1. Boca Is The Beverly Hills Of Florida

Boca Raton Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Brett VA
The median per-capita income for Boca is over double the median for the rest of Florida, and, boy, can you tell. Affluent Boca Ratonians can be spotted ushering their kids off to private school, cruising the streets in their Benzes, or spending a weekend chilling on their private yachts. It’s hard to find a community that isn’t gated; in fact, Boca is home to three of the ten most expensive gated communities in the U.S.

2. Everyone And Their Dentist Is Jewish

Boca Raton Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Alan Light
Palm Beach County has around 255,000 Jews living within its borders, making up roughly 20% of the total population. Boca Raton can thank the TV show “Seinfeld” for its almost entirely Jewish image--Jerry Seinfeld’s fictional television parents, Morty and Helen Seinfeld, live in a retirement community called Del Boca Vista.

3. Yeah, Your Grandma’s Gonna Retire Here

Boca Raton Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Ladycliff
The 65-and-over crowd makes up 20% of Boca’s population, residing in apartments near the beach and gated retirement subdivisions on the western side of town. There’s even a store where the only merchandise is Depends and prune juice. (Okay, just kidding about that last one).

4. Boca Is New York’s “Sixth Borough”

Boca Raton Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user terryballard
Don’t believe me? Get ready for some cold hard facts:
  • In 2011 nearly 60,000 New Yorkers moved to Florida, the largest state-to-state migration that year.
  • Those New York ex-pats are so connected to their home city that they actively participate in its mayoral campaign from their homes in South Florida.
  • Floridians’ favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.

5. Boca’s So Safe You’ll Forget What Locks Are

Boca Raton Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Brett Levin Photography(link to image)
Crime is super low in Boca--in 2012, Boca reported no murders, only 62 robberies and 89 assaults.

6. Shopping Is A Legit Form Of Exercise

Boca Raton Stereotypes
Source: Mizner Park via Facebook
Boca is known for luxury and style, so if you’re looking for the ultimate shopping experience, we have what you need. The most popular places to “treat yo’ self” include Minzer Park, Royal Palm Plaza, Town Center Mall and Atlantic Avenue.

7.  Boca’s A Stronger Geek Magnet Than The Punch Bowl At Prom

Boca Raton Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Extra Ketchup
Infoworld recently ranked Florida overall as the third best state for IT jobs in nation (we lost out to Texas and California), and many of  those jobs are located in Boca. But our love affair with the tech industry stretches back as early as 1981, when IBM invented the personal computer in its Boca Raton headquarters.

8. Boca Ratonians Are Serious Beach Bums

Boca Raton Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Andym5855
In Boca Raton our lifeguards are on duty seven-days-a-week, all year long. With the average yearly high of 83 degrees and low of 67, who wouldn’t be soaking up the sun every single day?

9. Boca’s Full Of DINKs

Boca Raton Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user Sergio Vassio
That’s “Dual Income No Kids,” for those of you not in the know. These childless and carefree couples make up 53% of Boca’s population.

10. Our Housewives Need Their Own Show

Boca Raton Stereotypes
Source: Flickr user defactory
Boca is so ready for a “Real Houswives” reality TV show, that the “Boca Raton Magazine” did a feature on some of the city’s very own “Super Housewives.” There are certainly enough plastic surgeons in the area to support such an enterprise, but Boca’s ladies are more than pretty faces and banging bodies--they’re a group of smart, super-driven professionals ready to take on anything.