1. For Starters, They’re Just “Wings.” Period.

There’s absolutely no adjective needed. They aren’t hot wings or chicken wings, those delicious Buffalo sauce-covered pieces of heaven are just wings.

2. And Everyone Stands By Either Anchor Bar Or Duffs For The Best

Whether you’re on Team Duff’s Famous Wings or Team Anchor Bar, the argument over the best local wings is a massive Buffalo debate.

3. There’s No Commitment Quite Like That Of Buffalo Bills Fans

Bills fans have endured a whole lot of heartache (remember the Wide Right disaster?), but that doesn’t mean they won’t show up in negative degree weather with their hats, scarves, and jerseys over their coats to cheer on their hometown team.

4. The Phrase “Winter Is Coming” Makes Buffalo Locals Jump For Joy

Buffalo locals have snow and ice in their blood, and they will make fun of you if you can’t hack the winter. In fact, one of the local festivals has the tagline “don’t fear the winter, revel in it.”

5. Yes, Those Are Cheerios You’re Smelling

That sweet smell wafting by? Everyone in Buffalo knows it’s the familiar smell of Cheerios, lingering in the air within a five-mile radius of the General Mills plant.

6. Everyone Is Polish On Dyngus Day

Get your polka shoes on because come Dyngus Day, everyone in Buffalo (and thousands of tourists) turn Polish in Polonia. Hope you like kielbasa.

7. But Then Everyone Turns Irish On March 17

Buffalo is home to one of the biggest (and best) St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the whole country, so green attire is straight-up required. So is Guinness.

8. Buffalo Runs On Spot Coffee

Through rain, wind, sleet, or snow, Buffalo locals will trudge to the local shop to get their morning dose of Spot Coffee.

9. Don’t Call It Just “Upstate New York”

A tell-tale sign that you’re not from Buffalo is calling it simply: Upstate New York. Buffalo is proudly WNY.

10. No One Stays Inside For Canalside

In the winter there’s curling, in the summer there are concerts, and of course the Taste of Buffalo, but whatever is happening canalside (for you outsiders, that means the Eire), you can expect crowds.

11. Whatever You Do, Don’t Boil Your Hot Dogs

Now why would you go and do that when you can have local Sahlen’s charcoal-broiled hot dogs, cooked to perfection over live charcoal fires? Just go to Ted’s Hot Dogs and see.

12. Buffalo Locals Have A Taste For The Canadian Things In Life

Being so close to the border and all, there’s a hint of Canada love, at least when it comes to coffee and beer. Buffalo locals are down with Tim Hortons and Labatt, and they even brewing the latter in town.

13. Every Buffalo Teenager Has Hopped The Border For Booze

In Quebec you only have to be 18 to drink, and elsewhere in Canada, only 19. So, they won’t tell their parents, but yes, most Buffalo teenagers have ventured over the border for a cocktail or two.

14. But Locals Won’t Let Toronto Or NYC Steal Their Thunder

Buffalo is a second-class city to no one, so no, locals don’t say they’re from “outside” New York or Toronto. Buffalo pride reigns supreme.

15. You’ll Never Run Out Of New Food Trucks To Try

There are so many food trucks in Buffalo, you’ll never run out of something new for lunch. But even so, many Buffalonians keep coming back to Lloyd for the best tacos they’ve ever had.

16. Everyone Knows Someone Who Knows Someone

It’s basically Six Degrees of Buffalo in town since everybody knows everybody. Say hi to your mother for me.

17. When You’ve Got A Hankering For Hops, Drink Local

Okay, so maybe you want to level up from Labatt. Luckily there’s the homegrown Pearl Street Brewery and Flying Bison Brewing Company to slake your thirst.

18. Get Yourself A Porch Swing If You Really Want To Fit In

Buffalo Porchfest is a grassroots festival where locals sit on their or other people’s (yes) porches and listen to live music from local musicians. And yes it is a perfect day.

19. “Eternal Flame” Is Way More Than A Song

Almost all Buffalo locals have trekked to the nearby Eternal Flame Falls, once a private Western New York spot and now a bona fide tourist destination—just ask the travel channel.

20. Everyone’s Favorite Flavor Is Loganberry

Don’t even start with your raspberry or your strawberry, because every Buffalonian knows loganberry is the best flavor that has ever hit your tastebuds. Plus, every time you taste it, you can practically feel the wind blowing through your hair at Crystal Beach.

21. Who Needs The Ocean When You Have Erie Beaches?

Yes, Buffalo beaches on Lake Erie are great, but try to stay away from Woodlawn.

22. Kids Learn To Skate Before They Learn To Walk

When a baby comes out of the womb, it’s just a countdown until the kid’s legs are strong enough to lace his or her feet up in ice skates for hockey or skating.

23. Beef On Weck Is Always For Lunch

Roast beef + kummelweck roll + horseradish = the absolute perfect sandwich. And wash it down with an ice cold pop, never soda.

24. And Sponge Candy Will Be Your Favorite Dessert

But if the word gets out, Buffalo locals are going to have to hoard their stock of the molasses and caramelized sugar deliciousness smothered in chocolate.

25. Lafayette Square Is The Best Place For Music

Not only are there killer music venues in Lafayette Square, but the square is famous for having hosted some of the biggest headline names in the country, all for free.

26. You Absolutely Cannot Miss The Powder Keg Festival

Anything you can do indoors, they can do outdoors, in the winter, and better. All ages bundle up for the Powder Keg Festival where they play broom hockey, ice skate, fill up on street food, and make friends with farm animals.

27. Prepare For Crowds On Easter At The Broadway Market

Broadway Market is the best public market, hands down. So every Buffalo local knows they have to get there early when it’s slammed on Easter with families grabbing the best local meats and treats. And don’t forget the Peep Eating Contest.

28. The U.S. Side Is The Best Side Of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is right nearby, and it’s stunning, but Buffalonians don’t need to visit all the time. But if you want to go when you come to town, they’ll absolutely show you the best spots.

29. Every Buffalonian Has A Closet Full Of Navy And Gold

Buffalonians live and breathe by the Sabres, and no matter how well they’re doing, fans will scream and yell with pride, whether they’re at the game on on their couch. What do you have to explain to out-of-towners about Buffalo? Tell us in the comments below!