Ellet is a medium-sized neighborhood on the southeastern edge of Akron that spans 6.019 square miles. The neighborhood is located close in proximity to downtown Akron, the University of Akron, the village of Mogadore, and Springfield township. According to 2013 U.S. census data, approximately 18,900 Akron residents call Ellet home. Even though Ellet is technically a neighborhood in Akron, many Ellet residents rather like to think of Ellet as a suburb of Akron.

Ellet Ohio: Demographics

Of the 198,000 residents who live in Akron, about 18,900 live within the boundaries of Ellet. The residents of Ellet aren't too densely packed in, though; there are about 2,930 people per square mile. The median age of the residents in the neighborhood is 38.8, with 8,638 being male and 8,840 being female. The median male age is 37.7 and the median female age is slightly more at 38.8.

About 92 percent of the population is Caucasian. Approximately six percent of the population is either African American or is of a mixed race. The rest of the population is Asian or is of another race.

According to City-Data.com, the median household income in Ellet was $41,078 in 2013.

Here is the full household income breakdown for Ellet:

  • 5.7 percent of households earn $10K or less per year.
  • 20.4 percent: $10-25K.
  • 19.7 percent: $25-40K.
  • 20.1 percent: $40-60K.
  • 25.3 percent: $60-100K.
  • 8.3 percent: $100-150K.
  • 2.7 percent: $150-200K.
  • Above $200K: negligible.

The majority of the income earned for residents in Ellet was through a company salary.

Many of Ellet's residents believe that Ellet High School is the centerpiece of the neighborhood. Part of the Akron Public Schools system, Ellet High School has maintained a strong tradition of both athletic and academic excellence. The high school includes grades 9 - 12 and has just over 1,100 students. According to state record data, approximately 84 percent of students are considered proficient in math and reading (82 percent of students are proficient with math and 87 percent are proficient with reading). Ellet High School has a graduation rate of 89 percent, which is higher than the national average of 82 percent.

Here are some more statistics about Ellet High School:

  • About half of the students currently receive a free or reduced lunch.
  • Seventy-three percent of the students are Caucasion, 17 percent are African American, 3 percent are Hispanic, and the rest are multiracial or of another race.
  • The gender breakdown of the school is evenly distributed (50 percent male, 50 percent female).
  • The average ACT score is 22, which is lower than the national average of 26.

Ellet, Ohio: Culture

As noted, the residents in Ellet tend to think of themselves as living in Ellet, Ohio, rather than living in Akron, Ohio. Ellet city officials petitioned for annexation from the rest of Akron in 1929, and when Akron's population was reduced in the 1990s, Ellet began to boom. The boom lead to more housing developments, more economic developments, and a lot of Ellet pride.

Ellet has a lot of school pride in particular, both for Ellet High School and the University of Akron (which is located just five miles from the neighborhood's center). Ellet is also proud to be part of the large tire and rubber industry in Ellet, and Akron as a whole.

In fact, a large stadium once owned by the neighborhood of Ellet was named after the tire and rubber industry — the Rubber Bowl stadium. The stadium once saw the likes of Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, as well as the Akron Zips, a University of Akron football team. Unfortunately, the stadium shut down in 2008. A group called the Team 1 Marketing Group — which now owns the stadium — is planning to construct a dome atop the stadium and to use it for music concerts.

The main newspaper circulation for Ellet is the Akron Beacon Journal.

Ellet Ohio: Quality of Life

The quality of life in Ellet isn't bad when all livability data is taken into account. The neighborhood is considered very livable because the cost of living is low across several categories — 11.8 percent lower overall than the rest of the United States, in fact — and real estate in Ellet is also considered affordable (median real estate sales price: $77,450). The current cost of gas is $2.07 (average price per gallon), many groceries are affordable, and the cost to see a doctor is also affordable when compared to the rest of the U.S. The median cost to rent real estate is $720 in Ellet.

The only aspect of living in Ellet that might make prospective residents take pause is the amount of reported crime in the area. According to the most recent FBI crime data (2013), there were 6,099 crimes in Ellet (estimated number taken from several reporting sources). Of those crimes, 5,245 were property crimes and 853 were violent. This is 7 percent higher than the reported crimes per capita in Akron, but is lower than the rest of Ohio.

Average commute times (by automobile):

  • 0-5 minutes to get to a grocery store
  • 5-10 minutes to get to the University of Akron
  • 0-5 minutes to get to downtown Ellet
  • 5-15 minutes to get to downtown Akron

Ellet is considered a fairly walkable neighborhood because of the large number of grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores, schools and parks within one mile of any home.

Ellet Ohio: Best Known For


Ellet is best known for its excellence in education and athletics, taking such a big part in the tire and rubber industry, its community outreach programs, and for housing the Goodyear Airdock, which is a large construction and storage airship hangar. It is also known for its steadily-growing Akron Fulton International Airport.