1. Playing Frontier Games

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Source: “G” jewels g is for Grandma
Fort Worthians are proud of their town’s history as a dusty frontier, home to the free, the brave and the lawless. Their official motto is “cowboys and culture,” and they show off their western heritage with deep civic pride in museums and cultural hubs throughout the city.

2. Representing Their Cowgirls

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Source: Flickr user Al_HikesAZ
Fort Worthians are fiercely proud of everything in their culture and the buck doesn’t stop with their rabble-rousing women. In honor of renowned cowgirls and she-mavericks, they erected the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in honor of the independence of women from the American West. The museum features an interactive exhibit, a research library, theaters, a photo collection, and a gift shop. The museum doesn’t just honor the fairer sex of days bygone, though. Every year it inducts real, living heroines into its Hall of Fame.

3. Lions, Tigers, And Bears, Oh My!

People from Fort Worth Love
Source: Flickr user Tammye Nash
The Fort Worth Zoo was recently named as a top zoo by the “Los Angeles Times,” “USA Today,” and “Southern Living” magazine. It boasts 5,000 native and exotic animals, including penguins, primates, and cheetah exhibits…and lions, tigers and bears, too of course

4. But Their Favorite Animals By Far Are Horned Frogs And Rams Too

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Source: Flickr user Texas Christina University
Diehard fans for college sports, Fort Worthians show their love for the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs and the Texas Wesleyan University Rams.

5. Quality Time On The Loop

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Source: Flickr user Rand Lemley
Nothing comes fast in Cowtown, not even the commute. Sprawling over five counties and several major interstates, Fort Worth is one of the largest cities in the U.S. As such, Fort Worthians are accustomed to spending long chunks of their time driving on and around the loop.

6. Stopping To Smell The Roses

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Source: Flickr user Amanda Cox
Things move at a slower pace for residents here than in other parts of the world. As many a Fort Worthian will assure you, the slower way of doing things leads to a stress-free life. But don’t take their word for it. Cowtown was recently listed as one of the top 10 most livable cities in the U.S. from livablility.com

7. Getting In Line...

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Source: Flickr user Farrukh
….for line dancing, that is. Fort Worthians love to Western swing and do the Texas shuffle. Ever heard of a cowboy disco? Well check out Exchange Avenue on a Saturday to see where all the Cowtown boot-scooters go.

8. Women With Facial Hair

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Source: Flickr user Mark Berry
Just off West Magnolia, in one of the trending districts, The Bearded Lady is a hotspot for locals. Fear not, the female patrons aren’t really of the circus variety (not that there’s anything wrong with that, really). The place does, however, boast a decent beer selection and the mac ‘n’ cheese is sheer creamy goodness.

9. Eggels, Boopalaches, & Schmere

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Source: Flickr user Dennis Wilkinson
Those in the know frequent Boopa’s Bagel Deli, where their love of egg and bagel sandwiches, sausage rolls, and cream cheese is satisfied in a big Texas way.

10. Standing Apart From Thine Neighbor

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Source: Flickr user Heike Giesler
Even though Fort Worthians are a horse gallop away from their Dallas neighbors to the east, don’t make the mistake of comparing the two cities. Fort Worthians pride themselves in being old fashioned—relics of the past and they will make a point to differentiate themselves from their hoity toity neighbors.

11. Getting High…

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Source: Flickr user Texas Flyer
...in the air, that is. Aviation fans come out in droves for the Fort Worth Alliance Air Show. With interactive exhibits, flight simulators, static displays, and free admission, the annual aviation festival is fun for the whole family.

12. Representing The Bible Belt

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Source: Flickr user Sharon
Texans are known for their evangelical leanings and Fort Worthians proudly uphold this religious affiliation. The DFW area is home to three of the largest evangelical seminaries and several of the country’s largest megachurches.

13. Mansions, Mansions, Mansions

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Source: Flickr user Parks and Wrecked Creations
There are 25 of the world’s richest people living in the DFW area, at least nine of which are in Fort Worth. The list includes the Walmart heiress, Alice Walton, who is definitely the richest Fort Worthian, and several people with the last name of Bass.

14. And Speaking of Bass, Fort Worthians Love Opera

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Source: Bass Performance Hall via Facebook
The Nancy Lee and Perry Bass Performance Hall is home to the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, the Fort Worth Opera, and several symphony, ballet, opera, stage, musicals, and rock concerts. It has state-of-the-art acoustics, and even gets a mention in “Travel and Leisure” magazine as a leading opera house.

15. Peace Of Mind And Firearms (Which Are Interchangeable Terms Here)

People from Fort Worth Love Flickr user katherine Strickland Fort Worth is the ninth safest city with a population of 500,000 or more in the United States. I’m sure the fact that practically everyone owns a shotgun or a handgun doesn’t hurt…unless you’re the one breaking into his or her home.

16. Wrasslin’ Long Horns

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Source: Flickr user Randy Cutshall
Fort Worthians are known for their love of all things rodeo, and this love is in keeping with the annual Stock Show and Rodeo that they have hosted continuously since 1896. It claims to be the oldest continually running livestock show and it’s all indoors. Yee haw!

17. Getting Hitched And Staying Hitched

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Fort Worthians are in it for the long haul. In keeping with their more traditional way of life, a whopping 47 precent of Fort Worthians are married while only 11 percent are divorced.

18. Being Sent To The Stockyards

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Source: Flickr user Drew Douglas
The Fort Worth Stock Yards National Historic District is a popular spot, home to the only twice-daily cattle drive in the world. Resplendent with restaurants, saloons, dining options, and, livestock auctions, it is definitely a site to see.

19. Making Money—Literally

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Source: Flickr user 401(K) 2012
Sixty percent of all the U.S. currency is printed at the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing Western Currency Facility in Fort Worth. Take a tour and see how much green you can glean.

20. Duking It Out In The Ring

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Source: Flickr user jordangauger
Fort Worthians love watching the pros go at it in the rings as well as trying their hand—er, fist—at it as well. Cowtown houses the Texas State Golden Gloves as well as a state-of-the-art boxing gym for amateurs.

21. Putting The Pedal To The Medal

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Source: Flickr user Drew Gaines
Fort Worth is home to the Texas Motor Speedway. With a seating capacity of 155,000, it is one of the largest sports facility in the country and proof positive that Fort Worthians have a need for speed.

22. High Brow Art

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Source: Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth via Facebook
While one contingent of Fort Worthians loves the slow, dusty pace of country life, there is an equally large contingent that loves the finer things in life. The Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth is the oldest museum in Texas and the largest gallery space devoted to modern art, second only to MoMA.

23. Preserving Their Youth

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Source: Flickr user Dimitris Papazimouris
Botox can take a backseat here. The median age in Cowtown is 31, compared with a median age of 40 for the rest of Texas.

24. Communing With Nature

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Source: Flickr user Brian Bergman
Who doesn’t love being around water, hiking, and biking? And with six large lakes and tons of trails, this town is perfect for an afternoon spent waterskiing or speed boating. Or just wading in with some loved ones.

25. All Things Honky Tonk

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Source: Flickr user Jesus Solana
Fort Worthians gave birth to the word “honky tonk,” at least in the printed form. It first appeared in 1889 in the Fort Worth Daily Gazette. Add that to their love of shaking what mama gave them (FW is home to the largest honky tonk bar with a capacity of 6,000) to honky tonk music and that pretty much makes them subject matter experts.

26. Babbling Brooks

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Source: Flickr user Richard Wayne
Not crazy women named Brook, but those of the water variety. The Fort Worth Water Garden features four blocks of cascading waterfalls, resplendent fountains, shimmering pools, and water-based gardens. So, probably not the best spot to skip rocks.

27. Serenity on the Trinity

People from Fort Worth Love Flickr user Brandon Burns Fort Worthians love heading to Trinity Trails for fun, exercise, and just plain relaxation. Composed of 32 miles of paved trails winding from Northside Dr. to Foster Park, it is ideal for running, walking, biking, rollerblading, and picnic-having.

28. All Things Sports-Related

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Source: Flickr user Jeff Bergman
Home to the NBA Dallas Mavericks for basketball, the NFL Dallas Cowboys for football, and the American League’s Texas Rangers for baseball, the DFW area is a mecca for major sporting events. And the fanatical fans that attend them.

29. Eating In A Room Filled With Stuffed Animals

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Source: Flickr user Paul Quinn
At Angelo’s Great Texas Bar-B-Que there is a large, taxidermied bear to greet hungry diners, but that doesn’t deter the throng of barbecue believers. They are happy to sit in the company of the severed animal heads adorning the walls staring back at them while they enjoy succulent brisket drowned in tangy barbecue sauce.

30. Doing Business On The Green

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Source: Flickr user Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County
Fort Worthians love to do business while playing a few holes. The city has six public golf courses and Fort Worth country clubs are some of the finest in the South. But most of all Fort Worthians love Fort Worth, and is it any wonder? With so many great things to do, see and eat, and plenty of economic opportunity there is plenty to fall in love with.