1. Staples High School in Westport, Conn. holds the record for having the most twins enrolled in a single academic school year, at 16 pairs. Connecticut Facts
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2. The first speed limit ever set was passed into law in Connecticut in 1901, a neck breaking limit of 12 miles per hour. 3. One of the most significant improvements in the history of television happened right in Bristol, the creation of ESPN, the first all-sports cable channel. Connecticut Facts
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4. Inventor David Bushness of Connecticut drew up the original plans for the first submarine in 1776. 5. Deepika Ravichandran of East Hampton claimed the title of the world’s fastest puzzle-putter-together according to Guinness World Records after solving a difficult 250-jigsaw puzzle at a rate of 18 pieces per minute with no picture guide and no edge pieces to work off of. Connecticut Facts
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6. It’s illegal for a Hartford man to kiss his wife in public on a Sunday. 7. After several sticky incidents, Southington, Conn. decided it was best to ban silly string altogether. Connecticut Facts
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8. Devon, Conn. city officials found it necessary to ban walking backwards on city sidewalks after sunset. 9. The Unitarian Church of Westport, Conn. set the record for largest group of door-to-door carolers at 502 participants. Now that’s some holiday spirit. Connecticut Facts
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10. The term “nutmegger” originates from early trading days when Connecticut traders became known for sneaking wooden nutmegs in with real nuts to increase profits. 11. There would be no “Family Guy” without the Connecticuter Seth McFarlane. Connecticut Facts
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12. Connecticut averages roughly 2,400 hours of sunshine every year, the equivalent of 100 days. 13. In order for a pickle to be considered a pickle in Connecticut, it must bounce if thrown at the table. Connecticut Facts
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14. Ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee golf would be much more difficult if University of Bridgeport college students didn’t fashion the first flying discs from empty pie tins. Connecticut Facts
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15. Connecticut birthed Noah Webster. In 1807 he became the author of the first dictionary. 16. The practice of branding cattle didn’t originate in the Wild West, but in Connecticut, when a law was passed requiring farmers to mark their pigs. Connecticut Facts
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17. Connecticut was the first state to have permanent license plates, starting in 1937. 18. It’s illegal to cross the street in Hartford while walking on your hands. Connecticut Facts
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19. It’s illegal for Connecticut cyclists to travel in excess of 65 miles per hour. 20. The state insect of Connecticut is the praying mantis. Connecticut Facts
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21. Tossing a used razorblade in the trash is illegal in Connecticut.

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22. Waterbury, Conn. became home to the country’s first women-only golf tournament in 1917. Connecticut Facts
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23. While Connecticut ranks 48th in size, it’s fourth in population density with 739 people per square mile. 24. Spurring a company using his namesake, Connecticut’s Charles Goodyear created vulcanized rubber that’s still used today in car tires and hockey pucks. Connecticut Facts
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25. Carpet owners should thank Hartford’s Spencer Turbine Company for creating the first vacuum in 1905. It’s come a long way since then. 26. Connecticut was one of two states not to ratify the amendment that resulted in the prohibition. Connecticut Facts
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27. Unless you can prove you’re blind, it’s illegal for anyone in Connecticut to use a white walking cane in public. 28. In 1900, Louis’ Lunch in New Haven crafted the first hamburger when a rushed patron wanted something he could eat on the go. Connecticut Facts
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29. Next time you go for your favorite can of Chef Boyardee, remembers that Waterbury resident Ezra Warner was the one to invent the can opener in 1858. 30. Made famous by the legends of Wild West, the Whitneyville Walker Colt .45 revolvers produced by Hartford based Colt’s Manufacturing Company go for over $100,000 today at auctions, as only 168 still exist. Connecticut Facts
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31. In 1878 New Haven published the country’s first telephone book with only 50 names featured in its pages. 32. Once dyed completely blue in “Big Fat Liar,” Paul Giamatti was born in New Haven. Connecticut Facts
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33. With how much American history has occurred in Connecticut, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the state song is “Yankee Doodle.” Connecticut Facts
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34. Oddly enough, today Connecticut is one of the least patriotic states in the country, ranking 42nd in patriotism. 35. The first artificial heart was successfully put in a patient by Robert Jarvik in 1982. Connecticut Facts
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36. The old New Englander nickname “pumpkinheads” originates from New Haven hairstylists who would use pumpkin shells to perfect the bowl cut. 37. The shoreline of Connecticut is a jagged 332 miles long. 38. PEZ dispensers were created in the Connecticut city of Orange. Connecticut Facts
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39. The oldest newspaper still published in America is the Hartford Courant, first coming off the press in 1764. 40. The term “lollipop” was coined by the creator of the first lollipop-making machine, George Smith of New Haven, in 1908, named after his favorite race horse. Connecticut Facts
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41. Connecticut has seen rapid forest growth, expanding from 10 percent state coverage in the 1800s to 60 percent today. 42. Perhaps in an effort to prevent tacky decorations from popping up, Guilford, Conn. made it illegal to use any color of Christmas lights except for white. Connecticut Facts
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43. Connecticuter Mary Kies was the first woman to obtain a U.S. patent in 1809 for her unique method of weaving straw by using silk. 44. Known for hard hits and outstanding acting, the World Wrestling Federation has its headquarters in Stamford. Connecticut Facts
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45. Connecticut has been covered by glaciers several times, with the most recent one melting only 15,000 years ago. 46. Almost 2 billion cans and bottles are redeemed for cash in Connecticut every year. That pays out roughly $100,000,000 on a 5 cent reward. 47. Angler fishing is so popular in Connecticut that roughly $300,000,000 is spent on the sport in the state each year by over 400,000 fishers. That’s $750 apiece. Connecticut Facts
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48. One of richest and most powerful men of his time, J.P. Morgan called Hartford, Conn. his childhood home. 49. Tons of dinosaurs used to roam Connecticut, mostly in Rocky Hill where tracks were discovered in 1966. Connecticut Facts
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50. Connecticut drivers spend a ton of time on the road, driving average of roughly 24,000 miles annually. 51. Connecticut was the birthplace of only one president, New Havener George W. Bush. Connecticut Facts
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It may be small, but Connecticut is home to a lot of things to talk about. From innovations that changed the world to celebrities that have stolen our hearts, “the Constitution State” is pretty sweet. What’s your favorite fun fact about Connecticut? Tell us in the comments below!