1. Fresnans Can’t Decide If They Want To Be L.A. Or San Francisco

Fresnans can’t decide if they are Los Angeles Lite or San Francisco Jr. and it shows in everything they do and say. Their upbeat optimism mirrors the vibrant dreams of the Los Angeles you see in movies and their urban surrealism screams San Fran louder than a ‘niners fan. Are they small town folks with big city aspirations or rugged and outdoorsy content with simplicity? The beauty is they are both and that’s what makes people in the Fresberg unique.

2. People From The 559 Basically Have Fireproof Mouths From All The Spicy Food They Eat

Fresno Stereotypes

Source: Flickr user flickr4jazz

Fresnans are so spicy they got a chili pepper named after them. From taco Tuesday to jalapeño pulled pork with habanero BBQ sauce, Fresno puts peppers on everything. No matter where you step you are bound to find a Fresnan eating fire or encouraging you to kick it up a notch.

3. Fresnans Are As Loyal As Bulldogs

Fresno Stereotypes

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California State University at Fresno will never be referred to as CSU and the town is full of loyalists who see the school and its athletic teams as the embodiment of the town it’s nestled in. Ask anyone and they will tell you hardworking men and women of varied backgrounds working together to achieve a goal is what Fresno is all about and the bulldog is the perfect beast to represent them. Fresnans embody the bulldog spirit through gritty toughness, their loyalty to their town and team, and the fact that their should likely be leash laws in effect during pre-game tailgates.

4. The Only Thing Fresnans Really Want To Eat Is Tri-Tip

Fresno has elevated the tri-tip to the tip top of culinary perfection. Fresnans will gladly tell you how to slow smoke this marbled sirloin cut, but why waste all that breath when they can just point you in the direction of Mike’s Grill. What many in Fresno have done so well for so many for years Mike’s is doing even better and the people from all over Fresno and Fresno County are ready to testify. Mike’s is perfection realized.

5. Everybody In "The No" Is Sooooo Over The Fog

Fresno Stereotypes

Source: Flickr user niiicedave

When a Fresnan has a foggy notion, you can bet they’re onto something. The scientific name for the thick ground fog that blankets much California’s Great Central Valley is Tule Fog. It can occasionally make driving difficult—picture timid drivers tensed up so tight they pull over and wait for someone with bright tail lights to follow out of the fog. Drivers who couldn’t conceivably drive worse becomes dangers to the entire community and you would think the local news had nothing better to do than scroll through endless photos of pea soup. The fog can really put a damper on an otherwise sunny disposition but, on the brightside, you don’t have to shovel fog and it still gets the kids out of school—maybe there is something to this Fresnan fog after all.

6. If You Are What You Eat, Then Fresnans Are Sandwiches

Fresno Stereotypes

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Seriously, these people will put anything between two buns. Ask someone around town where the best sandwich is and you better sit down. The conversation is bound to sound like they are reading the phonebook to you because there are a million shops in town and everything single one is worthy of renown. Do they put their beloved tri-tip between buns? Of course. Can you get a philly this far West? No doubt. You mean you haven’t had the TBA at Sunnyside? Stop reading this and get me one while you’re at it.

7. People In Fresno Are The Early To Bed Type

Fresno Stereotypes

Source: Flickr user Ed Yourdon

When Fresnans say “There’s nothing to do in Fresno” is not just because the entertainment options in town are limited at best or that life lacks luster next to the glitz and glamor of LA and SF, but rather it’s to keep busy-body hipsters from invading their quaint, cozy little city. Fresnans are happy to roll the sidewalks up around 10 PM. They don’t see Fresno as lacking a nightlife but rather view it as a case of having so much important things to accomplish in a given day that its better to get home early to get rack up some beautyrest and be ready for whatever great adventures life throws at them tomorrow.

8. In Fresno, Everyone And Their Mother Is In A Band

Fresno Stereotypes

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Bands are big in Fresno—every garage has one—from punk to country and everything in between, but the largest contingent of them all is the Fresnan mariachi. In Fresno brass is a precious metal, but it isn’t valued for its weight. It’s only worth something if you are free on Tuesday nights for rehearsal and can make it to someone’s cousin’s quinceanera.

9. And They’re As Sun-Dried As A California Raisin

Fresno Stereotypes

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Fresno raisins are made in the burning hot sun, but they will be quick to tell you that it is a dry heat. No matter, the blistering temperatures are great for making sweets but can easily turn Fresnan dermis to a leathery crust more suitable for handbags than glad-handing.

10. No, Seriously, Fresnans Get Super Pruney From All That Swimming

Fresno Stereotypes

Source: Flickr user nateOne

If they aren’t all wrinkly from soaking up the sun, Fresnans get their prune-y appearance from constantly taking the plunge. Summer temperatures in Fresno a unbearable at best and the only way to escape the haze, as they well know it taking a dip. If they don’t personally have a access to a pool, you better believe that they have a friend on speed-dial who does. Now, who wants to put sunscreen on my back? Did we miss anything? Tell us what you think of Fresno in the comments below!