Houses for sale in Akron Ohio have been going rather quickly in the past couple of years especially in the Bath community. This is mainly due to the influx of families that want to raise children in this very nice area. The schools are top notch, and the commute to work is about 15 minutes for Akron and only a half hour going north up Interstate 77 into downtown Cleveland. The number of people that live in Bath is close to 10,000 at the present time. It’s located in Summit County which means that the taxes in this county are less than in neighboring Cuyahoga County. The sales tax rate is lower at 6.75 percent as opposed to 8 percent in Cuyahoga. It does make a difference, even though it may seem like pennies on smaller purchases.

The median age of residents that are buying property in Bath is 39-years-old with the average home price being 313,000. The average income is on the high side around 99,000. So you can see how well taken care of this upscale community is going to be. The people who buy houses in this area care about their homes. The maintenance and upkeep is routinely cared for in a way that proves it’s a nice town to live in. Probably their most famous resident is Cleveland Cavaliers star, LeBron James, who owns a gigantic home in the area. It’s square footage is around 30,000. If you want to purchase it, it’s actually for sale at the moment at a bargain price of $9.2 million. Well, that might not be a bargain for most people, but it averages out to 3,066 per square foot. For the average home the price per square foot is around $132.

Types of Homes In Bath

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The types of homes, as far as the architecture goes, that are in Bath are basically your traditional mid-western fare. Lots of brick, or updated siding in bungalows, colonials, and cape cod’s. Traditional homes without much innovation on the outside. Some of them have been around since the early 1900’s. 22 percent were built in 1939 or earlier. So there is a lot of history in many of these older homes. It’s more about functionality to be prepared for the winters, and these homes have stood the test of time. You also want to make sure your gutters are guarded well, because there are many trees in this area that lose their leaves every year in the fall. Most people have a bit of yard maintenance to deal with year round. Gardens and prized greenery are a common theme around the neighborhoods in Bath.

The Homes For Sale

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Currently there are 44 homes for sale in the Bath area. 41 of those are single family homes, and three are considered townhomes or condos. They range in price from $109,000 to $1.3 million. Most houses end up on the market for 65 days on average.

A True Seller's Market

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Because of the high demand to live in the area, it’s truly a seller’s market at the moment. There currently aren’t many houses for sale, and since the great real estate dive in 2008, it’s been much easier in the past few years to make money off your home. The reason there aren’t that many homes for sale is the time of year right now, winter isn’t when most people sell.

Plus, the fact that so many families live in the area means most people don’t want to switch schools in the middle of the year if they don’t have to. Predictions for the future is that this popular area will continue to grow and flourish. Homes have an appreciation rate of 64 percent since 1990 in the entire around around, and including Bath. So buying in this area is a smart investment if you want to make your money back and then some.