1. Looking For Fun On A Friday Night In Connecticut? Just Head To The Nearest Field

Things about Connecticut

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House Party P’shaw, in Connecticut it’s all all about the field party. All that partygoers need is a field (that’s usually muddy), a bonfire, some tunes, and several cases of beer.

2. Nutmeggers Are Massive Seafood Snobs

Things about Connecticut

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Thanks to the rich and bountiful coastline, Connecticutians get a little bit spoiled when it comes to seafood. With plentiful pulls straight from their own waters, Nutmeggers can frequently get a taste of the finer things, like fresh clams and stuff lobsters. Seafood fans should head to Norwalk, where they can find some of the coolest restaurants in the state, including Harbor Lights, a waterfront joint that patrons can reach by boat or car.

3. Connecticut Has A Small But Mighty Microbrew Scene

Things about Connecticut

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Connecticut’s microbrew community may not be as big as other states’ but as any Nutmegger can attest, Connecticut's microbrews are still the very best. With companies like Half Full Brewery, City Stream Brewery, and Rheingold Brewing Company, that nutmeggers absoultely spoiled when it comes to local brews. This year marks Connecticut’s 20th annual CT Craft Brew Fest, where drinkers can sample over 200 awesome beers.

4.Everyone In Connecticut Hates Deer With A Fiery Passion

Things about Connecticut

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The deer in Connecticut are very brave—or very stupid. 18,000 deer are killed in Connecticut every year, roughly 50 per day. Every Nutmegger knows that they should be careful travelling I-84 and to any visitor, the evidence on the roadside should be a clear enough warning.

5. Connecticuters Don’t Have The Accent You’d Expect

People new to Connecticut are often surprised by how Nutmeggers sound. Stuck between two very well know accents, Boston and New York, most people would expect to hear one of those. The Connecticut accent is much more neutral, words are actually pronounced how they should be. The “r” isn’t dropped off of words like mother, like it tends to in Boston. Vowels sound how like they look. However, with the level of diversity in Connecticut, this can vary town to town. For example, Hartfordians have an accent of their own with words like “FEAR-ee” instead of ferry working their way into common vocabulary.

6. Connect Drivers Dominate Massholes

Things about Connecticut Anyone who has driven on I-85 knows exactly how it feels to be caught behind a slow driver or have someone speeding up on you from behind. Coupled with the winding roads, things can get pretty crazy on the roads here in Connecticut.

7. Connecticuters’ Dress Code Is Pastels, Popped Collars And And Boat Shoes

Things about Connecticut

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Pastel pants, polo shirts, and boat shoes. If you’re moving to Connecticut, get used to seeing these things. But then It’s easy to see how these trends became popular, with the rich boating history in the Constitution State.

8. No Connecticuters Would Not Rather Live In New York or New Jersey

Things about Connecticut

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Every Connecticuter has been asked at least once if they’d prefer to just live in New York City since they’re so close. The answer is always “no.” Connecticuters are proud to live where they do, even with the high cost of living and deer flooded streets it will always be their favorite state.

9. Yankees Or Red Sox? When Connecticuters Pick A Side, It’s For Life

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You’ll find as many Red Sox fans as Yankee fans in Connecticut. Caught between two huge MLB franchises without a team in their own state, each Nutmegger must make the choice. Even still, Connecticut fans for either team are die-hards, always willing to stand up for the decision they made.

10. Every Connecticuter Knows The Best Apizza In The World Is In New Haven

Things about Connecticut

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New York, Chicago, even Italy, have nothing on New Haven “apizza.” Baked in a coal oven, apizza usually has very, very thin crust and comes served on wax paper. Some of the fan favorites include Sally’s and Pepe’s.

11. In Connecticut, Your Neighbors Are Basically Extended Family

Things about Connecticut

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With so many small towns spread throughout the state, Connecticut has become known for it’s great small community atmosphere in certain areas. People in these communities help each other out and act as if they’re one big family.

12. UCONN Basketball Dominance Fills All Nutmeggers With Pride

Things about Connecticut

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Throughout the entire state, every resident bleeds white and blue. Any proud Connecticutian would prefer that their state be known for their college basketball over anything else, including the state’s role in the development of the Constitution of the United States of America. The Huskies have a history of dominating both men’s and women’s sports, helping to create one of the most devout fan bases in the nation.

13. Connecticut Practically Invented The “Amusement Park”

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Bridgeport, Conn. is home to the longest continuously operating amusement park in the United States. It’s feature ride is Boulder Dash wooden roller coaster, ranked as the best wooden roller coaster in the world. Since it’s opening year in 1846, the park as added at water park free with admission and now has 44 rides.


14. Connecticuters Aren’t Exactly Nuts About Their Mysterious Nickname

Things about Connecticut

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There are lots of rumors regarding the “nutmegger” nickname. Some people suspect it originated when Connecticut imported nutmegs during the colonial era. Others think that it started as a sort of derogatory term, with nutmeg salesmen in the region being untrustworthy, pushing fake product made from wood. But no one is really sure. Most Connecticuters would rather be called a New Englander than anything else.

15. Getting Tipsy Before A Show At The Meadows Is A Connecticut Rite Of Passage

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XFINITY Theatre in Hartford, also know as Meadows Music Theatre. The setup attracts a lot of jam bands, like Dave Matthews Band. With heavy tailgating, most concertgoers are stumbling up to the gate by the time the show starts. It’s pretty much a tradition .


16. Sherlock Holmes Has A Castle In Connecticut


Things about Connecticut

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William Gillette, famous for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes on stage, had Gillette Castle built in 1914. The castle is known for it’s unusual doorknobs and locks, as well as it’s hidden mirrors that allowed Gillette to secretly observe most of the rooms from his bedroom. After spending 11 million to restore the area, the castle now sits on a popular site for hikers and campers.

17. Good News Single Fellas, In Connecticut Women Outnumber Men

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Great news for nutmegger bachelors, Connecticut is roughly 48% male, 52% female. That might not seem like a lot but when you’re talking around 3.5 million in-state residents, women outnumber the men by almost 200,000.

18. That Juicy Burger You’re Enjoying, Yeah You Can Thank Connecticut For That

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In 1900, a man walked into Louis’ Lunch, a restaurant in New Haven, seeking something he could eat on the run. Louis Lassen took some of his meat trimmings, put it between some bread and sent the patron back out to the streets. Just like that, the hamburger was born. Even though the hamburger has evolved a lot since then, it’s roots in New Haven has led to Connecticut often being referred to as the “hamburger state.”

19. Folks In Connecticut Really Know How To Create A Good Vibe

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Every summer, Bridgeport, Conn. hosts the “Gathering of the Vibes” festival, a four-day concert series built around celebrating the life of Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia. Two huge stages play a variety of music throughout the day and night, with genres stretching from funk to bluegrass to rock to R&B.

20. Connecticut Is Full Of Spooky Doings

Things about Connecticut

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Frequently featured in Hollywood movies, Connecticut attracts many ghost hunters on a yearly basis. With so many old towns and so much history, creepy things are bound to happen. Recently a film titled “The Haunting In Connecticut” told the “true story” of a family that is haunted by a violent past and the supernatural forces of a house in Southington, Conn.

21. People From Connecticut Are Very Liberal—Unless They’re Very Conservative

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The second state to legalize gay marriage, Connecticut has been historically known as a very liberal state, especially from a social standpoint. However, seeing as there is a large population of wealthy citizens, the support for conservative fiscal policies is also quite prevalent. This leads to a sort of confusion among residents as policies and trends are representative of both major parties.

22. Connecticut Is (Ivy) Leagues Ahead In Higher Education

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313 years in the making, Yale University of New Haven, Conn was the 2nd school to join the Ivy League. Renowned worldwide for it’s awesome education program, this Connecticut school has the 2nd largest endowment in the world at almost $21 billion. With ivy-covered buildings and neo-gothic architecture, this famous university helps Connecticut regularly rank in the top 5 smartest states.

23. There’s No Such Thing As Stage Fright In Connecticut

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A lot of Broadway performers get their start in Connecticut, and a lot of people that have been on Broadway also travel to perform in Connecticut. Various theatres throughout the state always put on great shows for a great price, Yale Repertory Theater to name one.

24. Connecticuters Always Cheer For The Away Team

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Aside from just the Yankees/Red Sox split, Connecticutians often struggle to pick a single NBA or NFL team to cheer for. They’ve got to pick between the Celtics, the Knicks, and the Nets. Then they’ve also got to decide between the Jets, the Giants, and the Patriots. Decisions, decisions. At least Connecticut can always cheer for the Hartford Whalers, no matter how long they’ve been gone.

25. Connecticut Was The Original Jurassic Park

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The area where Hartford now sits used to be the stomping ground for prehistoric giants. Over 2,000 tracks have been located in Dinosaur State Park and Arboretum. One of the residents was the dilophosaurus, a carnivore that could get up to 23 ft. long and had a fin on his head. Feature Image Source: Flickr user libookperson What do you love about living in Connecticut? Leave a comment and let us know!