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Santa Rosa Realtors Vs FSBO: 5 Questions To Find Out Which is Better For You

Santa Rosa realtors Vs FSBO: Learn what works best in your neighborhood in the blog by Movoto

Deciding to sell a home without the assistance of Santa Rosa realtors is a big decision.It can be done alone just not as easily without the help of aprofessional realtor. It’s carries a burden dealing with researchandcollecting current marketing information tocompete with the neighborhood sales. A good starting point is to find out if the market conditions are right to sell your home by performing your own market analysis and getting an idea of the home values in the neighborhood and then comparing your home to these listings. If, you need some help, there arereal estate services offering limited marketing and selling features at discounted prices. Depending on how well to understand the industry, these services canhelp you to promote, get the best market price, and sell your home in record time.

If this is your first experience, these seller program services also offer access to marketing tools, and information on where you need to focus to reach potential buyers and how to maneuver through the process of selling your home with less stress.

1. Are you confident in pricing your home correctly?

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Determining the right asking price from the beginning is a critical key to selling the home. One of the mistakes FSBO make is to overprice the home and find it sitting on the market longer than expected. Buyers working with realtors have very high expectations, if your pricing and home conditions miss the mark, they will move to the next listing quickly. Word travels fast in this industry; if you are not prepared it could cost you the sale of your home. These worries can be eliminated when you’re working with a realtor.

2. Are you prepared to sell life a professional?

The process is filled with multiple steps and complex processes that need to flow smoothly for the sale to close completely on schedule. You are now the realtor and you need to check your emotions at the door. Here’s why, as you begin the sales process, Santa Rosa realtors and potential buyers start critiquing the home. Stay focused on the sale and take in the comments as information. Its business it’s not personal. This mindsetgets youthrough the marketing and promoting, using the comments to improve how you market and respond to interested buyers.

3. Why you need a real estate lawyer?

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There are a few legal conditions of selling property and as the seller you need to protect your rights and ensure the buyer is fully aware of all conditions or requirements to successfully close the deal. Try to find a lawyer in the area. They are familiar with the real estate contracts for sale and state disclosure requirements. The lawyer provides you with a checklist of items pertaining to improvements, homeowner association dues, building permits; title and tax documents needed to complete the transaction. The fees associated with these services vary, so be sure you add them into the sales price of the home.

4. Why do a pre-sale home inspection?

You’ve lived in the home and it’s a natural response to overlook, delay and accept small repairs. Qualified buyers won’t overlook these conditions and more importantly, there could be more serious issues hidden as a result of these circumstances. Having a pre-sale home inspection, gives you the opportunity to hear it from a professional service on what needs to be fixed, or upgraded before listing the home on the market. Getting the inspection done also helps with your timeframe for selling the home. Don’t be surprised if an interested buyer wants a quick close.

Just in case, you already have the home on the market, having a presale repair list helps to assure the buyer these repairs are in process for completion of closing. The reason you want this list, buyers use these conditions to negotiate a lower price, be sure to have all costs, or estimates for repairs in writing if you intend to negotiate the sales price.

5.How staging isimpacts selling?

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Successful open house staging isyour opportunity to show the home’s features for living to Santa Rosa realtors with qualified buyers and buyers touring the market of homes on their own. Depending on the age and style of your home, simply refreshing the home works. If it’s been a few years since you last did any rearranging or updating inside, you need to consider hiring a staging company to brighten it up and attract interested buyers.

Focus on the purpose and the room’s function in the home. Admit that you cannot cover or conceal old items. Buyers and realtors see through it. Appliances should be current not necessary recent and the accessories should be kept simple, don’t go overboard with fancy or the latest gadgets. You want the home to be inviting. Space is always on themust-havelist for buyers, go aheadrearrange the rooms, and get rid of the clusters that have accumulated over the years.

If the buyers remains in the room almost as if they are getting acquainted, you have done a good job staging your home and may have an offer by the end of the day.


You’ve gotten an overview of what happens during the sale and closing of a home. Although these processes are doable on your own, you’ll have a better experience when sharing this challenge with a Santa Rosa realtors or a service company like Movoto.

Realtors don’t get paid unless they sell your home, which is why they have learned the skill ofmarketing your neighborhood. They have inside information that comes from building healthy and reliable professional networks, and work with service companies needed to start and complete the transaction. By the time a FSBO hires a lawyer, spends the time to review the market, pays for MLS services to list the home, and meets with prospective buyers and negotiates conditions or pricing not to close is disappointing.


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posted on: October 3, 2016
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