. The city has eight championship golf courses including Rio Secco, home of the world’s number one golf instructor, Butch Harmon. What's your favorite Henderson fun fact? Tell us in the comments below!