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These Are The 10 Safest Places In Oklahoma

This list of the 10 safest places in Oklahoma might make you rethink where you’re living, sooner rather than later.

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When you’re looking for a place to live, it might behoove you to find out certain information sooner rather than later: the cost of living, for example, or the quality of schools. But more important than anything else perhaps, is how safe the community is.

That’s why at the Movoto Real Estate blog we’re researching each state to determine just which cities, towns, and places are safer than the rest, by way of an objective analysis. As it turned out, the city of Yukon was the state’s safest place. Here are the 10 safest places in Oklahoma:

1. City of Yukon
2. City of Mustang
3. City of Sapulpa
4. City of Edmond
5. City of Owasso
6. City of Guthrie
7. City of Broken Arrow
8. City of Elk City
9. City of Claremore
10. City of Guymon

If you’re wondering how we came up with this list and just what makes each of these places safer than the rest, you’ll find out Sooner than you think. Keep reading and we’ll give you the details.

How We Created This Ranking

Just like all of our Safest Places analyses, we created this ranking by first gathering a list of all of the places in Oklahoma with populations of 10,000 or more. We then used the FBI’s 2012 Uniform Crime Report to find crime data for these places, omitting any that did not have data reported to the bureau. This left us with a total of 40 places, which we looked at in terms of the following:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Assault
  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Vehicle theft
  • We then divided these crimes into four categories:

    • Murders
    • Violent crimes
    • Property crimes
    • Total crimes

    We calculated all of these crime rates based on crimes per 100,000 residents, in order to compare larger and smaller cities fairly. Then, each place was ranked with a score from one to 40 in terms of all of these categories (murders, violent crimes, property crimes, and total crimes) per 100,000, with one being the best and safest possible score.

    These rankings were then weighted so that murders, violent crimes, and property crimes each counted more heavily (they made up 30 percent of the overall score) and the total number of crimes accounted for a smaller portion of the final score (10 percent). The final step was to average these weighted rankings into a Big Deal Score, with the lowest score being the safest place.

    For a look at how each of the 40 places ranked, you can head to the bottom of the post for a complete table. Otherwise, we’ll start taking a closer look at our safest place: Yukon.

    1. Yukon

    Safest Places in Oklahoma

    Source: Flickr user Wesley Fryer

    This Canadian County city is known as something of a bedroom community for people who work in Oklahoma City, and in looking at these numbers, it is no wonder why people are willing to make the commute.

    In 2012, Yukon had a total of just 2,637 crimes per 100,000 people, including 2,497 property crimes and 140 violent crimes per 100,000.

    To break that down further, the property crimes included 123 vehicle thefts, 1,938 thefts, and 436 burglaries per 100,000, and the violent crimes included no murders, no robberies, 13 rapes, and 127 assaults per 100,000.

    Compared to nearby Oklahoma City, where there were 6,859 crimes per 100,000 people, including 14 murders, we can see why Yukon was the safest place overall.

    2. Mustang

    Safest Places in Oklahoma

    Source: Flickr user Justin Waits

    It’s no wonder why this community is one of the fastest growing in the area. In 2012, the crime rate was among the state’s lowest; just 2,639 crimes per 100,000 people.

    Of these 2,639 crimes there were only 160 violent crimes per 100,000 (no murders, 22 robberies, 17 rapes, and 121 assaults) and 2,479 property crimes (508 burglaries, 1,807 thefts, and 94 vehicle thefts).

    To put that into perspective, just take a look at Ada, which has a similarly-sized population. In Ada in 2012, there were a shocking 12 murders, 106 rapes, 53 robberies, 810 assaults, 1,208 burglaries, 3,696 thefts, and 293 vehicle thefts for a total of 6,178 crimes per 100,000 people.

    3. Sapulpa

    Safest Places in Oklahoma

    Source: Flickr user Meagan

    The County Seat of Creek County, Sapulpa is not only a center for government, but a center of safety in the area.

    In 2012, this city had a total of 2,618 crimes per 100,000 residents, including an impressively low number of property crimes; just 2,382 per 100,000.

    Of those property crimes, there were 187 vehicle thefts, 1,652, and 543 burglaries per 100,000. Additionally, Sapulpa reported 236 violent crimes per 100,000 in 2012, ranking it 13th in this category. Of those, there were no murders, which allowed it to tie for first in this category.

    4. Edmond

    Safest Places in Oklahoma

    Source: Flickr user Katsrcool

    In 2011, this Oklahoma County city was ranked No. 1 on CNBC’s “10 Perfect Suburbs” list, and with a low crime rate of just 2,113 crimes per 100,000, it is pretty clear why.

    Of those crimes, there were only 2,012 property crimes per 100,000 people, ranking it third in this category and just 101 violent crimes per 100,000 people, ranking it No. 1 in this category.

    In fact, the only reason that Edmond did not rank higher in our analysis was that, unfortunately, among those 101 violent crimes there were two murders per 100,000, which weighed against it in the end.

    Still, though, residents can feel safe knowing that they have some of the lowest odds of being the victim of a crime here; just a one in 47 chance.

    5. Owasso

    Safest Places in Oklahoma

    Source: Flickr user thefixer

    This suburb of Tulsa is much safer than its larger neighbor. In 2012, Owasso had a total of just 2,744 crimes per 100,000 people, where Tulsa had 6,206.

    To break this down further, Owasso’s crimes included 90 vehicle thefts, 1,914 thefts, 553 burglaries, 140 assaults, 17 robberies, 30 rapes, and no murders per 100,000.

    Tulsa, on the other hand, had 604 vehicle thefts, 3,049 thefts, 1,563 burglaries, 634 assaults, 266 robberies, 79 rapes, and 11 murders per 100,000, giving residents alarmingly high chances of being the victim of a crime—one in 16, or nearly twice those in Owasso.

    6. Guthrie

    Safest Places in Oklahoma

    Source: City of Guthrie

    This Logan County city may be well known for its unique Western architecture, trolley cars, and specialty shops, but underlying it all is the city’s safety.

    In 2012, Guthrie saw just 3,171 crimes per 100,000 people. Of those, there were 3,017 property crimes and just 154 violent crimes, ranking it sixth in this category. Those violent crimes included 19 robberies, 29 rapes, 106 assaults, and no murders per 100,000.

    To put that into perspective, just take a look at the similarly-sized Warr Acres. Here, there were 689 violent crimes per 100,000, including 10 murders.

    7. Broken Arrow

    Safest Places in Oklahoma

    Source: City of Broken Arrow

    With over 100,000 residents, Broken Arrow is easily the largest place in our top 10, and one of the largest in the state. But as you can see, a bigger city doesn’t always mean more danger.

    For example, in Broken Arrow, there were just 2,325 crimes per 100,000 people in 2012. Of these there were 2,171 property crimes, 154 violent crimes, and unfortunately for the city’s ranking, one murder.

    Overall, though, residents had a relatively low chance of being the victim of a crime, with just one in 43 odds.

    8. Elk City

    Safest Places in Oklahoma

    Source: Flickr user Chuck Coker

    This small Beckham County city had one of the lowest violent crime rates in the state, with just 186 per 100,000 in 2012. Of those, there were no robberies, no murders, 17 rapes, and 169 assaults per 100,000.

    Additionally, there were 615 burglaries, 1,964 thefts, and 211 vehicle thefts per 100,000, making a total of 2,976 crimes per 100,000, which was the 13th lowest in the state.

    Glenn Pool, a city with a similarly-sized population (just over 11,000), had a total of 3,026 crimes per 100,000, including 2,244 property crimes, 782 violent crimes, and nine murders per 100,000 residents.

    9. Claremore

    Safest Places in Oklahoma

    Source: Flickr user Elibaseball

    Home to Rogers State University and over 28 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 34, it may come as a surprise to some people that Claremore had such a low crime rate, but these numbers just prove that just because the population is young, doesn’t mean it is any more dangerous.

    In 2012, for example, Claremore had just 2,916 crimes per 100,000, ranking it 11th in this category. It also ranked 11th in the category of property crime, with just 2,651 per 100,000. Of these, there were 122 vehicle thefts, 2,004 thefts, and 525 burglaries per 100,000.

    10. Guymon

    Safest Places in Oklahoma

    Source: Wikimedia user Ammodramus

    This Texas County city ranked well in our analysis for its low number of total crimes in 2012, just 2,925 per 100,000.

    To break this down further, there were 2,681 property crimes per 100,000 (135 vehicle thefts, 2,034 thefts, and 513 burglaries) and 244 violent crimes per 100,000 (160 assaults, 50 robberies, 34 rapes, and no murders).

    To gauge just how safe this really is, take a look at the rather ironically named Lawton. In 2012, this city had more than its fair share of breaking the law, with 6,203 crimes per 100,000—5,272 property crimes and 931 violent crimes, including 13 murders per 100,000.

    Feeling OK In Oklahoma

    If you live in any of the 10 places above, you can feel more than OK about your hometown, knowing that you’re in one of the safest places in the state. Of course, not all places in Oklahoma are as safe as these.

    Safest Places In Oklahoma

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