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These Are The 10 Safest Places In Rhode Island

Where can you settle down safely in the Ocean State? Follow along as we investigate which are the 10 safest spots in Rhode Island.

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The world may not look quite as bright and shiny as it did in days gone by, but that doesn’t mean everything’s all bad. At least here at the Movoto Real Estate Blog we don’t think so—especially not in Rhode Island. We’ve evaluated video game houses, we’ve brought together lists of most exciting places, and, of course, we’ve shown where the safest places to live the U.S. are. Hey, we’re the lighter side of real estate for a reason.

For those in the Ocean State, or for those looking to move there, let us assure you that there are some really great and safe places to live in state. In fact, we decided to make a list of the 10 safest places to live in Rhode Island. We collected FBI crime data for all cities that reported it (some didn’t), weighted our numbers, and got this cozy little list of towns:

1. Town of Richmond
2. Town of Scituate
3. Town of Little Compton
4. Town of East Greenwich
5. Town of Barrington
6. Town Glocester
7. Town Portsmouth
8. Town of South Kingstown
9. Town of North Kingstown
10. Town of Bristol

If you’re wondering where the bigger places in the state ended up, such as Warwick or Cranston, you can check at the bottom of this article for our full list. Some of the rankings of major cities might just surprise you. You may also be wondering exactly how we got this list. Wonder no more, because we’re going to talk about that in the next section.

How We Got Our Results

In the past, we’ve made many Big Deal Lists, and it’s usually gone the same way. This is mostly the same as those other lists, except that for this we only used one source: the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2012. From there, we gathered the numbers about different types of crimes, including:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Assault
  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Vehicle theft

Then, we put each of those crimes into different categories, so that we eventually had the total number of:

  • Murders
  • Violent crimes
  • Property crimes
  • Total crimes

To keep things fair for both bigger and smaller places, we ranked each category for crimes per 100,000 rather than just total crimes. This is a standard analytical practice used in comparing crime statistics. We then ranked each place for each criteria from 1 to 37, with one being the safest.

However, some crimes are more serious than others. We took that into account as well, by weighting the types of crimes differently. Murder was weighted the most important factor in our calculations, followed by violent crime, property crime, and total crime. We combined those numbers into one big deal score, with lower scores being better. The lowest score was our safest place, and that happened to be the town of Richmond.

If you want to see where all the different Rhode Island locations ranked, scroll down to the bottom of this piece and check out our full list. For now, let’s go over each of our top 10 winners, and find out what makes them the safest places in Rhode Island.

1. Richmond

Safest Places in Rhode Island

Source: Flickr user Matt Hintsa

Smaller places seem to be a theme in this top 10 ranking, and Richmond is one of the smaller places on our list. However, it’s also the safest place in all of Rhode Island. Why, you ask? You can see it just by the numbers. In 2012 there were no murders, rapes, robberies, vehicle thefts, or assaults reported in this town. You read that correctly: none. There was a little bit of property crime—1,081 per 100,000 people—but those were solely made up of thefts and burglaries.

Beyond that, there’s really not much else to say. This town is about as safe as you can get. For a place with a population of 7,674, there’s still enough of a strong community vibe and proximity to larger more exciting places to keep you from getting too bored. Hats off to you, Richmond, you’ve certainly earned it.

2. Scituate

Safest Places in Rhode Island

Source: Flickr user insEyedout

Scituate and its 10,320 residents are lucky enough to enjoy the kind of safety you can get almost nowhere else in the nation. There were no rapes, murders, or robberies reported in here in 2012, which earned this town a ranking of No. 2 in property crime, and tied it for No. 1 for fewest murders per capita. The total crime ranking was also No. 2 overall, making this one seriously safe hometown.

The only area in which this place faltered was violent crime, where it ranked No. 10. That said, there were only 39 violent crimes per 100,000 people, so that’s still not a very high number. All that ranking did was to keep it in the second place spot, and honestly, second place is still pretty great.

3. Little Compton

Safest Places in Rhode Island

Source: Flickr user frankjuarez

This little town fared far better for crime numbers than its similarly named city in New Jersey, and placed third on our list. Like our first place town, this place had no recorded instances of murder, rape, assault, or vehicle thefts in 2012.

If you’re seeing a trend already when it comes to murders per 100,000, expect to see it continue with the rest of our top 10. None of the towns in this top part of the list had any reported murders in 2012.

The reason this place is No. 3 instead of No. 1 is because of its ranking in property theft. Little Compton was No. 9 in that category, which is still admittedly pretty good, with 1,322 crimes per 100,000.

4. East Greenwich

Safest Places in Rhode Island

Source: Flickr user insEyedout

This little town is home to 13,085 as well as some very great scores across the board. East Greenwich had no murders, rapes, or assault reported in 2012. However, there were eight robberies per 100,000 people, which means that this place ranked third-lowest in violent crime, and tied for first in fewest murders per 100,000.

Property crime in the town ranked No. 8, with 1,238 crimes per 100,00 people. That is broken down into 229 burglaries per 100,000 people, 978 thefts per 100,000 people, and 31 vehicle thefts per 100,000 people. Compared to other places in the nation, and most other places in Rhode island, those are some very low and very safe numbers. The chance of being the victim of a crime here was 1 in 113.

5. Barrington

Safest Places in Rhode Island

Source: Flickr user Matt Cottam

While some of the scores for fifth place Barrington are a little higher than our top four, the crime numbers for this town are still very low. There were no murders reported, 18 robberies per 100,00 people, and six assaults per 100,000 people. The town also reported only 184 robberies per 100,000, which was less than most other in the top 10.

As far as rankings, Barrington ranked sixth lowest for violent crime, property crime, and total crime. All that means that the chance of being a victim of a crime in this was only 1 in 88. Residents there can breathe easy knowing that they live in one of the safest towns in the state.

6. Glocester

Safest Places in Rhode Island

Source: Flickr user Andrew Malone

Glocester is home to 9,738 very safe people, and has the numbers to back that statement up. In 2012, there were no reported case of rape, murder, or robberies. There were also very few cases of property crime, ranking the lowest for that criteria, at only 431 crimes of this type per 100,000 people.

The violent crime rank was a bit higher than some others, ranking no 15 for that category. However, the likelihood of you being a victim of any crime at all here is very low. In fact, locals to Glocester have only a 1 in 203 chance of being subjected to a crime, making this a great town for singles, families, and retirees alike.

7. Portsmouth

Safest Places in Rhode Island

Source: Flick user Lara

Besides being a really beautiful place to call home, Portsmouth is a very safe place to reside. There were no murders, rapes, or robberies per 100,000 in this town during 2012, and there were very few assaults and vehicle thefts as well. In fact, this place ranked fourth for fewest violent crimes per 100,000 people.

Though it is a very safe place, Portsmouth didn’t fare quite as well when it came to property crime. The town ranked 11th, which is still a pretty decent score, with 1449 property crimes per 100,00 people. This makes the chance of being a victim of a crime, most likely property crime, 1 in 68.

8. South Kingstown

Safest Places in Rhode Island

Source: Flickr user Cynthia Donovan

South Kingstown is the largest town in our top 10, and because of that posted slightly higher numbers when it came to violent crime. This place ranked 21st for violent crime, with 13 rapes per 100,000 people, 20 robberies per 100,000 people, and 52 assaults per 100,000 people. There were still no murders in this eighth safest place in Rhode Island.

There was very few property crimes here, ranking No. 3 for that criteria with 893 crimes per 100,000 people. All this adds up to only a 1 in 102 chance that you’ll be the victim of a crime here, which is one of the lowest chances on our entire list.

9. North Kingstown.

Safest Places in Rhode Island

Source: Flickr user Peter Caswell

Slightly smaller than its higher ranking neighbor city at 26,371, this town is still very safe for all. There are were no murders reported here in 2012, and only four robberies per 100,000 people. These low scores made this place rank fifth for fewest violent crimes.

North Kingstown only fared about middle of the pack for property crime rank with 1,645 property crimes per 100,000 people. For that criteria, the town placed 16th. What all this means is that locals have a 1 in 60 chance of being the victim of a crime, with the likelihood that it would be property crime. All in all, it’s still a very safe place to call home.

10. Bristol

Safest Places in Rhode Island

Source: Ed King 02809 Photography

2012 was a pretty good year for Bristol. Home to 22,900 people, this small town had no murders reported that year and a mere four robberies per 100,00 people. There were nine rapes per 100,000 people and 13 vehicle thefts per 100,000 people. There were only 1,131 property crimes per 100,000 people, and only 1,196 crimes per 100,000 people in total.

All these low scores earned this town the No. 7 rank for lowest property crime and No. 17 for lowest violent crime. What this also means is that locals of this place a 1 in 84 chance of being the victim of any sort of crime.

Separating The Safe From The Unsafe

Any of these top 10 safest places, especially Richmond, would be a great place to call home. Rhode Island residents should be proud to know what their state is mostly safe and friendly, not to mention pretty beautiful. That’s just one less thing to worry about.

Safest Places In Rhode Island


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