1. Boulderites Know Healthy = Happy

10 Things Only People From Boulder Understand
Source: Core Power Yoga Boulder via Facebook
Boulder understands that eating well and staying active is the way to keep yourself healthy and happy. It’s regularly high-ranking in lists for America’s fittest city and town, best city for cycling, best sports town and best community for well-being. Boulderites live for healthy food and keep their bodies moving with yoga, running, cycling, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. And all their hard work pays off, because they look and feel fabulous.

2. If Drinking Beer Were A Sport, Every Boulderite Would Be An Olympian

10 Things Only People From Boulder Understand
Source: Colorado Memes via Facebook
Sure, craft beer is booming all over the country, but Boulderites treat it the way they treat everything: like an Olympic sport. Jumping around from brewery to brewery, trying to stay on top of all the seasonal treats, beer festivals, beer tours and tastings all over the city. And it's no easy job, what with the 20 breweries, three distilleries and six wineries for them to choose from. It’s a full-time commitment.

3. You Don’t Own Your Pet In Boulder, You Guard Your Pet

10 Things Only People From Boulder Understand
Source: Flickr User Laertes
The city of Boulder does not allow you to ‘own’ your pet, because the pet owns itself. Instead they're pet guardians. They feed, protect and love their pet, all while knowing that it belongs to itself and is not a piece of owned property. And being a pet guardian is easy in Boulder with so many trails, dog-friendly restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating and five dog parks in the city.

4. Boulder Budtenders Are The New Bartenders

10 Things Only People From Boulder Understand
Source: Boulder Marijuana Co. via Facebook
There’s something about someone making you expertly made drinks and slinging bottles of liquor that makes them downright sexy—but Boulder has a new kid in town: The budtender. They are super knowledgeable about all of the offerings on the menu, and can help you make the right selection. The more than 30 dispensaries in the area are all tended by cute and smart budtenders who know just what you're looking for. What more could you ask?

5. Everyone Knows Community Hour Is Way Better Than Happy Hour

10 Things Only People From Boulder Understand
Source: The Kitchen via Facebook
For the ultimate Boulder food experience, there’s no better place than The Kitchen, which boasts the slogan "Community Through Food." True to their word, this spot hosts community hour every weekday with a table big enough for everyone. Locals nosh on farm-to-table, seasonal dishes like lamb burgers, beet salads, gouda mac and cheese and sticky toffee pudding. With food like that, in Boulder community hour IS happy hour.

6. The Best Time To Get Outdoors Is The Middle Of Winter

10 Things Only People From Boulder Understand
Source: Flickr User bgautrea
When the rest of the country is snuggling by a fire with their sweetie and and posting on Facebook about the three inches of snow that has them hibernating, Boulderites are gearing up to hit the slopes. Winter is the season they live for. They pray for more snow. It’s not the time for S.A.D, it’s time for getting out and playing in the powder.

7. For Boulderites It’s Not Easy Not Being Green

10 Things Only People From Boulder Understand
Source: Giphy.com
Shopping local, riding your bike instead of your car, eating organic, recycling, reusing, reducing... for Boulderites it’s the only way to be. They haven’t been named 10Best’s #2 most bike friendly city and MyLife’s #9 greenest mid-sized city for nothing. They never bought the idea that being kind to Mother Earth was a hippie fad, they’ve always know that it’s the key to a sustainable planet. Pass the Bud… that’s green, too.

8. They Are Boulder Women, Hear Them Roar

10 Things Only People From Boulder Understand
Source: Flickr User Let Ideas Compete
This year Boulder was ranked as the ninth best paying city for women by Forbes, and no wonder. Girl power abounds in this town from the women-centric conferences like Startup Phenomenal Woman to the countless women-owned businesses like the Cain Travel Group, Longs Peak Equipment Company, Fresh Produce Sportswear and Camp Bow Wow. Boulder doesn't see gender—all it sees is the great ideas and entrepreneurial smarts that people bring to the table.

9. Pearl Street Is Every Boulderite's Happy Place

10 Things Only People From Boulder Understand
Source: Downtown Boulder via Facebook
Pearl Street is what holds Boulder together. It’s the community hub, the place to eat, shop, drink, watch performers (or perform), play and enjoy festivals like the Taste of Pearl Marketplace. The four block pedestrian mall is filled with fountains, public art and in the spring, 15,000 tulips. If only every community had a place for neighbors, family and friends to play together, the world would be a much better place.

10. The First Rule Of Boulder Is You Have To Love Boulder

10 Things Only People From Boulder Understand
Source: Giphy.com
You won’t find anyone in Boulder whining about how they don’t like their city. What’s not to love? Healthy food all over the place, fun and exciting ways to stay active, great jobs, beautiful scenery and community events and festivals. There’s a saying that they’ll tell you if you moan and groan about your life here: You’re not a boulder. Move if you don’t like it. Did we miss anything? Tell us what you think is unique about Boulder in the comments below!