1. Steak Is Big In Texas, But In Amarillo It’s An Industry

Amarillo has been instrumental in the Texas beef games since the late 1800s. Today, a quarter of the U.S. beef supply is processed in the panhandle. If you don’t live in the area and don’t work or know someone who works in the cattle industry, you've still benefited from the industry in some way, shape, or form.

2. Tyler’s Barbeque Is Almost Always Sold Out, So Get There Early

In a state known for barbeque, Tyler’s is a cut above the rest. One taste of his brisket sandwich and you’ll know Tyler ain't fooling around. He smokes his brisket for 16 to 18 hours until it's fall-apart good. They regularly sell out, so you’ll want to plan your lunch accordingly.

3. But Beef Isn’t The Only Thing For Dinner

Sure, you can get your typical Texas fare in Amarillo, but what is really noteworthy is the little gems of mom & pop shops that offer a wide variety of food options from around the world. The rolls are fresh, their take on Thai is as inspired as you will get in the panhandle and if you get the Rambo sauce you can rest assured it will draw first blood.

4. Still, Amarillo Is Undeniably Cowboy Country

You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger cowboy collective in the panhandle than the one found in Amarillo. Generations of cattle men and women make for a town of rough hands and soft hearts. People here know the value of a hard day's work, and take the time to give a hoot about their people they call their neighbors.

5. When Someone Says, “This Ain’t My First Rodeo,” They Mean It

The Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation has been helping folks for 14 years through scholarships and a Crisis Fund. The WRCA raises funds by sanctioning rodeos across the U.S. and bringing the top ranch teams to the World Championship Ranch Rodeo held in Amarillo Texas.

6. Want To Cowboy Up? Oliver Saddle Shop's The Place

Whether you’re a seasoned cowpoke looking to ride in style or a Texas greenhorn trying to up your duds, Oliver Saddle Shop is your answer. They have been serving the Amarillo cowboy with quality leather goods for four generations.

7. And Speaking Of Saddles, Amarillo Has The Artsiest Horses Around

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Source: Wikimedia user J. Nguyen

No, you aren’t seeing things. The American Quarter Horse Association and Center City of Amarillo sponsors an on-going public art project that consists of decorated horse statues located in front of several Amarillo businesses

8. "Amarillo" Is Pronounced Like This Little Guy, By The Way

A true Amarillan will be quick to point out that it isn't THEY who have an accent, but in any event the way of speak in this neck of the woods is unique. It’s not lack of pronunciation per se, but rather like their tongues are being brusk with syllables.

9. Amarillo's Official Bird Is The Osprey

Moving to Amarillo

Source: Flickr user Airwolfhound

Bell Helicopter is one of the larger employers in the area. Their Amarillo assembly plant specializes in the V-22 Osprey hybrid aircraft. When you see one of these crossbreeds in action, your inner child does cartwheels as it is immediately evident that the U.S. is one step closer to making Transformers possible.

10. Winds Of Change Are Blowing Here

Moving to Amarillo

Source: Flickr user katsrkool Kool Kat Photography

One of our Amarillo’s greatest natural assets is putting mighty gusts in the sails of the local job market. Area wind turbines are capitalizing on the nation’s third windiest city to generate renewable energy which can be felt in lower utility bills as well as an increase in job opportunities.

11. The Job Market In Amarillo Is The Bomb

Pantex, another major Amarillo employer, is the only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility in the country… and you thought you had a stressful job.

12. Everything In Amarillo Tastes Better Spicy

Moving to Amarillo

Source: Flickr user Charles Henry

Because the Texas heat isn’t quite hot enough, Amarillo prefers to kick things up a notch with Tascosa Hot Sauce. Tascosa has perfected the recipe for their original, extra hot and mild sauces over 50 years and proudly makes their premium products daily without preservatives.

13. Sharky’s Is The Only Place In Amarillo For Tex-Mex

Sharky’s is “nacho” average Mexican joint. Their burritos are bigger than a newborn and their house-made salsas kicks harder than a disgruntled longhorn. The best part is that their menu is build-your-own so if you can steer your experience anywhere you want to go.

14. The Amarillo Venom Sure Packs A Bite

Fangs up, Amarillo! The Venom, a fast-paced and fierce professional indoor football team, are looking to defend their back-to-back league championships. Amarillo’s finest footballers get support from locals, both young and old. Don’t miss out on the best show on turf.

15. People From Amarillo Love Bulls Hockey More Than Ice Cream On A Hot Summer Day

Nothing can cool Amarillo down as much as it fires it up like a visit to the Civic Center for a hockey match featuring the 2013 Robertson Cup National Champion Amarillo Bulls. While relatively new to the area, the Bulls have quickly been embraced by the city and are cool breeze in the Texas heat.

16. No Amarillo Morning Is Complete Without A Cup Of Coffee From The 806

The 806 is the best way to bookend your days. Get your coffee in the morning and a drink in the evening. Go to sleep, get up and do it all over again. The atmosphere is key here, electric enough to keep customers on their toes, but so laid back you’d swear you’re in your neighbor’s living room.

17. Think You Can Take On 24 Hours In The Canyon?

Amarillo takes fitness seriously, and they take cancer awareness to the extreme. The only simultaneous 24-hour road and mountain bike event in the country, 24 Hours in the Canyon stretches participants’ endurance in the beautiful and scenic Palo Duro Canyon.

18. Entertainment In Amarillo Can Be A Real Drag

You can race or you can watch, but there’s no escaping the excitement. Nothing screams Amarillo fun like the roar of a finely tuned engine, squealing tires, and the sweet smell of burning rubber. Add to the experience the exhilaration of colorful characters in the pursuit of a points race and a prize purse and who needs cable?

19. You Don’t Need A Body Of Water To Have A Lighthouse

Moving to Amarillo

Source: Wikimedia user Meniscus

Palo Duro Canyon is called "The Texas Grand Canyon" and features dramatic geological features including multi-colored layers of rock and steep mesa walls. The Lighthouse, a red rock formation that rises 300 feet, juts out from a line of eroded cliffs. It is a recognized as a National Natural Landmark and serves as a directional beacon for the surrounding trails.

20. Not Everything Is Big In Texas, Like The Amarillo Little Theatre

The Amarillo Little Theatre has dedicated itself to the betterment of the Amarillo creative community through live performance. The nonprofit community theatre stresses local and area participation in each production and reaches out throughout the year with workshops and camps.

21. The Amarillo Symphony Offers A Look At The Town’s Sophisticated Side

The mission of the Amarillo Symphony is to infuse the Amarillo community with an unbridled enthusiasm for the performance and discovery of great orchestral music. …Just don’t forget to dust your boots off

22. Don’t Mess With Texas, Really Really Don't Mess With Amarillo

The saying goes, “Don’t mess with Texas,” and know you know why: they start ‘em young in Amarillo. The Lions have a long history of shaping the youth of Amarillo for the better while teaching them valuable lessons that extend well beyond the confines of the boxing ring. Feature Image Source: The Big Texan Steak Ranch