1. People In The Bay Area Speak A "Language" All Their Own

11 Bay Area Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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In the Bay Area, people have their own...special way of saying things. "Hella" is probably the most notably NorCal, but it's the little things too. "Fro-yo," "chill," and "Cali" are all words you'll hear often uttered by the younger generation of Bay Area residents.

By the way, if you're a girl and someone calls you "dude," don't get upset. It's a gender-neutral term around here. Some of that classic Valley girl "Ohmygod, like, totally!" speak can still be heard as well, though it's slowly dying out now (thank goodness).

2. Everyone In The Bay Area Takes Their Amazing, Best-In-The-Nation Weather For Granted All The Time

11 Bay Area Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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Next time it starts to rain in the Bay Area, take a little trip to the local mall. You'll hear everyone talking about how terrible the weather is outside, and how cold and how gray! Never mind that there's a state of emergency blizzard in Virginia-it's raining here, man! This is major news!

This area of California is lucky to enjoy some of the best sunny weather in the world for much of the year, so it's not too much of a surprise that anything else seems unprecedented.

Speaking of unprecedented conditions...

3. Everyone In The Bay Area Is Afraid Of Melting Like The Wicked Witch When It Rains

11 Bay Area Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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Hearing all those overreactions to the weather is assuming you can even get to the mall.

After the first rainfall of the year, roads here get downright scary. It's like no one has ever seen damp asphalt before! Many Bay Area drivers already don't use turn signals ever (it's true) and text while driving, so combine that with no knowledge of how to deal with hydroplaning or how to brake on wet roads, and you've got some crazy dangerous conditions out there!

They'll avoid going out like the rain is made of acid, and if they must drive, it's white knuckles all the way. And if the roads get icy, that's it. They'll just stay home. It's not worth the risk, dude.

4. No One Considers SoCal Part Of The State

11 Bay Area Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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Whether it's their sport teams, culture, weather, or just plain attitude, people in the Bay Area have got a major beef with the southern part of the state. The hating on Los Angeles is especially bad, and people in the Bay Area could easily just do without its existence.

The sporting rivalries between the Bay Area and SoCal are frighteningly intense, especially when it comes to hockey (they're Sharks fans all the way) and baseball (don't even talk about the Dodgers). You can bet the "Beat LA" chants ring out for miles when the Kings are in town.

It even goes so far that when someone mentions they've been to SoCal on a visit to California, the instant response from a Bay area native is "Oh, no, that's not California."

5. In The Bay Area Everything Comes Second To Watching Their Beloved Sports Teams

11 Bay Area Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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Speaking of sports rivalries, Bay Area people are some seriously devoted (obsessed?) fans! Sharks, Warriors, Earthquake, Giants, A's, Niners, Raiders...the list goes on and on! You might find stores closing early on the night of a big football game, because everyone's going to be glued to a TV somewhere.

They'll fill the stadiums to capacity, sport team colors proudly even when it's not game day, swarm to the bars when it is, and throw some serious parties when they win something big (they about lost their minds after that second World Series win). They bleed teal. They adore their precious Kung Fu Panda. And they still wistfully think back on the days of Steve Young, Jerry Rice and "The Catch" with pride.

6. Everyone Is, Like, Totally Laid Back, Dude

11 Bay Area Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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People in the Bay Area still stick with the "go-with-the-flow" mentality of many hippies from back in the day. If you make plans with someone, you should expect them to show up late. If you cancel on someone at the last minute, you should expect them to shrug it off with a smile and a "whatever." "Maybe" means "probably not," and they're perfectly okay with that.

They're very simply a relaxed species, often to the point of being flaky. Sometimes reeeally flaky, so you have to remind them many times about plans made too far in advance. They might be doing...you know, other stuff, and just forget. It's hard to rustle them up or wind them up too tight, and they'll gladly indulge in music, food (especially chocolate), wine (I mean, they've got Napa Valley like, an hour away) and the finer things in life. The people of the Bay Area say to the world "No worries, man."

Speaking of the finer things...

7. Everyone In The Bay Area Is Blissfully Ignorant Of How Good They Have It

11 Bay Area Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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One of the reasons Bay Area folks can afford to be so laid-back is because living there makes you extremely pampered. Plain and simple. They have everything at their fingertips all the time, from outstanding food to cutting-edge technology and endless opportunities for relaxation.

While living in the Bay Area is undeniably expensive, everyone just has so many options for everything. No matter where they live in the Bay Area, everyone has a favorite sushi place that delivers, a (probably free) concert playing less than 10 minutes away, a festival this weekend, and a new play or museum exhibit within biking distance. It's all happening all the time, and they take it for granted. They frankly just expect it at this point.

They can actually get pretty snobby about this stuff, because hey, they get to sample the best of everything every day.

But that doesn't mean if you haven't got the latest iPhone they won't talk to you, because...

8. No Matter Where You're From Or What You Do for Fun, It's All Cool With Them

11 Bay Area Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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Above all else, California is a big mess of crazy, chaos, relaxation, environmentalism, comfort, and technology. (See point above.) You'll find festivals here for all sorts of religions, races, backgrounds, and holidays. We have Scottish Highland games, a big Chinese New Year celebration, gay pride parades, and more starting every year to celebrate the melting pot culture.

If you think you're different, stick out, or just need some room to breathe, everyone in the Bay Area will welcome you in with open arms. Embrace the chaos! And after all, they really can't criticize anyone for being different anyway since...

9. They're So Weird, A Guy Wearing a Green Tutu, Clown Makeup, and Leggings Is Pretty Normal

11 Bay Area Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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Ever heard of the Folsom Street Fair? No, wait, don't look it up. It's just one example of how weird these people get.

A lot of the...eccentricity naturally stems from San Francisco (which is NOT "Frisco," they really don't like that). Here you'll find Supperclub, a restaurant where you lie on mattresses to eat instead of at tables and Opaque, where you actually dine in darkness.

Then there's the city's annual Pillow Fight (where you're advised to wear a mask or bandanna to avoid choking on flying feathers) and most recently, a Batman inspired chase through the city for the sake of the city's own Dark Knight, Batkid.

San Jose gets into the weirdness too, boasting a massive zombie walk once a year and themed bike parties (January was the "Fur and Feathers" ride).

Basically, the Bay Area is bright, colorful, in your face, loud and proud. And they know it.

10. Everyone In The Bay Area Is More Attached To Their Gadgets Than To People

11 Bay Area Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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When they're not being in-your-face, loud and proud, you can probably find people in the Bay Area obliviously plugged in to something. Google Glass is becoming a pretty regular sight, and you'll spot the latest tablets, phones and computers everywhere.

It probably seems logical, since the Bay Area is basically the tech Mecca of the U.S., where Steve Jobs decided to spend most of his time. But even when driving they tend to be plugged in, since this is the area with the highest number of electric cars in the country.

So you might need to honk a couple times to get them to use that turn signal. They probably can't hear you with their fancy headphones in.

11. If You're Not A Tree Hugger You Just Don't Belong

11 Bay Area Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

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So people in the Bay Area may not all be sporting tie-dye any more, but they're still a bunch of hardcore nature lovers. Everyone recycles like crazy, bikes most places (okay, every place), and works hard to help the environment in any other way they can.

And if you don't? Expect an earful. It doesn't matter if you're a stranger on the street or a blood relative-they'll stop you on the street to tell you to put that can in the recycling, not the compost bin! And if the heinous behavior continues, they might actually refuse to speak to you anymore.

Everyone in the Bay Area also takes major pride in their state parks (which are admittedly pretty impressive) and they will not miss an opportunity to brag that their trees are better than yours.