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6 Small Garage Ideas: How to Make the Most Out of the Space You Have

If you have a small garage, you may want to make the best of it by organizing it and using that space the right way.

When you have a small garage, you really need to make sure that you use all of the available space the right way. That can be hard to do when you’re not sure what to do with the space or how it should be organized. Fortunately, there are plenty of small garage ideas you can consider, so you’re better able to focus on the kinds of things that really matter in your garage. One of those things would be the maximization of space, while still being able to get to everything you want and need in that location. There’s no point in getting things stored in your garage, if it’s too hard to access them afterward. Good storage solutions are also good access solutions, as well.

1). Should you use those rafters?

small Garage ideas

One of the ways you can put a lot of storage into a very small garage, is by looking up. Those rafters that are exposed can be excellent places to put up hooks, nets, bungee cords, or anything else that can hold items. If your garage is finished out and you can’t see the rafters, you can still make use of that ceiling space. There are some great organization options that put things out of your way but not as out of reach as you might think. With a small ladder you can reach anything you put up on your garage’s ceiling, but it’s easier to put things up there that you don’t use all the time. That way you don’t have to worry about getting the ladder out to get something down each day, but you’ll have what you need when you need it.

2). How much wall space do you have?

The amount of wall space in your garage really matters. As you’re designing your home, you can use that space to store all kinds of things. Some garages aren’t much bigger than the car that goes into them, but even if that’s how your garage is laid out you can still use wall space. Just make sure the storage solutions you choose are narrow enough to work for your location. You can also put the storage options on your wall space up high enough that they don’t interfere with pulling your car into the garage. That’s a great way to use the space in your garage in a way that you might not have thought of, and that won’t keep you from getting your car in there comfortably, too.

3). Do you want open shelving or cupboards?

small Garage ideas

You have to decide whether you want open shelves or a more enclosed cupboard. Both can be excellent choices. There will usually be a price difference, with shelves costing less for the same materials. Still, shelves don’t protect as well as cupboards do. The dust and dirt can accumulate faster on items that are just on shelves, so if you have things in your garage that you want to keep more carefully protected it would be a good idea to use cupboards instead. Sometimes, however, cupboards stick out from the wall farther than shelving does, so you’ll have to weigh the options for protection with the level of space you actually have in your garage. That way you’ll use the space wisely and still have all of your items kept safe from harm.

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4). Is buying an organization system the right idea?

When you’re organizing your space, one of the things you can do is choose an organization system that gives you what you’re looking for. Some of these systems come with racks, others with shelves, and some with a lot of different options. There are also choices you can use that allow for you to mix and match what works for your needs. That’s a great way to have everything you need in one place in your garage, but keep things close to the wall so they don’t interfere with parking. With the right kind of organizational options, you can turn even a small garage into something you’re really happy about. Not only will it be easy to get to your car, it will also be easy to find the things you need.

5). What about peg boards?

small Garage ideas

A lot of people love peg boards. You can hang one on your garage wall, and use the pegs in different locations in order to hang up most anything. Tools are a popular choice, and putting them on the peg board means that you’ll be able to get them when needed. You can work on your car, focus on a hobby, or get involved in all kinds of other things that interest you, and have all your supplies right there on the peg board. It’s a simple solution, but one that has been around for a long time because it works.

6). Is it time for a yard sale?

If all else fails, or if you realize you just have too much stuff that you don’t actually need for anything, the best thing you can do is sort through your things and have a yard sale. That way you make more space in your garage, so it doesn’t feel so small, and you also give other people a chance to buy something that they can actually use and might need, for a good price. It’s a winning option for everyone involved.

2 Point Highlight

When you have a small garage, you really need to make sure that you use all of the available space the right way.

With the right kind of organizational options, you can turn even a small garage into something you’re really happy about.


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posted on: April 15, 2016
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