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The 10 Safest Cities in Washington

Where are the safest cities in Washington?

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The Evergreen State lives up to its name – full of lush green forests, majestic mountains, and scenic coastlines, but Washington isn’t only about the scenery! This vibrant state is rich in culture too, and has some great cities to explore and live in: Seattle, Olympia, and Tacoma, to name just a few. Washington State is the 13th most populous of all the states, and surprisingly around 60 percent of those people live within the Seattle metro area. Apart from the great scenery and cities, what is Washington like to live in? How safe is the Evergreen State? Well read on to find out which are the top 10 safest cities in Washington.


Source: Nomad Dreaming

Source: Nomad Dreaming

The small community of Inchelium tops the charts as the safest city in Washington State. If you haven’t heard of this place it’s not surprising really; only around 410 live here after all. Inchelium is within the Colville Indian Reservation in Ferry County and has a crime index of 98 – 100 being the safest.


Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

The town of Cathlamet is only slightly larger than Inchelium with its population around 532 people. Cathlamet is along the Ocean Beach Highway in Wahkiakum County and started life as a large village of Columbia River Indians. Today it’s the second safest place to live in Washington, and has a crime index of 97.


Source: Flickr user Rustejunk

Source: Flickr user Rustejunk

Another small town, Colton is home to only around 430 people. Colton is in Whitman County, in the south east of Washington, and it’s the third safest town in Washington State. The crime index is 95.


Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Situated in Lincoln County in the east of the state is the town of Reardan. Reardan has a population around 570 people and has celebrated the Mule Days Festival every June for the past 50 years. Reardan has a crime index of 94 and is the fourth safest town in Washington State.


Source: Flickr user 7331879@N04

Source: Flickr user 7331879@N04

DuPont is the first actual city on our list of the top 10 safest cities in Washington State. Set over in the west of the state, in Pierce County, DuPont has a population around 8,800 though this is rising as the new community of Northwest Landing is being constructed. DuPont is the fifth safest city in Washington State, and has a crime index of 94.


Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

The city of Duvall is in King County, only 25 miles from Seattle, and it’s home to around 7,100 people. Every year the city hosts the popular Duvall Days festival. Duvall is the sixth safest city in Washington and has a crime index of 92.


About 12 miles southeast of Spokane is the unincorporated community of Valleyford. Around 2,900 people call Valleyford home and it’s the seventh safest place to live in Washington State. Valleyford has a crime index of 90.


Source: Nomad Dreaming

Source: Nomad Dreaming

Springdale is just a tiny town, set in Stevens County in the west of the state. Only around 280 people live in Springdale, enjoying the low crime index of 89, as this is the eighth safest place to live in Washington.

Maple Falls

Source: Flickr user wcwber

Source: Flickr user wcwber

Around 325 people live in the community of Maple Falls, in Whatcom County right in the north of Washington, close to the Canadian border. Maple Falls is the ninth safest community in Washington State and has a crime index of 89.


Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Kittitas is a small city of around 1,400 people, set in Kittitas County close to the heart of Washington. Kittitas is number 10 in our list of the top 10 safest cities in Washington State, and has a crime index of 88.

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posted on: August 12, 2013
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  1. Mona Lisa

    Seems to me that in order to have crime, you generally have to have people to commit the crime. These places are barely populated. Of course there is
    not as much crime. Of course it would be safer where there are not as many people.

  2. Tammy Lopez

    Well I live in Brewster ,Washington and this is a very safe place to live and I have lived here for the past 35 years and there is hardly any crime here at all compare to other area.

    • Karen Ferreiras in response to Tammy Lopez

      Hi Tammy,
      I am a single latin mother of three looking to move from NY. I want to give my kids a good, full life. I am also looking to open a dispensary in washington state, could you help me with a good location for the store as well, as where is it safe for my kids with good schools? Please Tammy, i could really use your help.

  3. Justin

    I was a police officer with the Colville Tribal Police covering Inchelium for 9 years before moving on to another agency in 2012. The overwhelming majority of the crime that occurs there is recorded by the Colville Tribe and the FBI and is not recorded in the state statistics. This is the only reason I can conceive of that would result in anyone coming to the conclusion that it is a safest city in Washington. Inch is a cool place full of wonderful people, but it is also plagued with an INSANE crime rate…. Per capita crime is astrinomical there. I have personally investigated everything from rape to homicide in Inchelium and I couldn’t begin to put a number on simple assault, domestic violence or property crime. Seeing that “city” listed as the safest in Washington was quite ansurprise!

  4. Olivia

    If I had to choose any district on the Colville Rez it’d be Inchelium! Nespelem is horrible, Omak even worse (and I live in Omak) and Keller is barely a blip. So, Inch it is! But c’mon Wellpinit would seem or feel safer to me if I were to judge (but I may be a bit biased seeing that’s my home town). Reardan is a good choice and Springdale since all the bars closed down.

  5. Pomponette

    Doesn’t anyone consider the Cascadia fault a danger? Safety isn’t just lack of crime! A 9.0 earthquake in OR and Wash a WHEN not an IF. Near coast there will be tsunamis. Projected months or years to rebuild infrastructure. I’ve changed my retirement plans. Look it up!


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