1. The Ultimate Adventure In “Weird America” Starts Here

Located on the walk to the east baggage claim in Denver International Airport, weary travelers often walk past Gary Sweeney’s “Why I Love Her” maps without giving it a second glance. Next time, stop and take a look. Sweeney spent an entire year in the early 1990s going to weird places around America to bring his memories back to share with his fellow Denverites. The two maps are located on opposing walls and are filled with all sorts of cool shots.

2. Play Ball Or You Just May End Up In This Jail Cell

Believe it or not, there’s actually a usable jail in Coors Field. It’s used by the Denver Police Department to instantly detain fans that get a bit too unruly. So next time you’ve got the urge to jump the fence and go streaking or start a yelling match with an umpire, it may be best to reconsider.

3. Forget The Daily Grind While Floating In Some Brine

There’s an underground culture in Denver of float tank enthusiasts. Participants are able to completely shut off their minds, floating in baths of salt in complete darkness cut off from the rest of the world. It may sound a little strange at first, but these tanks are the ultimate relief of stress, giving your mind and body a little time off for a couple hours. You don’t have to go far to find them if you know where to look. Check out the Denver Flotation Center.

4. Denver’s Museum Of Miniatures Is A Pretty Big Deal

There are over 10,000 miniatures people and objects at the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, and Toys. With special exhibits, like the current matchstick cathedrals, as well as permanent displays like Chuck’s Circus complete with tiny animals, 4,000 painted people and a freak show display, this mini museum is a pretty big deal.

5. The Ballsiest Beer In The World Is Brewed In The Mile High City

There aren’t too many places in the world you can have beer made with actual animal testicles, but Wynkoop Brewery in the mile-high city makes one of the best. The Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout is made with 25 pounds of freshly sliced and roasted bull testicles in each batch.

6. Mario’s Double Daughters Share A Boozy Denver Secret

It’s the bright red mystery concoction called “Succo Vaffanculodi Mario” on the menu of this supremely strange local haunt that’s the real hidden gem—if you like getting lit. What’s the secret? Mario won’t say, other than this extremely potent potion contains at least 17 different liquors perfectly formulated to knock you on your keister.

7. Denver Is A Paradise For Anyone With A Frondness For Climbing Trees

Think your tree climbing days are over? Not in Denver. Harv Teitelbaum, owner of Tree Climbing Colorado will be your Sherpa to the top. Teitelbaum will get you strapped up and climbing some of the biggest trees around.

8. Make Some Imaginary Friends At This Paranormal Park

You’ve heard of parks being built on old landfills, but the otherwise unassuming Cheesman Park, located at 8th and York, has something much more alarming under its peaceful paths and restful benches: thousands of desecrated graves. The land it’s on used to be a cemetery, from which some 5,000 sets of unclaimed remains were removed (by chopping them up to fit in smaller containers) in the late 1800s. Unsurprisingly, neighbors began reporting spooky doings almost immediately.

9. Denver Has 50 Shades Of Haze

With more weed dispensaries than Starbucks operating in Denver, everyone in the country knows that marijuana is becoming part of Denver’s culture at a pretty rapid rate. On the coattails of the craze is 50 Shades of Haze: The Pot Show at the Dangerous Theatre. Known for putting on shows that probably wouldn’t be featured in the regular performance circuit, Dangerous Theatre’s 50 Shades of Haze is a comedy sketch that’s all about smoking weed.

10. Rudolph Is On The Menu In Denver

And he tastes delicious. Biker Jim’s is home to some of the most unique hot dogs in the country. Among the many options, some of the most unique include the Alaskan reindeer dogs, rattlesnake pheasant dogs, and the mythical meat of the jack-a-lope dog.

11. You’ll Need To Linger In A Mortuary For One Of Best Meals In Denver

Once a historic mortuary, Linger is one of strangest places to eat in Denver. Essentially switching out the “mortuaries” signs for “eatuaries” signs, Linger owners embrace the history of the building with various creepy touches around the establishment.

12. Occasionally Denver Turns Into “The Planet Of The Apes”

But don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of simian armageddon. They’re actually just normal people donning a gorilla suit for the sake of mountain gorilla conservation. So, come November, don’t be shocked when you see these furry friends wandering around downtown.

13. There Is A Memorial To A Man Eater In Denver

Infamously known as the Colorado Cannibal, Alferd Packer calls Littleton Cemetery his final resting place. As legend goes, Packer left Utah with 21 men headed for Breckenridge in search of gold. Ignoring warnings, he and five others set out alone into intense winter storms. What happened next is a bit unclear, but it ended with Packer consuming his hiking pals. He was sentenced to 40 years for manslaughter before dying and heading to Denver.

14. Folks In The Noir Grab A Cocktail At This Denver Speakeasy

To anyone that comes in off the street, Williams & Graham looks more like a tiny bookstore than somewhere to grab a drink—and that’s all a part of the magic. Individuals that aren’t interested in the books get sent behind a moving bookcase to discover that the Prohibition era lives on in this speakeasy. And the drinks, well, they are so good, they should be illegal.

15. I’m Guessing You’ve Never Seen $30 Million, Cold Hard Cash, Well You Can In Denver

If you want to feel like a baller for a day, the Denver Money Museum is the place to do it. Located at the Denver branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, you can get an up close and personal look at how the money system works in America. Plus just soak in the view of all that sweet, sweet cash money. One of the most unique cities in America, new cool things are popping up around Denver every day. Maybe it’s the oxygen deprivation? Whatever the case may be you never have to go too far to find something bizarre and awesome. Feature Image Source: Flickr user jonoakley Did we miss anything? Tell us your favorite secret spot in Denver in the comments below!