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22 Things People From Delaware Love

The First State might be the second smallest in the country, but it packs a mean punch for its little size. The people in Delaware are exactly where they want to be.
  • Kristin Norton
  • Kristin Norton
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1. Knowing How Much The Blue Rocks Rock

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Wilmington Blue Rocks

What’s a perfect night out in Delaware? A night of baseball, Rocky The Bulwinkle and Mr. Celery going crazy between innings, hot dogs, and fireworks.

That’s the experience you’ll get with Wilmington’s AAA baseball team, The Blue Rocks. No one is really sure what Mr. Celery is all about, but no one cares.

2. And Where To Really Get The Best Pizza

People in Delaware Love
Source: Yelp

Grotto’s Pizza tends to get the most pie buzz around Delaware. But that’s just because it’s become a beachy tourist trap. Everyone in Delaware knows that if you want a real slice of pizza, you go to Nicola’s in Rehoboth or Elizabeth’s in Wilmington.

3. Wearing Blue And Gold Forever

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user University Of Delaware

University of Delaware sports are taken very seriously here, considering that the state doesn’t have any professional sports teams of their own. But here it’s called UD (“you-dee”), not UDel.

And you’re not going to fit in very well unless you’ve got some blue and gold in that wardrobe of yours.

4. Their License Plates That Are Way Cooler Than Yours

People in Delaware Love
Source: Flickr user Bugsy

License plates are a status symbol in the first state, especially if you’ve got one of the first ones. Residents are allowed to hang onto their plates and transfer them to new vehicles.

The older license plates are flat white on black compared to the newer yellow on blue versions. If you’ve got a black (legal) plate, you’re part of the cool kids club. And the lower the number on the plate, the cooler you are.

5. Thrasher’s French Fries, With Extra Vinegar

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Delaware Tourism

A popular boardwalk destination in Rehoboth since 1929, Thrasher’s is the only place to go for a bucket of fries. People in Delaware kick it up a notch by ordering a bucket full doused in vinegar for extra deliciousness.

Some people are dumbstruck that Thrasher’s doesn’t offer ketchup with their fries, but locals know that’s because they’re so good, you just don’t need it.

6. Some Good Old-Fashioned Delaware Fun

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Delaware Tourism

Sometimes Delaware can feel more like a ginormous suburb rather than a state, especially if you know metro areas like NYC or Philly. It’s a quieter way of life here, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring.

Residents pack a lot of fun in their small state with outdoor activities like zip lining, canoeing, kayaking, hot air balloon rides and even sky diving!

7. The “Slower Lower” Way Of Life

People in Delaware Love
Source: Flickr user Nicholas A. Tonelli

Once you’re in the southern half of Delaware, you cross into what everyone refers to as “slower Lower.” Locals consider anyone above the C & D Canal a northern Delaware resident and can usually point them out just from the way they talk.

When you’re in Slower Lower, the number of farms quickly go up and the people get a lot more conservative.

8. Read Our Lips: No Sales Tax!

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Delaware Tourism

Delaware is one of the only five states in the country that remain completely sales tax free. The people in Delaware have become so accustomed to always paying sticker price for everything, they’re often shocked when they go out of state and get slapped with taxes.

But with shopping and strip malls galore, there’s really no reason to leave anyway.

9. Knowing Capriotti’s Has The Best Subs Of All Time

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Capriotti’s

The only people who would disagree that Capriotti’s has the best subs in all of Delaware are the people who haven’t eaten there. They’re so popular now, they have multiple locations including Dover, Lewes, and Newark, but the original and most popular shop by far is in Wilmington.

If you don’t think it’s true, order "The Bobbie," which AOL awarded as Best Sandwich In America.

10. Going Nuts At Their Own Version Of Woodstock

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Delaware Tourism

Firefly is a bigger-than-life music festival that started in 2012 in Dover. Set on 105 acres on the Dover International Speedway, this four day music experience has featured hundreds of bands including The Killers, Jack White, The Flaming Lips, Imagine Dragons, and The Black Keys.

This year Delawareans get to see The Foo Fighters, Jack Johnson, Weezer, and Outkast. Don’t you wish you were there?

11. Those Lazy Bloody Mary Sundays In Dewey

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user The Starboard Restaurant

Having to go back to work tomorrow after a fun-filled weekend at the beach is no reason to fret when you’re at Dewey Beach, because that only means that it’s Sunday FUNday. Dewey Beach is filled with locations with open Bloody Mary bars every Sunday, The Starboard being arguably the most popular.

And since it’s a Bloody Mary, there’s no need to feel guilty since technically you’re getting vegetables...right?

12. Being FIRST!

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Delaware Tourism

Not unlike YouTube commenters who rush make the number one spot, the people in Delaware take great pride in being the first state to join the union. It’s also home to one of America’s oldest churches. Old Swedes was built in 1698 and is still in use today.

13. Two Words: Punkin Chunkin

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Punkin Chunkin

Delaware takes the old Mischief Night tradition of smashing pumpkins to a whole new level with their much beloved (and slightly crazy) sport of Punkin Chunkin.

The World Championship of Punkin Chunkin, held every November since 1986, brings produce anarchists from all over the country with their self-made pumpkin catapults to see who can chuck theirs the farthest. By the way, the current Guinness record is 5,545 feet.

14. Kohr Bros On The Boardwalk

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Delaware Tourism

Nothing beats the heat quite like fresh frozen custard made by Kohr Brothers. With three locations in Dewey Beach, Ocean View and Bethany Beach, Delaware residents wait all winter to devour their first custard cone of the season.

15. Knowing Someone Who Was In “Dead Poet’s Society”

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Dead Poets Society

O Captain! My Captain! Dead Poets Society is probably the most popular film in all of Delaware due to the fact that it was filmed right here in the state. Filming took place at St. Andrew's School in Middletown and almost everyone knows someone who was an extra in the Robin Williams tear-jerker.

If you missed any details the first or 30th time they tell you about it, don’t worry, they’ll be sure to go over it all again.

16. The Return Of The State Fair (Finally)

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Delaware State Fair

One of the most exciting sights as a child in Delaware is to the giant Ferris Wheel going up while driving down the street, because it means the State Fair is once again in town. Every summer people swarm from each end of the state for a long and epic weekend of rides, games, concerts, and events.

17. The Trip Back In Time At Candyland Heaven

People in Delaware Love
Source: Flickr user seanmfreese

Dolle’s Candyland is where everyone goes for homemade fudge, buckets of fresh caramel corn, caramel apples, and any other confection your sweet tooth might be craving. Everything is good, but their famous saltwater taffy is enough to turn Willy Wonka green with candy man jealousy.

18. The Explosion Of Color In Fall

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Delaware Tourism

Fall is, by far, the most beloved time of year in Delaware. The state sees all four seasons, but autumn is the time when the rainbows of color make the flat landscape look more like a painted canvas than actual nature.

19. Traveling Through The Wine & Ale Trail

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Delaware Tourism

No one can say Delaware doesn’t know its booze. The Wine And Ale Trail stretches from Wilmington all the way back to the coastline. Take your passport with you to get stamped every time you visit one of the listed trail locations, and get some free gifts!

20. Eating Farm To Table

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Milton Delaware Farmer’s Market

The farmers markets throughout Delaware are a year-round luxury. They’re full of the usual local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, but the many indoor markets carry everything from ethnic foods, butcher meats, and homemade jellies and jams.

Some even include flea markets where Delawareans can flip through old vinyls or search for first edition books before filling up your cart with food.

21. Discovering Dogfish Head Brewery

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Dogfish Head Beer

What started off in 1995 in Rehoboth as the smallest brewery in the country, Dogfish Head Brewery has quickly become somewhat of a phenomenon. And their popularity continues to grow as more Delawareans learn that this watering hole is a brewery with just the right amount of heart and just the right amount of weird.

22. The Weird But Awesome Apple Scrapple Festival

People in Delaware Love
Source: Facebook user Apple Scrapple Festival

Every October since 1992 Delaware residents gather in Bridgeport to partake in events that would make anyone else do a double take, like the Ladies Iron Skillet Toss, the Scrapple Chunkin' Contest, and the Mayor's Scrapple Sling. And, of course, there’s all the fried scrapple. Nom.

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Posted on: April 21, 2014
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